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Brothers Guiding Light - Getting Together

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Brothers Guiding Light - Getting Together

  • Guiding Light - Ian Hunter
    "Lost in the middle of nowhere As cold as a stone in the sky Regretting the mistakes that I made When I was a young boy Looking for a guiding light Looking for a guiding light Looking for a guiding light Looking"
  • Guiding Light - Veonity
    "I saw the end. I lived it all When mother Gaia died I travelled far and heard the call And now it’s time to rise A deadly realm where darkness reigned And a rose about to die My heart was filled with"
  • Brothers - Capone-N-Noreaga
    "(Troy Outlaw) Lets get this shit perculating son u know Thugged Out entertainment coming at your motherfucking neighborhood Know what I'm saying, like a theater near you Troy Outlaw, Goldfingaz Capone-N-Noreaga"
  • Guiding Light - Television
    "(Lloyd & Verlaine) Do I, Do I? belong to the night? Only only Only tonight. All the ladies Stay inside. Time may freeze, A world could cry. All this night running loud I hear the whispers I hear the shouts. And"
  • Guiding Light - Renard
    "Keep your guiding light around Keep it burning bright Keep an angel underground Keep it out of sight Keep your guiding light around Keep it burning bright Keep an angel underground Keep it out of sight Keep"
  • Guiding Light - Little River Band
    "GUIDING LIGHT WRITER BEEB BIRTLES I've changed my mind, things don't really seem so bad this time, I've learned my lesson though it hurt my pride. So on we go, crazy rockin' rollin' rodeo, I need you"
  • Guiding Light - Mumford & Sons
    "all day permanent red the glaze on my eyes when I heard your voice the distance caught me by surprise again and I know you claim that you’re alright but fix your eyes on me I guess I’m all you have and"
  • A Guiding Light - Smog
    "The sun peaked at noon I watched it hoping it would rise Just a little higher And give me a guiding light A guiding light I must admit I felt some relief When the sun began to sink I mean who really wants"
  • Thy Guiding Light - Entwine
    "Wish I could always love you, always hold you, all the time Share with me the last moment, for I'll take you, to the sky you always wanted to be the last one but you never thought what it would be like to"
  • My Guiding Light - Evermore
    "Running around this town Looking for something That I know I'll never find Running out of breath I gotta learn to see things In a different light When the light turns dark And I can't find my way"
  • The Guiding Light - Elegy
    "Falt on my face in the pool of desire, she was walking dynamite. Tricked by tentation, a blinding sensation, she set my soul on fire. Tease me, please me, anyway you want. Hold me back, I'm gonna blow. One"
  • Guiding Star - Jah Cure
    "Aye yay yoooo yoooooo Rastafari love Jah is my guiding star Whether near or far He is my light that shines within Unto me Jah is everything No noo He's my guiding star A whether near or far He's my"
  • Brothers - Brand New
    "So the airs getting colder and the news keeps us scared. I still wrestle this summer in the bones of our tired and blistered hands, cause tonight we got drinks with just a couple of friends and the girl"
  • Brothers - Iron Savior
    "(Of The Past)Devastation - radiation - paralyzing fear Terrorizing demons rising - termination's here Stratospheric - energetic- drifting on the stream Agonizing isolation inside the machine Reborn in"
  • Getting Better - Shed Seven
    "You are my guiding light And you're shining brighter You shine like tokyo It's getting better all the time And the hills are alive With the sound of music It's getting better all the time It's getting"
  • Getting better - Geri Halliwell
    "Are you ready, come on, cut it out You need a little therapy, come on, let?s go Do you feel like something?s missing Treading water in the sea of life Can you deal with what you really feel Cause we all"
  • My guiding star - Dean Martin
    "Where are you my guiding star Did you just vaish from sight A comet passing in flight How could you go when you must know How precious and how dear to me you are I need you my guiding star Without you"
  • Brothers Of The Road - Allman Brothers Band
    "Allman Brothers Band Brothers Of The Road Brothers Of The Road By Dickey Betts & Jim Goff Copyright 1981 Pangola Publishing Co Transcribed by Paul Gongola Silent shadows of the night Faded with the morning"
  • Guiding Me Home - Kutless
    "There are times I stumble And I'm up against the wall I can't walk through this life on my own Holding onto nothing And searching for more I don't need anything else in this world You say that you love"
  • Fi Brothers & Sisters - Vavamuffin
    "This is a riddim Fi Brothers & Sisters This is a musica from Vava town This is a riddim Fi every nation this is our sound raising like Sun This some music form my soldier fi bro th vibes a from a heart"

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