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Brian Ferry slave to live

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Brian Ferry slave to live

  • Brian Wilson (Live) - Barenaked Ladies
    "Drove downtown in the rain, nine thirty on a Tuesday night Just to check out the late night record shop Call it impulsive, call me compulsive, call it insane But when I'm surrounded, just can't stop It's"
  • Brian - Brian Wilson
    "All my life I've been runnin' scared Feelin' shut out, no one cared Not my mother, not my brother Crazy beatings by my father A-ooh a-ooh Music's been my saving grace Been my ticket to a better place Brought"
  • Pleasure Slave - Manowar
    "She Is Waiting To Kiss My Hand But She Will Wait For My Command My Chains And Collar Brought Her To Her Knees She Now Is Free To Please Woman Be My Slave That's Your Reason To Live Woman Be My Slave The"
  • Freedom Slave - Sacrifice
    "Control binds all Under restraits Hidden motives Dictate a way to live Freedom Slave Freedom Slave New religion World of disorder A sublime campaign Rapid decline but masses contained Freedom Slave Freedom"
  • Karma Slave - Splashdown
    "Today I'll be spinning on a Wheel I'm a slave to a Wheel And there isn't any stopping What mistake(s) could I have made? I'm a slave serving time for a life that I've forgotten. I'm a slave of Karma Spin"
  • Slave one - Skindred
  • Slave to love - Bryan Ferry
    "Tell her Ill be waiting In the usual place With the tired and weary Theres no escape To need a woman Youve got to know How the strong get weak And the rich get poor Youre running with me Dont touch the"
  • Slave Riot - Agents Of Oblivion
    "long ago i kissed her skull sunbleached and beautiful slick-wet with diesel fuel we'll watch the midnight movie painted with the sky bleeding white butterflies after surfacing from the mirror (where the"
  • Concrete slave - SOiL
    "Sitting back...behind a power desk Assuming controlWalls...with doors shutLike a newly caged foolScream aloud...did you wish this lifeDid your choice of cards unfold...NOTell me there's no more rebels"
  • JOHNNY & MARY (feat. Bryan Ferry) - Todd Terje
    "Johnny's always running around Trying to find certainty He needs all the world to confirm That he ain't lonely Mary counts the walls Knows he tires easily Johnny thinks the world would be right If it could"
  • Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson
    "Drove downtown in the rain, Nine-thirty on a Tuesday night, Just to check out the late night, Record shop. Call it impulsive, Call it complusive, Call it insanne. But when I'm surrounded I just can't,"
  • Slave - Lucky Dube
    "Ministers of religion have visited me many times to talk about it They say to me I gotta leave it I gotta leave it It's a bad habit for a man But when I try to leave it my friends keep telling me I'm"
  • Slave - Trust Company
    "It always feels like a craving is unfolding in me It's just as bad as it seems So I'm looking around 'cause I'm lost when I'm down I was blind but now I'm starting to see The slave in me And now I'm falling"
  • Slave - Badloves
    "Badloves Holy Roadside Slave Slave To an early grave To that bed you made Now you've got to lay down in it Slave Slave See now what you've done See what you've become You know that I see right through"
  • Slave - James Reyne
    "There's a light in the valley There's a heart all alone And the door is always open Go away from your window Pull the shades way down low And in a whisper words are spoken Bridge ~ Higher and higher Taking"
  • Slave - Weezer
    "Love barely alive in your arms, slave Dreams taken too far every night, slave Who put on your heart? Who put on your heart? Who put on your heart? 'Cause I can't change, no When you're on your own You"
  • Slave - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) Do it, do it, do it, do it Don't wanna be your slave Twenty four hours a day Hey, why don't you go down to the supermarket Get something to eat, steal something of the shelves Pass"
  • Slave - Spiritual Front
    "I'm a slave to who gave a name to my body and form to my filthy soul I'm a slave to the money that burn my hands and to the profit and fatigue To the mortal breath that bends my back and to the sperm vibrates"
  • Slave - Elton John
    "There's a river running sweat right through our land Driven by a man with a bullwhip in his hand And I've taken just as much as I can stand Oh we've got to free our brothers from their shackles if we can Most"
  • Slave - Amebix
    "Earth to ashes, buildings to dust A radioactive burning crust The meek shall inherit all that is left Inherit the Earth, a living death From the cradle to the grave You made yourself the system's slave Acid"

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