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Break The Silence Forgiven Not Forgotten

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Break The Silence Forgiven Not Forgotten

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Break The Silence Forgiven Not Forgotten
  • Break The Silence Forgiven, Not Forgotten
    "I'm leaving fast and never looking back. I wish these ties would break... I would be gone forever, to make things how they always used to be. It's what I've always wanted, but not this time. Converting"
  • The Corrs Forgiven Not Forgotten
    "All alone staring on, watching her life going by When her days are grey and her nights are black Different shades of mundane And the one-eyed furry toy that lies upon the bed Has often heard her cry And"
  • Just Surrender Forgotten Not Forgiven
    "I'm watching your eyes move slowly Up and down my silhouette, And I wonder if you get it yet. This is the last time I crawl away on these broken knees, And don't you wish it all would be okay? Promise"
  • Dimension Zero Forgotten... But Not Forgiven
    "I saw it moving in the darkened sky the gods arriving through the clouds Forgotten but not forgiven remembering all their outrage I'll not forget when I am dead They struck the ground I stood on"
  • Within Temptation Forgiven
    "Couldn't save you from the start Love you so it hurts my soul Can you forgive me for trying again Your silence makes me hold my breath Time has passed you by Oh, for so long I've tried to shield you from"
  • Break The Silence Break The Silence
    "Reflections staring back at me in a perfect world, through a modern dream. And the pain they cause...its developing. Through another time to scatter everything. Through mistrust. Through violence. When"
  • Deb Talan Forgiven
    "You worry on hurting anybody anymore You worry on small comfort One of us seems not to tremble You make a rift inside me every day Then you choose to stay I walk the edge and push it wider You are forgiven I"
  • Wank Forgiven
    "I recognize suspicion I see it in your eyes I'm not the devil with the art of telling lies I've got no more than a strong alibi You're lacking evidence so I must deny (Chorus) And then the lightning comes Somebody"
  • Machinemade God Forgiven
    "We can not stop ourselves, so we just keep on going, knowing that somewhere else the horror plays and plays again. We are healed by someones gift of unearned and unwanted love. But zombie-like it stalks the"
  • Relient K Forgiven
    "Oh yes, I know this tension that you speak of We're in the palm of a hand making a fist It'd be best for one of us to speak up But we prefer to pretend it does not exist And you can't see past the blood"
  • Akrasia Forgiven
    "please forgive me if i lead you on you don't understand i just need someone to want me please forgive me if you think this song is all about you but when I'm finished it just might be well, i don't feel"
  • Relient K Forgiven 
    "Oh yes, I know this tension that you speak of We're in the palm of a hand making a fist It'd be best for one of us to speak up But we prefer to pretend it does not exist And you can't see past the blood"
  • Circle II Circle Forgiven
    "(You) You've died inside (Why?) Nowhere to hide (Lost) Inside an empty room (All) Your life is gone (Time) Can't heal the wrong (Now) It seems you're on your own You're not alone Just too far from home You've"
  • Carola Forgiven
    "I was lost I had nowhere to goWhere to turn I just did not knowI was ship wrecked, no harbour in sightDrifting on in an endless nightBut as I looked beyond the horizonI discovered a sun that was risingHe"
  • Strongarm Forgiven
    "there is nothing in this world that is new what is has been and what was will be what do i work for why do i toil what can man change there is nothing new under the sun Lord deliver us from this world for"
  • And Then I Turned Seven Forgotten
    "There was a time when all was perfect no worries, but now that's blurry We had something that no one had but it's all gone now, ain't that so sad He came along, took you away, he opened his arms wide,"
  • Pink Cream 69 Break The Silence
    "Wait before you try to be a hero Wait before the turning of the tide You don't feel the thunder And you don't feel the rain Help's not a word that you defined But it's so hard to do All these things they"
  • Killswitch Engage Break The Silence
    "As I live and breathe I'm watching, watching the world die We greet this with apathy no longer Consumed by self We walk through each day With no mind to deprivation and moral decay We must destroy and"
  • Seventh Wonder Break The Silence
    "I think about love and the things that I've done A heart open wide and I stabbed a knife How could I feel, the way that I felt? I'd swear it was love and was heaven sent You set me free, never cared"
  • PJ Harvey Silence
    "All those places Where I recall the memories that grip me, and pin me down. I go to these places intending to think, And think of nothing, But anticipate. And somehow, expect you'll find me"

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