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  • I Wonder Where Love Goes - Chad Brock
    "(Chad Brock/Buddy Brock/Phil Douglas) Summer's gone, there's a cold chill in the air But I know, it comes around again next year The songbirds have all flown south All I hear is the sound of silence in"
  • Unbreak My Heart - Chad Brock
    "(Chad Brock/Buddy Brock/Jeff Silvey) I can't believe that we thought we were through We said some things and acted like a couple of fools Let's rekindle the fire while there's still a spark Let me uncry"
  • This - Chad Brock
    "(Chad Brock, Stephony Smith, Jim Collins) How'd you do that I can't describe the way it makes me feel It threw me off track Until your kiss I had nerves of steel Your lips just seem to fit me All this"
  • A Country Boy Can Survive (y2k Verison) - Chad Brock
    "Chad Brock Yes! A Country Boy Can Survive (y2k Verison) Computer man says it's the end of time December 31st nineteen ninety-nine People buyin' up army surplus things Afraid of what the new year will bring I"
  • If I Were You - Chad Brock F/ Mark Wills
    "Chad Brock F/ Mark Wills Miscellaneous If I Were You You've got it made, you've got real love Something you don't find every day Someone to trust, someone to lean on Something I would hold on to, if I"
  • A Country Boy Can Survive (Y2K Version) - Chad Brock F/ Hank Williams Jr., George Jones
    "Chad Brock F/ Hank Williams Jr., George Jones Miscellaneous A Country Boy Can Survive (Y2K Version) Computer man says it's the end of time December 31st nineteen ninety-nine People buyin' up Army surplus"
  • 'til I Fell For You - Chad Brock
    "(tom snyder/noah gordon) Thought I was awful tough Been knocked down in the dust A few more times than I would care to say Then you came blowin' in Like that old texas wind And girl, you blew my heart"
  • Park The Pickup (Kiss The Girl) - Chad Brock
    "That's the third time that you passed it The turn to lover's lane You're drivin' her in circles You're drivin' me insane This is your conscience speakin' Now, I don't mean to pry But how can you miss that"
  • Bingo Bull's-Eye - Chad Brock
    "(Jason Deere/Kelly Garrett) He's got her number written on the palm of his hand His best friend got the number from her best friend His heart starts racin' when he hears the dial tone He never dreamed"
  • Going The Distance - Chad Brock
    "(John Jarrard/Walt Aldridge) I don't know exactly what this is that I'm going through I know it seems like I'm somewhere else When I'm talk to you I know what I'd be thinking if it was you acting like"
  • Hey Mister - Chad Brock
    "Hey Mister He sat down next to the window, By the TV at my bar He ordered Coke and whiskey, And put something in my jar An old black and white photograph, He hung onto all his life And his story broke"
  • I'd Like To See You Try - Chad Brock
    "You've been hintin' at commitment In spite of what I told you from the start If you think I'm gonna buy all that forever talkin' You won't get too far Don't you know I'm just too set in my ways And I'm"
  • I'd Love To Love You - Chad Brock
    "Well, I've gone about as far as I can go without your heart Girl, I need a little taste I need to rectify this giggle deep inside When I see your smiling face Baby look, I'm on the hook all sh-shook up"
  • I Ain't Cryin' - Chad Brock
    "You see these tears fillin' up my eyes I can't remember the last time I cried I've always had to be strong You hear this tremble in my voice I try to hide it but I've got no choice I love you, don't think"
  • If I Were You - Chad Brock
    "You got it made You've got real love Something you don't find every day Someone to trust Someone to lean on Something I would hold on to If I were you You got it made You've got no one You don't have"
  • If It Were Up To Me - Chad Brock
    "(Jim Collins/Stephony Smith) Can't stand to see you like this All this confusion gets to both of us You're goin' back and forth And what are you waiting for, you know it's love Just let your heart decide"
  • Livin' In Las Vegas - Chad Brock
    "Bob's in his recliner for the ten o'clock news Dogs are on the porch, chickens in the coop Sidewalks are rolled up, stoplights blinkin' red Sheriff's safe at home, already gone to bed This sleepy little"
  • Love Lives - Chad Brock
    "In the birth announcements on the fourteenth page Of the small-town daily news It read Lilah Thompson had a baby boy Six pounds at 10:02 But they didn't list the father He was carefully ignored No mention"
  • Population Minus One - Chad Brock
    "What the heck was I thinking Comin' and livin' in this concrete canyon Tryin' to swim upstream in a river of vacant-eyed people Where are they all going so fast And what in the world could be so important Man,"
  • Right Now - Chad Brock
    "Here in the dark Lying with you this way I'm getting butterflies My heart is carrying me away To places inside your eyes And lost in this moment Is where I belong Right now I know The reason I need you"

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