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Breed me down Keep me sound

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Breed me down Keep me sound

  • Breed - Snake River Conspiracy
    "Spoken like a souvenir Touch all of your childhood fears Keep them at a gentle pace Close enough to feel their heat Somebody says, somebody says, somebody says I love you All those years you never knew All"
  • Breed - Embodyment
    "pride yourself unholy one, never grasp the throne of God receive your fate your prideful pig forever you will not win i will not be deceived i will not give into your temptation i am bought by the Blood"
  • Breed Suffocation, Breed Extinction - Profane Omen
    "Break this circle, the one that keeps me captured in this shell, Once lost, but not forsaken, I'm wandering through this citadel. I've shed myself to these shadows which amplify my sins and Forever they"
  • Last Of A Dyin' Breed - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "Got a pocket full of memories and my song Got to keep on movin' and rollin' on When I'm playin' for keeps, I always win Don't know where I'm going, but I know where I've been Looking back when I was"
  • Keep Me Down - Zornik
    "I haven't seen the things you've seen, I'm rushing to an empty goal, I lost control Every minute I remind myself, There's no way back unless I fall, I'm fighting my war Keep me down Keep me down,"
  • Keep Me Down - Godhead
    "You've ignored me for the last time Tried to shut me out but I found a way through Now I'm standing right in front of you And there's no one here to tell you what to do You can't keep me down forever in"
  • Keep Me Down - Scarface
    "This song is about a nigga always trying to keep you down you know now touch that We made something from nothing And vowed to never tear it apart We turned the street hustle into an art That would quickly"
  • Dying Breed - Allison Moorer
    "I take a pint of whiskey And crack open it's lid I drink the bottle empty Just like my poor daddy did I take after my family My fate's the blood in me No one grows old in this household We are a dying"
  • Raw Breed - Das EFX
    "From the floor, keep it raw Yeah, yo, yo, yo, yo Verse 1: Dray, Skoob I heard that one man's loss, is the next man's gain I came to drop the shit like rain and bring the pain to your brain We leave a"
  • Rare Breed - Bronze Nazareth
    "(Phillie) Yeah, let's get real acquainted, flows hard as the pavement Far as basic, my aim in the game's, through complication Food for thought tast it, ain't it amazing? God MC, whose hard as me, rumble"
  • Dead Breed - Face Down
    "Like a ship lost at sea, That's all we'll ever be, A suicidal breed, Shaped from this tainted life we live So what can you tell me, That I don't already know, You're already my bottle of pills, And"
  • Keep Me Around - American Music Club
    "There's so little love left in my heart For anyone, for anyone I'm like an ant on your map You can see me goin' down the drain You can see me goin' down Will you keep me around? Will you keep me around? (Will"
  • Keep Me - Heather Nova
    "I'm coming, I'm coming home to you I'm alive I'm a mess I can't wait to get home to you To get warm, warm and undressed There've been changes beyond my dreams Everybody wants me to sing There've been"
  • Keep me - Vallee
    "This Can't Really Be What Life Is All About Learning How to Live Just to Live Without The Travesty's the Irony and the Irony Is You I've Traded in My Sanctity For a Cheaper Shade of Blue And As I Surrender"
  • Keep Me - SHeDAISY
    "(Kristyn Osborn) This can't really be what life is all about Learning how to live Just to live without The travesty's the irony and the irony is you I've traded in my sanctity for a cheaper shade of blue And"
  • Born To The Breed - Amy Speace
    "I was only nineteen the morning you were born With your hair fine and red and your eyes like my own Barely a woman with only a song I sang to keep you smilin' and held you all night long Home through the"
  • Ali Feat. MC Breed - Proof
    "(MC Breed) I'm in it witch'all (okay) Hit big cash, I'll spend it witch'all Win at the casino bitch, I'm spendin it all (hey) Leave in my Spreewells spinnin for y'all I'm in it for y'all, fact is (whattup) My"
  • Last Of A Dying Breed - Scarface
    "The last of a dying breed I don't remember much about bein born But I do remember this: I was conceived on February 10th Complications detected in my early months of ballin Around my sonargram you could"
  • Last Of The Dying Breed - Young Jeezy
    "(Young Jeezy verse:) Welcome to da life of a young thug nigga (jea) Only hang out wit dem criminals and dem drug dealers (ayyy) I'm from even where da dead die (die) But try an do it big like da kid from"
  • Last of a dying breed - Young Jeezy
    "(feat. Trick Daddy, Young Buck, Ill Will) Welcome to da life of a young thug nigga (jea) Only hang out wit dem criminals and dem drug dealers (ayyy) I'm from even where da dead die (die) But try"

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