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Brennan Heart-Never Break Me

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Brennan Heart-Never Break Me

  • Michael Brennan - Barenaked Ladies
    "Michael Brennan took his pen and wrote a letter to me Told us about his sons, there's Patrick, Daniel, Ryans number three We'll defend him and befriend him, he's in tune with his chi He was born in a place"
  • Break - A Shrine
    "A Shrine Li And Friends Break Feels like this, when I'm lying Lego man, without eyes Record shop, street watch Cheer him up anymore I don't lie, my life Feel depressed when I'm laughing And my friend,"
  • Break - Vicious Rumors
    "(Lyrics: Morgan Thorn) Blackened heart that's beating bloodless Victim of this crazy world Strapped in my insane asylum Breeding anger, fighting my battles alone... I'm a prison I've been strangled"
  • Break - Newsboys
    "Don't go thinking I'm crazy But my fear is it's too late Won't go making no trouble 'Cause I feel like I could break All of those times I ran away From all of those things I used to say All of those plans"
  • Break - Newboys
    "Don't go thinkin' I'm crazy But my fear is it's too late I won't go making no trouble Cause I feel like I could break All of those times I ran away From all of those things I used to say All of those plans"
  • Break - Frankie J
    "Never feel alone Never feel theres no one there who cares for you When every door seems closed mine is opened wide for you I'll give you strength, restore your faith I'm the one who will be around when"
  • Break - Shinedown
    "Let go of the mystery And retrace all the steps where you've been And forget all the history And start over again For as you can see Its up to me For as you can see Its all on me I can't erase it Because"
  • Break - Jurassic 5
    "Yo, yo, if you had much class And style like I had You would be so glad I see why you so mad I'm born with it Like Marvin and Lauren with it Yo, deform with it The way we perform wit it You gon' get"
  • Brennan on the moor - Irish Folksongs
    "Tis of a brave young highwaymanThis story I will tellHis name was Willie BrennanAnd in Ireland he did dwellIt was on the Kilwood MountainHe commenced his wild careerAnd many a wealthy noblemanBefore him"
  • Hollow (Ft. Brennan Savage) - Tymek
    "Hollow, Hollow zapisuje te minuty jakbym nie chciał żyć ... tak wyjebane w kosmos ze nie pamiętasz nic w twoja stronę gonić a nad ranem... nei żałuje ani chwili a na zębach dym wolę składać ja na części nie"
  • Break Me - Ducky Boys
    "You set a standard you aren't man enough to keep You preached of honesty but your words are so empty You look into my life and you just wanted it all Don't come to us for pity now because the pity is all"
  • Break Me - Jewel
    "I will meet you In some place Where the light lends itself To soft repose I will let you undress me But I warn you I have thorns Like any rose And you could hurt me With your bare hands You could hurt"
  • Break me - Quindon Tarver
    "I Will Meet You in Some Place Where the Light Lends Itself to Soft Repose I Will Let You Undress Me But I Warn You I Have Thorns Like Any Rose and You Could Hurt Me With Your Bare Hands You Could Hurt"
  • Break Me - Kiros
    "Your failure was decided in your head before you even tried before you even tried a funeral was held for all your dreams before you let them die before you let them die So break me And shut me down Everything"
  • Break Me - Thumb
    "You're in me, Just like a bad disease, But I can't find a cure to get you out of me! You're so real, as real as you could be, But it feels like you're a part of someone's phantasy! Hey, I don't know,"
  • Never Meant To Break Your Heart - Jo O'Meara
    "We Said Goodbye And We've Been Through All The Questions Trying To Get the Answers Right And You It's Nothing You Did Wrong It's Just A Path I Need To Take To Go Grow Along My Fate And The Memories"
  • I"ll Never Break Your Heart - Backstreet Boys
    "Baby, I know you are hurting Right now you feel like you can never love again Now all I ask is for a chance to prove that I love you From the first day that I saw your smiling face Honey, I knew that we"
  • Never gonna break my heart again - Deborah Cox
    "You never Knew how much you hurt me, baby You never Cared how much I cried Baby, I gave my heart to you You just walked away Now you've come back And now you wanna stay But you're... (Chorus) Never gonna"
  • You can never break my heart - Band Ohne Namen
    "Ich hab das Gefhl, du bist noch hier, Als ob ein Teil von dir noch ewig bei mir bleibt, Ich hab das Gefhl, ich kann dich sehen Das kleine Bild von dir wird ewig bei mir sein Du bist der Traum, der mir"
  • Never meant to break your heart - Underoath
    "Tears run down my face just like the lastNo different from yesterdaySick from the mirrorDo these prayers feel sincereThe dirt never washes clearYou were good, so goodI grew to love your liesUntil I put"

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