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Bring i want me

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Bring i want me

  • Bring Me Along - Pepper
    "I, I wanna know why you act this way, today, today, today but I, I wanna feel how you feeling tonight, alright, alright So take away from your face all the make up, I wanna see you And when you try"
  • Bring Me Down - Miranda Lambert
    "Bring Me Down lyrics Sweet like a kiss sharp like a razor blade I find you when I' m close to the bottom You cant appreciate the time it takes To kick a love I always knew was kind of wrong And as I'm"
  • Bring Me Down - Apulanta
    "Don't load me up with stones Load me up with gold Weight on the shoulders Weight on the bleeding soul So you wanna break me So you wanna break my will Now I know you shoot to kill Now I know you only"
  • Bring Me Down - Brandy
    "'''Brandy''' I always knew that one day They'd try to bring me down Wow, one day, they tried to bring me down ALways knew that one day, they would try to bring me down Down, way down. '''Kanye''' We gon'"
  • Bring Me Down - Pillar
    "You can't bring me down, you can't bring me down Back in the day when nothing really mattered to me I only saw with my eyes what they wanted to see And everything around me seemed to never change Looking"
  • Bring Me Flowers - Hope
    "I haven't got a clue if you're the one. But i like you. And ohh i like how you make me feel. I want to do this right. Don't want to waste this night. But, im drowning. Drowning in your love. Bring me flowers"
  • Bring Me Down - April Sixth
    "I hear it again, when the fear sticks out. Well, I'm thinking about what you wanted more. Do you think that the wind doesn't carry your words, 'cause I can hear everything you say. Well, I'm thinking about"
  • Bring Me Down - Lenka
    "I wont let this burden bring me down.So here we are againstarin at the endof what we made and who we are.Never knowin' whenone of us will break apartand walk the other way, love.I dont know what to say,"
  • Bring Me Down - Kanye West
    "(feat. Brandy) I always knew that one day They'd try to bring me down WOoow, one day, they tried to bring me down ALways knew that one day, they'd try to bring me down Dooown, way down We gon' to"
  • Bring Me Back - Hardcore Superstar
    "I wanna tell you wanna let you know this is what i want I never told you but you and me are on our own Well it's sad but true, nothing I can do it's up to you And I hate your whining and your crying, well"
  • Bring Me Down - Kasia Gomoła
    "I'm not a girl who gets in the way I won't bother if it's not okey But it would mean much if you say Why you stopped answering me You know I want you to change your mind But you keep pushing me aside I"
  • Bring Me Down - Useless ID
    "Everyone gather round the fight's about to begin It's me against the whole wide world knowing that there's no way I could win It's been a while since I could come up with anything new and make it seem"
  • I want to bring - The Postal Service
    "I want to bring You all that is in my heart I want to give You my everything But I've failed You so many times How can I stand here before You When I begin to steal what only belongs to You I am able to"
  • Bring It! - Lil' Romeo
    "R O M E O What's my name? Romeo! Ya'll want the Romeo show! Bring it! Ya'll ready for this, i'm back. Still holding the disc so... Bring it! Still holding it down, top-of-the-town, nothing gonna stop"
  • Bring Yourself - Days Of The New
    "I can see your everthing Don't you know it's not hard to bring Bring yourself to me, you know It's the world that you'd like I can see your everthing Don't you know it's not hard to bring I can see that"
  • You Bring Me Love - Scandal'us
    "You bring me love Baby, baby, baby, baby You bring me love Baby, yeah, yeah Baby don't you know that I've been thinkin' 'bout ya Day and night, all the time (all the time) You make me feel so right, I"
  • Bring Me Back Down - One Night Only
    "All I want To bring me back down Is your tired blue eyes That follow me round Dressed in white And starting to shine My head is full Of a beautiful sound Light stands round us The face is love And the"
  • Bring Me To Heaven - UnSun
    "I don't want to hear the lies I don't want to see the pain again I don't want to think, I just wanna feel Take me away from this place I don't want to hear the lies I don't want to see the pain again"
  • Don't Bring Me Down - Status Quo
    "(Jeff Lynne) You got me running going out of my mind You got me thinking me that I'm wasting my time Don't bring me down No, no, no, no, no, ooh-ooh I'll tell you once more before I get off the floor Don't"
  • Don't Bring Me Down - Sia
    "Faint light of dawn I'm listening to you breathing in and out Needing nothing You're honey dipped You are beautiful, floating clouds, soft world I can't feel my lips I'm going down, I don't want to change I'm"

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