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Bruce Springsteen Marys Place

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Bruce Springsteen Marys Place

  • Bruce - Rick Springfield
    "Doctor, doctor you gotta help me yeah You gotta make it right for me It seems this other man's name has been following me around And it just won't let me be You see I got this name and he's got this name"
  • Springsteen - Eric Church
    "To this day when I hear that song, I see you standing there on that lawn Discount shades, store bought tan, flip-flops and cut off jeans Somewhere between that setting sun, I'm On Fire and Born To Run You"
  • Marys Boy Child - Vanessa Williams
    "Long time ago in Bethlehem So the Holy Bible say Mary's Boy Child, Jesus Christ Was born on Christmas Day Hark, now hear the angels sing "New King's born today And man will live forevermore Because of"
  • Cut Em' Loose Bruce - Happy Mondays
    "I'll tell you the story of cut em' loose Bruce He was the man who set the outlaws loose Prosecution say this boys misbehaven He shoot for fun Do pussy, dance and rave Home Im comin home Home im comin home"
  • Bruce - Rubicon
    "Some kids, some kids they just ain't cute with a name like Bruce, Why don't kids have the right to choose their own name? This shit is just not fair, Who would call a kid Bruce anyway? The poor kid would"
  • U (feat. Bo Bruce) - Gareth Emery
    "Walking down the highway traffics coming my way all I see are flashing lights People wearing blue suits wanna know the real truth how many did I have tonight? Looking at the wreckage anyone would guess"
  • Mary's Place - Bruce Springsteen
    "I got seven pictures of Buddha The prophet's on my tongue Eleven angels of mercy Sighin' over that black hole in the sun My heart's dark but it's risin' I'm pullin' all the faith I can see From that black"
  • Marys Prayer - Danny Wilson
    "Everything is wonderful Being here is heavenly Every single day, she says Everything is free I used to be so careless As if I couldn't care less Did I have to make mistakes? When I was Mary's prayer"
  • The Bruce - Grave Digger
    "He came in the dark night Few men at his side Black Douglas' arm for the Bruce They could not loose Stab Red Conym down He won't wear a crown Fight and kill we will Win the Battle of Louden Hill The heart"
  • Lenny Bruce - Bob Dylan
    "Lenny Bruce is dead but his ghost lived on and on Never did get any Golden Globe award, never made it to Synanon He was an outlaw, that's for sure More of an outlaw than you ever were Lenny Bruce is gone"
  • Bruce Lee - Underworld
    "( bullet got the wrong bloke ) Life kid suck Drink from the box The juice kicks up Life give suck the box drink Yeah Life kid drink from the box The juice kicks up Life kids sucker Box drink Yeah Bruce"
  • Bruce Wayne - Forget Cassettes
    "Age looks good on you It paints your face fey (?) As your eyes are the trophies They serve as proof That the years have been gracious Only at night as when we meet Just to flag, covered by a mystery (?) Tell"
  • One Place - Everything But The Girl
    "A summer evening; I walk past the window, Baby's crying; Someone's cooking dinner; There's laughter on the TV Someone's learning the violin. How at home, it heals At times like this, I feel that... I"
  • Slaughter Of Bruce - Gits
    "I was working in a shithole one day some fool came up to me and said "you'd make a star with that band," I said, "it's not why we're doing this, why can't you f**king get it?" 'Cause all I've got to do"
  • A Thousand Hail Marys - Wckr Spgt
    "It never seems to fail. A thousand "Hail Marys" and I'm still among the wretched. I'll betcha dimes to donuts that this treachery will prevail. Don't bug me! I'm serious! Don't bug me. It's not that hard"
  • Marys Of The Sea - Tori Amos
    "Hey I am not in your way Hey no need to push me again I know it's your day in the sun Last time I checked he came to light the lamp for everyone "Relax love" he said before he left "Take those hands away"
  • The Bells Of St Marys - Vera Lynn
    "The bells of St. Marys At sweet even tide Shall call me beloved To come to your side And out in the valley In sound of the sea I know you'll be waiting Yes waiting for me The bells of St. Marys I hear"
  • Camilla Horne - Bruce Springsteen
    "Camilla Horne, she was born a long, long time ago. She Came From Germany to the U.S.A. and was acclaimed as the next Garbo. They came to her on their knees, to bless them, caress them and tell them what"
  • Club Soul City - Bruce Springsteen
    "Pack up your bags Don't look back There's a little place Out 'cross the the railroad tracks If you're broken-hearted And you don't know what to do But they got a place down there that's just for you Club"
  • Loose Ends - Bruce Springsteen
    "We met out on open streets when we had no place to go I remember how my heart beat when you said I love you so Then little by little we choked out all the life that our love could hold Oh no CHORUS It's"

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