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Break for you

  • Break - Frankie J
    "Never feel alone Never feel theres no one there who cares for you When every door seems closed mine is opened wide for you I'll give you strength, restore your faith I'm the one who will be around when"
  • Break - Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
    "Break (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) (Track 7 on "Rotator") I've been diggin' diggin' down down For a reason not to go But it's a tricky tricky time time So I guess I can't say no And you can tell me how much I"
  • Break - American Minor
    "Woman, won't you do a little dance for me? I've been working 9 to 5 just left my old lady And when the evening comes I know where I wanna be But in the daylight hours you can't be seen with me You break"
  • Break - Vicious Rumors
    "(Lyrics: Morgan Thorn) Blackened heart that's beating bloodless Victim of this crazy world Strapped in my insane asylum Breeding anger, fighting my battles alone... I'm a prison I've been strangled"
  • Break - Shinedown
    "Let go of the mystery And retrace all the steps where you've been And forget all the history And start over again For as you can see Its up to me For as you can see Its all on me I can't erase it Because"
  • Break - Staind
    "I walk alone I am alone I think alone I'll die alone Don't think I can make it on my own I think I need someone to SAVE ME! Such is life So sad but true Kill everything That's close to you Try"
  • Break - Jurassic 5
    "Yo, yo, if you had much class And style like I had You would be so glad I see why you so mad I'm born with it Like Marvin and Lauren with it Yo, deform with it The way we perform wit it You gon' get"
  • Break - Alanis Morissette
    "Indeed I've sucked it up to heights Unknown to those outside My body has contained and suppressed And swallowed and abetted Oh, I am a stranger to myself Beneath altruism dwells A force uncontended A voice"
  • Break Away - Enemy You
    "Waiting for the flood, we know it coming I'grease on the gears, ever turning The millions that never cry The billions with half closed eyes A trillion will never try And the masses still multiply Yeah,"
  • Break You - Drowning Pool
    "Try to find a way to fight the pain But it seems there's no way around it Reaching for the sun but finding rain I know I'll always be grounded So much I have brought upon myself Can't believe that I'm"
  • Break You - Lamb Of God
    "Endless mornings cut by the dawn razor Whipping the nightmares to a froth Endless questions with no answers No replacement for whats been lost Lost Everything suffocates in the dust of past Fortunes squandered The"
  • Break For Me - Art Of Fighting
    "now that all the many ways that you occupy your days have left you without hope you're caught between the way and not knowing the way and you don't know which you need the most you're listening for the"
  • Break You Down - Godhead
    "I've got a gun in my hand and I feel like a man I'm the pope of my generation I've gotta push myself over your goddamn walls I don't listen to your condemnation Can't you see the pain that you bring Is"
  • I Break You - Ektomorf
    "Don't fuck with me I'm sick of all your shit You make me mad and it is all your fault You say you are my friend And now you leave me in shit What the fuck you thing Who the fuck are you I bring the pain I"
  • Break You Off - The Roots
    "(feat. Musiq) I'm gone break you off (beat started.....start-started..) I'm gone break you off (beat started.....start-started..) I'm gone break you off (beat started.....start-started..) Yeah Baby "
  • Break You Apart - Jesus On Extasy
    "And I have lost the fight, Against my funny coloured friends, It was you or me or them. And I never had a chance. And"
  • Waiting For A Break - Day One
    "Said he was an actor Bit of a photographer But made his living out of laughter Which made him a comedian Waiting for his million That was soon coming But for now he was bumming He looked in the mirror Looking"
  • Break the Cycle - You+Me (Pink & City And Colour)
    "Circles and cycles and seasons For everything there's always reason But it's never good Never turns out as it should No one ever held you No single moment of truth But if you were mine I would've looked"
  • Break To Tears - Falling For Alba
    "These eyes have fallen, they've been broken one too many times. This heart's been stolen, it's been left empty to rot, to die. So please don't waste your, your time It's a waste of time because I'm not"
  • Break Anotha - Blake Lewis
    "Baby girl, like cinnamon, hot for the skin he's in Oops makes you wanna sin again (sin again) Defense is startin to break, it's more then you can take, wanna getcha, getcha then your heart'll break. He's"

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