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Broken iyn twirk

  • Broken - Jacks Of All Trades
    "Can't U C I'm Broken - broken TV Broken - broken CD Broken - broken lives Broken - broken minds Broken - broken radio Broken - broken video Broken - broken hearts Broken - broken cars Broken Broken Broken"
  • Broken - Spinfire
    "Feeling so alone Just want to know Why every day is just so hard on me Today was the worst day of my life Living a lie Torn apart all inside I can't not, find out what I need Well today was the worst"
  • Broken - Angela Ammons
    "You, you're everything I know I'm happy when I'm sad Through all the times we shared I never felt alone Now, I still can smell your skin I still can taste your kiss And that I'll always miss And"
  • Broken - Grandaddy
    "Rough fought boy with a subsent witch His new girlfriend makes a good one Broken His closest friends call him broken Cause he's self titled busted up Broken He rode dirt bikes years ago Won some trophies"
  • Broken - Jump Little Children
    "Fine with the fall of a nation Fine with the killing fields I'm fine with the ration of power And praise to the undeserved With the dark enchanted kiss From the mouth of blinding praise I've made my peace"
  • Broken - Danger To The System
    "Force your culture on me, and force me into your schools. Force me into your church, and make me a government tool. This is nothing new for you. You do this every time. You find a new ethnic group, and"
  • Broken - Prince
    "Till U come back 2 me There'll be nothing left 2 say, no Broken My heart is broken, yeah Broken, oh baby My heart's just broken in 2 Until U bring your sweet love, bring it on home 2 me I'll be your broken-hearted"
  • Broken - Slapshot
    "If what I say When I say, when I say, I can't take it They're gonna take, gonna take, Gonna take you away from me If I'll be straight Don't know, don't know, don't know if I can take it Just can't let"
  • Broken - Tears For Fears
    "Between the searching and the need to work it out I stop believing everything will be alright Broken We are broken I'm walking uphill being turned around and round Secret in motion when my feet are on"
  • Broken - Pink (P!nk)
    "theres nothin left now standing in my shadow staring at the walls ohhh im broken now its nothing you cant see can you feel me breaking im falling into nothing i thought i was falling into you but im cold"
  • Broken - Pink (P!nk)
    "theres nothin left now standing in my shadow staring at the walls ohhh im broken now its nothing you cant see can you feel me breaking im falling into nothing i thought i was falling into you but im cold"
  • Broken - Motorhead
    "You don't know the trouble you're in Linvin' in paradise, livin' in sin You better watch out baby one of these days Another man coming gonna change your ways Broken, broken truth must be spoken Can we"
  • Broken - An Pierl
    "I'm broken All over Mean daylight While sleeping While sleeping Ding dong wishing/with a ship(?), nobody's going away I'm heading where storm lays its head Ding dong wishing/with a ship(?), going down"
  • Broken - Tracy Chapman
    "You can close your eyes And see the picture perfect life Inside o your mind Dreaming only of the days ahead Wanted and wished for more than now Or the days behind You waste your time The picture makes"
  • Broken - Cynic Ridge
    "I struggle to pull myself from my bed Thoughts of defeat spin through my head Today is no different than the ones lived before I don't know if I can take much more I'm broken again Drag me under again Peices"
  • Broken - The Birthday Massacre
    "Time is the promise It turns and tells them what to do It makes them dishonest They let the suspicion kill the truth Broken Heart, Broken Mind When you let me in Did you not know where I had been? And"
  • Broken - Amal Michel
    "In my mind I know You care In my mind I know You still love me But your words are cold Your actions they hurt At times I feel like running away. CHORUS: My heart and soul (heart and soul) Are broken my"
  • Broken - Elisa
    "Hard times flowing and my eyes couldn't see stars shining my heart couldn't feel the beauty of the rising sun and I'm lost like a bottle that floats in the sea forever will somebody pick up my hope? will"
  • Broken - Trespassers William
    "I'm broken And you didn't notice How is that i'm all pieces Can you sum up in one sentence All that you feel for me Juggle my tears With my fierce questions I'm broken can you fix this Broke i'm broken"
  • Broken - Olivia D'Abo
    "You shut me down in shades of grey That ricocheted into endless, matter Your lucid eyes expecting me to stay You could not comprehend how, shattered i was Chorus I lie awake at night And think about the"

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