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Breakout Modlitwa

  • Modlitwa - Breakout
    "Wysłuchaj mojej pieśni Panie, do Ciebie wznoszę dzisiaj głos. Ty jesteś wszędzie, wszystkim jesteś Ty, lecz kamieniem nie bądź mi. Do Ciebie pieśnią wołam Panie, bo ponoć wszystko możesz dać, więc błagam"
  • Breakout - Swing Out Sisters
    "--- Harold Faltermeyer, Chris Thompson --- Soundtrack for "Fire, Ice and Dinamete" 1990 You gotta breakout You're out in the world out there Impossible dreams can take you where Ooh, You can win it all Sneak"
  • Breakout - Ratt
    "Tell me what your livin for Where's your destination No one said life was an easy ride Crazy things they fill your dreams That's the new sensation Look down deep within you'll see Things will turn out"
  • Breakout - N*E*R*D*
    "It just happened, so what But they're all laughing, wassup Why the tears? have no fear We are here for you But I know how you feel I know how you feel when no one cares If you feel just like I feel (push"
  • Breakout - Swing Out Sister
    "And breakout When explanations make no sense When every answer's wrong You're fighting with lost confidence All expectations gone The time has come to make or break Move on, don't hesitate And breakout Don't"
  • Breakout - Sean Paul
    "Calling all wild out squadron, come report to duty Sexy ladies with the duty come shake that booty...JA girls Breakout, breakout (Bruk wine) breakout, breakout... Breakout, breakout (Bruk wine) breakout,"
  • Breakout - Foo Fighters
    "You make me dizzy Running circles in my head One of these days Ill chase you down Well look whos going crazy now Were face to face my friend Better get out Better get out You know you make me breakout Make"
  • Breakout - Brother Firetribe
    "Hello, is there anybody out there Anybody out there to hear me call Now I, I gotta take my chances I gotta take chances To get outta this place Explode into space I feel it coming Feel it in my soul, I'm"
  • Breakout - Bonnie Tyler
    "You gotta breakout! Speak out, in the world out there Impossible dreams can take you where Oooh oooh, you can win it all Speak out, it's the way you feel Reaching out can make it real Oooh oooh, together"
  • Breakout - Ace Frehley
    "Been in this cell block seven years too long Payin' for a crime when I didn't do anything wrong Lyin' here rotting for someone else's mistake I've come to my senses, it's time to make a break Breakout,"
  • Breakout - Jon Bon Jovi
    "This time girl I've had enough You're too hot to handle with kid gloves Its too late I hear a knock on the door The game's over baby I can't take It no more Chorus: Breakout, Breakout Take these chains"
  • Breakout - Damian Michael
    "This Time Girl I've Had Enough You're Too Hot to Handle With Kid Gloves It's Too Late I Hear a Knock On the Door The Game's Over Baby I Can't Take It no More Chorus: Breakout, Breakout Take These Chains"
  • Breakout - Bon Jovi
    "This time girl I've had enough You're too hot to handle with kid gloves It's too late I hear a knock on the door The game's over baby I can't take it no more Chorus: Breakout, Breakout Take these"
  • Breakout - Vinnie Vincent Invasion
    "(Vinnie Vincent) We go it alone on the edge of the night There's no reward, no ending in sight Sweet destiny, she's waiting for me I'll find her walking down the streets of my dreams Her name is no mercy She's"
  • Breakout - Slowlife
    "I fall to pieces. Dead inside I stand alone. So scared of the unknown. Terrified to forget who I am. Bring me back, make me complete. Am I the one you can't delete? I see your face every day. All the time"
  • Breakout! - Down By Law
    "time to breakout now it's time to go try to breakout or you'll never know so have a drink or 3 and sing with me wild rover roam 'til you're free in the days of 1916, back before the dawn of time"
  • Breakout - Bee Gees
    "It don't matter who you are Anyone can be a star Brighter than the lightning You go as far as you go You got to be what you know There may be somebody out to get the better of you You need the one good"
  • Breakout - Crackout
    "On a go in my head I believe it if I see it Against the wall in my way I can sense it if I see it now I can call, I'm a Jonah I am hell bent insignificant On a go I want to go away, I want to get my own"
  • Breakout - Katy Perry
    "Every week's The same Stuck in school So lame My parents say That I'm lazy Getting up At 8 is crazy Tired of hearing What to do So unfair So uncool Days too long And I'm holding on Till I hear The bell"
  • Breakout - Hannah Montana
    "Every week's the same Stuck in school, so lame My parents say that I'm lazy Getting up at 8 am's crazy Tired being told what to do So unfair So uncool Day's too long And I'm holding on Till I hear the"

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