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  • Tube - Phish
    "An asteroid crashed and nothing burned It made me wonder Do tigers sleep in lily patches? Do rhinos run from thunder. I got an ache in my left ear I felt the truth but I still could hear. Made me think,"
  • Tube talkin' - Joan Jett
    "She said She knows everything And she's gonna Tell on you Oh yeah We'll see about that Yeah I cannot be polite I can't fake happy I will not take delight Conversationally You bark you bark you bark you"
  • Tube Talkin' - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "She said She knows everything And she's gonna Tell on you Oh yeah We'll see about that Yeah I cannot be polite I can't fake happy I will not take delight Conversationally You bark you bark"
  • Bravo - Dalida
    "Mes cheveux blonds sont blonds Depuis bien trop longtemps Et mon frre est parti l-bas en Italie Boulevard des Capucines L'Olympia tombe en ruine L'an 2000 est venu personne ne chante plus Il n'y a plus"
  • The Tube - Mr. Mister
    "Hi dear, what's on tonight, let's stay up and watch the tube And bask in the big blue light Bye bye real life, checking into checking out, it's saturation time Perfect faces, perfect background, perfect"
  • Bravo - Apex Theory
    "Apex Theory Topsy-Turvy Bravo This knots easy The very third house See the light through Threw out the last ouch Much wasn't real Amongst hierarchy fields Sure we'll travel together But socialites have"
  • Pubic's Tube - Buck 65
    "Pubics tube-- spoken: stinkin rich is x rated buck: guess whos squirtin', comin', playin' with the kitty cat it's uncle climax with a fist full of titty fat shaggin' like i don't give a cripple-crap-crutch with"
  • Bravo - The Apex Theory
    "This knots easy the very third house see the light through threw out the last ouch ... much wasn't real amongst hierarchy fields sure we'll travel together but socialites have beautiful skin BRAVO, BRAVO your"
  • Bravo - Ann Christy
    "Bravo Voor deze aarde Een toast Op al die jaren Vol van eindeloos geduld Op de pracht waarmee jij 't leven vult Bravo Voor deze bomen Die staal en steen intomen Voor de bloem Die fier en fraai Elke dag"
  • Brave New World - Donovan
    "There's a Brave New World awaiting all you kids out there With a brand new way of getting through your day there Don't you ever be mistaken about whose looking out for you Ego is easily shaken when you"
  • Tube Snake Boogie - ZZ Top
    "I got a girl she lives cross town, She's the one that really gets down. When she boogie, She do the tube snake boogie. Well now boogie little baby, Boogie woogie all night long. I got a girl she lives"
  • Test Tube Teens - Teen Idols
    "Preserved in a glass tube in a dark deep freezer making new friends with a cum filled beaker children of science embraced defiance and now they're 17 years old doctors in the lab coats with electrode"
  • Washington Tube Steak - Burnt By The Sun
    "Who's world is this? Who's maddening world is this turned upside down or is right-side up with peaceful lives now put at risk It's Thickening. It's so Sickening. Might makes right but within our short"
  • Bravo, amor, bravo - Luis Miguel
    "Luis Miguel Complices Bravo Amor Bravo Aplaudamos, porque hicimos sin dudarlo En esta farsa que acabamos en buen papel Tan perfecto, que si hubieramos rodado, los mil Oscars de este ao Seria nuestro sin"
  • Bravo (ADI BRAVO) - Adi Nowak
    "Mama miała cinquecento Szyliśmy nicią cienką przeszliśmy liczną mękę przyszedłem być legendą słodka przyszło gorzka przeszło słodka przyszłość gorzka przeszłość słodka przyszło gorzka przeszło słodka"
  • Ban The Tube Top - Reel Big Fish
    "Youre 17, evil and mean, comfy and cozy nowhere scene You cant deny the loser inside all of your bad taste wont subside Youre outta sight keep me up at night you dress funny strapless and skin tight"
  • Shock on the tube - 10CC
    "I was travelling home on the subwayWhen this vision got on at Maida ValeAnd as I casually eyed the classifiedsShe sat down next to meEvery head in the carriage was wonderingI replied with a smile on my"
  • Johnny Bravo - Tomasz Niecik
    "("Gwiazdor disco polo Tomasz Niecik szykuje muzyczną ofensywę na 2016 rok. Pierwszym singlem będzie piosenka "Johnny Bravo") ”Cały on Johnny Bravo A jemu ciągle mało, mało Twój na zawsze, Johnny Bravo”"
  • Rio Bravo - Dean Martin
    "(Choir: Rio Bravo, humming) By the river Rio Bravo I walk all alone And I wonder as I wander by the river Where my love has flown All the birds in the cottonwood above her Know I love her Know I care But"
  • Johnny Bravo - Trees
    "Talent takes a backseat who needs talent I've got marketability Financially backed and secure rock solid market wise Rock Solid Market Wise Gimme, Gimme a Gimmick So I can go lipsynch myself a lifestyle"

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