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Broken Back - One by One


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Broken Back - One by One

  • One By One - Gutterball
    "well, the Knicks lost big to Cleveland at the Garden Friday night so I wandered down Eight Avenue to get a little tight got into a little scuffle all because of Willis Reed now there's one more bar in"
  • One By One - Ricky Nelson
    "Have you ever been so down Everytime you looked around Despair is like a silent clown beside you Well centuries fly and decades pass Buildings fall and mountains last Today is not to give you but to guide"
  • One By One - Nocturnal Rites
    "Ease the pain, no more dying It's the answer that takes you higher Just find your voice, that inner fire Break the rules, and, point that finger They're all trying to pull you down Just walk up straight"
  • One By One - Satanic Surfers
    "If one voice, disembodied hidden in a surging crowd of thousands start screaming soon others will follow. We'll follow Though I cannot foresee a better tomorrow I will not give up trying. I will not give"
  • One By One - Quick Step John
    "All at once the shadows come, theyre replacing what used to be. One by one, Im overruna forgotten place in history. You must have figured it out and wrote it all down for the world to see. Flipped the"
  • One By One - Tha Dogg Pound
    "Now I can't trust none of these hoes nowadays Cause they be runnin round with that shit called AIDS and every girl I meet nowadays is lit So I can't to do them what I would to do you, so... Another session,"
  • Broken - Jen Foster
    "Words & music by Jen Foster Pieces, falling Through the sky, I'm wanting To feel you beneath me But not like this, believe me No, I can't wake up, no I can't crash down To half that's lost and half that's"
  • Broken - Novembers Doom
    "I am broken. In spirit, body, and mind Forever cold to faith in life Mother of night, embrace me I have not forgotten Looking back on the years of last With so much pain to bare I am broken Nights forgotten"
  • One-Eighty By Summer - Taking Back Sunday
    "Go on just say it, You need me like a bad habit, One that leaves you defenseless, dependent, and alone. Go on just say it (Are you afraid to), You need me like a bad habit (Say what you want to, tell"
  • One Breath - Plus One
    "life is hard, but it's been a little harder than usual lately I wish I new why I am struggling through this what makes it harder is the lack of understanding on my part could I have changed this, why am"
  • One CREATURES - And One
    "We're back to creature Very hard to understand I can't imagine how it happened Impossible to comprehend I feel the danger What are things coming to They shut their eyes go into hiding "
  • Broken One - Trivium
    "Defeat grips you Life deflates you Killed your hopes too You won't make it through Pick up the pieces There is a better way Put yourself together Try to make a change This world's so twisted You can"
  • One - Ferlin Husky
    "You hear the silence broken by an old familiar voice Could it be your talkin' to the walls You've tossed for just a moment and then you realized That it's just a mem'ry callin' and that's all A day that"
  • One - Tyrese
    "The One Tyrese Let me start by sayin' that you're the one 'Cause this is the first time I felt like this plain as day (ohh) You're the only number that I dial (from other chicks) You're the only sex"
  • One - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. T.M.F.) Yo, yeah {"New Ghostface!"} Yeah, to glorious days {"one"} Yeah God, check it out y'all We back, yes yes y'all {"one"} (Fake roller derbies) Yeah, masked avengers We're here to sharpen"
  • One - Paul Brandt
    "Don't expect me to just stand back And let this one go by This kind of love comes along one forever at a time Girl, I'd be crazy not to try I've got one chance to make you mine CHORUS: Two hearts, two"
  • One - Original Cast
    "conceived, choreographed and directed by MICHAEL BENNET book by JAMES KIRKWOOD and NICHOLAS DANTE music by MARVIN HAMLISCH lyrics by EDWARD KLEBAN FOLLOWS "The Music and The Mirror" MIKE, AL, DON,"
  • One - Craig's Brother
    "All grievances reached no words to be said The barrier breached now come lay your head And she's found a new way her hands letting go (hurting so) You've too much to say your new words heard old (letting"
  • One - Midnite
    "Children of the new covenant Hear I oh Israel Jah rasta fari is one Blazing tongue aflame ghetto youth You know you name come For he shall have judgment without mercy That have showed no mercy For mercy"
  • One - Memphis Bleek
    "Uh, yeah. . .the boy Extra We right back at it like we left somethin' knaw'mean? It's the ROC, since 9-6, you know we get busy Got the young lady by the name of Rihanna with me Straight from Barbados,"

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