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Brian May On My Way Up

  • On My Way Up - Brian May
    "(Brian May) I'm on my way up (ooh!) Can't put me down (ooh!) Business is tough (ooh!) I ain't gonna get pushed around I'm on my way (ooh!) Gonna take this town (ooh!) It's gonna be mine all mine It's"
  • Rockstar (feat. Brian May) - Dappy
    "They say that I'm dangerous Like everything I touch falls apart If I were to tell, they'll kill me now Well imma cut to the chase I used to wish on a star but nowadays I need space: Satellites See the"
  • Brian - Brian Wilson
    "All my life I've been runnin' scared Feelin' shut out, no one cared Not my mother, not my brother Crazy beatings by my father A-ooh a-ooh Music's been my saving grace Been my ticket to a better place Brought"
  • Basic Brian - James
    "Rain, rain's floating down again Surround your mind Soft cloud, take me around again On your rain My dreams tell me everything Surprise around Call out your name I need help again For all love brigade What"
  • Liquid Brian - Skew Siskin
    "Climb the mountains of foreign land Tears of Allah fall in the sand Heaven above us, fools all around No one can stop us from touching the ground DIP MY BRAIN INTO THE WATER LIQUID EYES LOOK TO THE SKY HEAVEN"
  • Get Up (ft. Brian May) - Kings Daughters
    "won’t change but you live the same life you give up when you don’t things right you want friends but you hide yourself away you think love is so cliché -- Premiera 14 kwietnia 2020 orku."
  • Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson
    "Drove downtown in the rain, Nine-thirty on a Tuesday night, Just to check out the late night, Record shop. Call it impulsive, Call it complusive, Call it insanne. But when I'm surrounded I just can't,"
  • All The Way From Memphis - Brian May
    "(Ian Hunter) Forgot my six-string razor And hit the sky Half way to Memphis 'Fore I realized I rang the Information My axe was cold They said she rides a train Down to Oriole Well it's a mighty long"
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Brian May Version) - Diana Ross
    "This thing called love, I just can't handle it This thing called love, I must get 'round to it I ain't ready Crazy little thing called love This thing called love It cries in a cradle all night"
  • Come May - Tom Wehrle
    "Woke up with this feeling yesterday That I have no reasons left to stay I'd be better off gone Then sit here too long With my suitcase packed Down a one way track I wanna see the world Like a bird I"
  • May I - Snoop Dogg
    "Now... who got the beat that makes ya bump? And who got the bump that ya thump? Well, I got the funk that makes ya bump So we gon funk this motherfucker right on up Well here's a toast to the boogie while"
  • May I - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "Now... who got the beat that makes ya bump? And who got the bump that ya thump? Well, I got the funk that makes ya bump So we gon funk this motherfucker right on up Well here's a toast to the boogie while"
  • On My Way - Cheetah Girls
    "I used to say when I was a child I could do anything Be everything I though I had the world in my hands And everything revolved around me It was all about me Pre-Chorus: I wanted this and that and more I"
  • Brian song - Monty Python
    "Brian, the babe they called brian,He grew, he grew, and grew,Grew up to be, grew up to be,A boy called brian. a boy called brian,He had arms, and legs, and hands, and feet,The boy, whose name was brian.And"
  • Brian Wallows - Family Guy
    "Lois in blue Brian in red Brian, your standards are ridiculously high. You will never find a girl unless you're willing to make exceptions, And compromise so you can find your love. Lois, I don't"
  • Brian Wilson - Barenaked Ladies
    "Drove downtown in the rain nine-thirty on a Tuesday night, just to check out the late-night record shop. Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane; but when I'm surrounded I just can't stop. It's"
  • Brian - Blind Guardian
    "[2:41] When the sky is burning, see the Moon falling down. On your right is lightning. See the war in the sky. Remember Brian, when it's time. Remember Brian. All our empty heads discover"
  • Brian Boru In French - Alan Stivell
    "Mort Brian Boru, vers l'an mil en Irlande, Brillent encore cheveux roux, harpe d'or dans la lande, L'tendard et l'pe debouts plants en terre, Et la paix revenue en Ulster. Des nerfs de la guerre l'air"
  • Geenie - Brian & Tony Gold - Shaggy
    "She's definitely mine until the end of time {Talkin' bout the sweet little girl, hmm} My darling princess {Huh, huh} I gotta get Brian and Tony Gold on this one {In the whole wide world} Allow me to express"
  • Would You Be (ft. Brian Gold) - Shaggy
    "Ohhhhhh...... Baby I hope you dun get offended in anyway ya know But your beauty is so Magnificent I'm just tempted to touch ya know Yo bebe jus a meks sha a gwaan now?? Would you be offended if I told"

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