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Broken Land

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Broken Land

  • Broken Land - The Adventures
    "These rivers run too deep With schemes of men for days that lay ahead They sell their souls so cheap They breed mistrust and fill my heart with dread. When did the boy become a man and lose his life"
  • Broken Land - Adventures
    "Its calling for you man, so be real That old tree next to your house, You know the one with the possum family in it, Is creaking under the strain, Which is a metaphor for your life, woo. Hey sweetcakes,"
  • Broken Promise Land - Elvis Costello
    "(Costello, Toussaint) There's a place Where words mean nothing or much less Such a disgrace We got to get out of this mess Coming in under the cover of darkness How high shall we build this wall? I could've"
  • Broken Promise Land - Weeping Willows
    "You sit and wait For my precious heart to break You promised me forever Why did you tear us apart? At the end of the rainbow I found my broken heart I was a dreamer And you were my dream Why did you leave? Welcome"
  • Broken Promise Land - Chesnutt Mark
    "Chesnutt Mark Miscellaneous Broken Promise Land There's a Bible on the dresser and a sign hung on the door And a woman in my arms who shouldn't be I'm to the point of no returning but I've been here"
  • Broken Promise Land - Spock's Beard
    "A murder of crows On an old phone line That runs along the road Lean and hungry Poised to dive Dinner's in the ground below Come on down Walk a crooked mile With your open hearts in hand Shake the years"
  • Broken Promised Land - Private Line
    "The missing link of the evolution Is something we can never find There's nothing left here but confusion So I'm leaving it behind It's been a thorn in my side all of my life I've seen it once, I've seen"
  • Land of broken dreams - Loona
    "This is a story about a girl,whispered by the wind,she lost her love a long time ago,to a place within,you can see in her eyes sobeautiful, breakable,all she lost in a tear,waiting longing just for the"
  • The Broken Promise Land - Waylon Jennings
    "VERSE: There's a bible on the dresser, and a sign hung on the door, and a woman in my arms that shouldn't be. I'm to the point of no returning, but I've been here before. This cheating life is nothing"
  • Land of Broken Hearts - Royal Hunt
    "See a thousand bodies crackin'n'fallin' back, Rows of loaded weapon ready to attack. Sharp pain screams like hell in a victim's eyes. Wanna say to everyone - promises were lies... And here we go again,"
  • A Broken Promised Land - Skyclad
    "See the red "messiah" high upon a soap-box pulpit Agitating his apostles with the gospels in his hand While apprentice hitlers gather down in inner city subways To immortalise their ignorance with aerosol"
  • Broken - Junkie XL
    "Fading out Holding on the innocent weep Luck's run out Left this hole inside of me Crying out Screaming down as the echoes within The cat is out No more secrets left to keep The feeling's gone We've swallowed"
  • Leavin The Land Of The Broken Hearted - Blackhawk
    "(Paul/Robbins/Miller) I see my mom and dad wedding picture hanging in the hall That picture of happiness tries to sell it but it doesn tell it all It been 22 years since they walked down the aisle Now"
  • Dry Land - Tara MacLean
    "Looks like something's coming looks like there's gonna' be a storm looks like everyone's running looks like everyone's torn Hands to blades as day light fades all this shaking has swimming from dry land Looks"
  • Dry land - Tara McLean
    "Looks like something's coming Looks like there's gonna be a storm Looks like everyone's running Looks like everyone's torn Hands to blade that daylight is Hold hold this shaking hands Swimming from dry"
  • Native Land - Korpiklaani
    "The waves of the lake splash and pines hum. The frost of the north hurts, Finnish grief it sings. Woods bleak and stony, unlit, there my mind rests. There I will forget the pain, stars and moon us bless. O"
  • This Land - Zounds
    "This land is your land and this land is my land From the dirty water of the river Thames To the rusting cranes of the tee another tyne The land that's choking with wires and plugs Strangles with fences"
  • Promised Land - Pink Cream 69
    "When I look across this broken land And try to understand Why the human race Should loose their grace In this promised land Now we've seen all the heartache It turned into shame Cause there's no one to"
  • Strange land - Ten
    "God laid wasteTo this forsaken placeForgotten, disgracedLovers lose and winOn the battlegrounds we sinFace to faceA different time and spaceI cut to the chaseAnother chance is slimOnly I will not give"
  • Heartless Land - Uriah Heep
    "(Box/Lanzon/Matt Lanzon) I know the world is full of light So why can't things just work out right Oh take me, take me From this heartless land It used to be so full of love But now it's only push and"

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