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Brother Brown ft. Frankee - Star Catching Girl

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Brother Brown ft. Frankee - Star Catching Girl

  • Da Brown - Kardinal Offishall
    "INTRO (Kardinal Offishall) Yo yo, this is me (what's going on Kardinal?) Yo, here the other day I was walking on the E-W right (uh huh) A crew man come up to me (yo) Talking, talking the... you know what"
  • Brown Skin Lady - Black Star
    "Be like yo, let me ask you somethin I wanna know, I wanna know who you are Brown skin lady, hey hey Yes Where you goin This goes to the brown skin ladies Brown skin lady Yo, indigineous"
  • Catching Smoke - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    "For one night I’m the hero. Suit up, tie. Open the door doors to the oval office. In this story I’m president. I’ve got happiness inside my pocket. It cost me 25 dollars. Maybe we could go halvies? So"
  • Catching Feelings - Sammie
    "Now you wanna catch the feelings mmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmmmm Now you wanna catch the feelings (Just a bit older now) Now you wanna catch the feelings Now you wanna catch the feelings (And I wonder why, why) Now"
  • Catching Feelings - Justin Bieber
    "Sun comes up on every morning My mind never wakes up with that you wanted And it's crazy to me, I even see you in my dreams Is this meant to be? Could this be happening to me We were best of friends since"
  • Ready (ft. Chris Brown) - Fabulous
    "And baby we don't need a bed, no Don't need a master room, don't need to set the mood She like, "Yeah, yeah" One touch one touch, she gon' give me all the love She's ready, so ready She ready, so I'm ready I"
  • Sorry (ft. Chris Brown) - Rick Ross
    "She's just perfect in every kinda way But I don't think I can handle her pain So messed up and I'm too busy just running my game Oh, girl after girl, mistake after mistake I tried to change but they always"
  • Player (ft. Chris Brown) - Tinashe
    "Live life like if I want, I do If I want love, I get it, get it, I get it Fooled me twice, if I fall for you If I go there, forget it So you better stay up, player Yeah, you better keep up, player Cause"
  • Little Brother - VINCE GILL
    "We were just kids growing up in West Texas Remember the hell we raised We chased the girls we never could catch them Those were are glory days You called me cowboy Cause I drove a pickup and sang those"
  • Brother Louie - Hot Chocolate
    "She was black as the night Louie was whiter than white Danger, danger when you taste brown sugar Louie fell in love over night Hey man, what's wrong with that? Nothing bad, it was good Louie had the best"
  • Shots Fired (ft. Chris Brown) - Tank
    "Shot, shot, shots fired /3x Told her bitch believe me you gone need work He gone prolly do you worst, now look at your shots fired Told her "if she did it i'll bring the hearse Need a Gucci, Louis purse","
  • Main Chick (ft. Chris Brown) - Kid Ink
    "I don't know your name But you've heard my name I know why you came Tryna get that, name But you've heard my name Girl I know you wanna be my main chick, my main chick I said fuck whoever you came with,"
  • Something New (ft. Chris Brown) - Zendaya
    "I wanna try something, all night I wanna try something, all night Don’t know your name, but I guess I really don’t care I probably should wait, but I wanna let you go there I wanna try something new,"
  • Show Me (ft. Chris Brown) - Kid Ink
    "Baby let me put your panties to the side I'ma make you feel alright ‘Cause I'ma give you what you need, yeah Mami you remind me of something I don’t know what it is You remind me of something You gotta"
  • Nobody's Business (ft. Chris Brown) - Rihanna
    "Me and you, get it? Ain?t nobody?s business Said it, it ain?t nobody?s business Your love is perfection, Please point me in the right direction I?mma give you all my affection Every touch becomes infectious Let?s"
  • Easy (Remix) ft. Chris Brown - DaniLeigh
    "let me catch ya vibe let’s just take our time just relax your mind and take it easy and have to decide you do I do i don’t have to be mine let’s take it easy damn you so fi bae whipping thru 305 highway loving"
  • Brother - By Heart
    "Brother, my intentions they are pure I'd rather fight for you than in the holy war Which I am not connected to I've been a hundred miles away There's nothing words can say But brothers we are Oh, brothers"
  • Staysha Brown - Scabs
    "I'm gonna tell a story and it goes like this Living my life and it was full of bliss I did not have a problem that I could not handle I kept my life nice and tidy like the home of Tony Randle Then one"
  • Brother - Gil Scott-Heron
    "We deal in too many externals, brother. Always afros, handshakes, and dashikis. Never can a man build a working structure for black capitalism. Always does a man read Mao or Fanon. I think I know you"
  • Luv Me Baby Ft. Jazze Pha & Sleepy Brown - Murphy Lee
    "Murphy Lee: This is Murphy Lizzle on a Jazze Productshizzle My Nizzle... Ah Ha Chorus: Murphy Lee (Jazze PHA and Sleepy Brown) (I'ma make you love me baby...) I'ma make you love me baby, hug me baby,"

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