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Bruce Springsteen The Price You Pay

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Bruce Springsteen The Price You Pay

  • Dustland (ft. Bruce Springsteen) - The Killers
    "Dustland fairytale beginning Just another white trash County kiss In Sixty one Long brown hair and foolish eyes He looks just like you want him to Soem kind of slick chrome american prince A blue jean"
  • The Price You Pay - Emmylou Harris
    "(Bruce Springsteen) You make up your mind, you choose the chance you take You ride to where the highway ends and the desert breaks Out on through an open road you ride until the day You learn to sleep"
  • The Price You Pay - Bruce Springsteen
    "You make up your mind, you choose the chance you take You ride to where the highway ends and the desert breaks Out on to an open road you ride until the day You learn to sleep at night with the price you"
  • Springsteen - Eric Church
    "To this day when I hear that song, I see you standing there on that lawn Discount shades, store bought tan, flip-flops and cut off jeans Somewhere between that setting sun, I'm On Fire and Born To Run You"
  • Bruce - Rick Springfield
    "Doctor, doctor you gotta help me yeah You gotta make it right for me It seems this other man's name has been following me around And it just won't let me be You see I got this name and he's got this name"
  • Price You Pay - Unkle
    "No one can tell me just why it is That it always has to come to this Fix it up Throw it away I don't get it The price you pay Makes no sense no matter what you say What sticks inside ain't gonna fade"
  • Price You Pay - Agnostic Front
    "Gettin sick of everyone around here I dont think you know or understand all these people think they fuckin know me Circulate the rumors again. Think you want something dont you know the price you pay Dont"
  • Pay The Price - Axel Rudi Pell
    "Yeeeah Oh yeah Struck down, time is late, thought we could rule the Earth Can't get away of all those promises Moving through the holy land we're lost in the curse No matter how we could get out of this Shots"
  • Pay The Price - Roxette
    "I try to keep your name And still get rid of your face I hate to be by myself All locked away in this place You turn me inside out You turn me outside in Around and upside down A rollercoaster within"
  • Pay The Price - Sick Of It All
    "Yeah When will you learn Face of the old mistakes you thought you had me, you thought it was something fun You didn't realize That the time would come For you to take responsibility for your actions You"
  • Pay The Price - Twisted Sister
    "(D. Snider) You and I, we lit the fire We build it, baby, my desire But now you say I overdo it Be careful, baby, don't make me choose it (CHORUS:) Oh, always, oh, always gotta pay the price Oughta"
  • Pay The Price - Bamboozlers
    "Bamboozlers Bamboozlers Pay The Price words and music: Steven Rhodes When you let me go, I didn't know what to do 'Cause I was stuck, I was stuck on you When you went away, it crushed me It shattered"
  • Pay The Price - Wishbone Ash
    "Hey you know Baby don't care who's mad about her, Always got the boys hanging out to get her, Knows just when to smile But she can bite like a crocodile. Don't want to get heavy, don't ask me why, Got"
  • Pay The Price - Buffalo Springfield
    "Well I heard the story once before And I know what the tears are for That's a lie and I just can buy You came for me so don't try And I see another man in your eyes Yes, and you're old enough to know"
  • Pay Any Price - The Transplants
    ""Pay Any Price" Album : Hounted Cities Go! Go! Transplants won't forget it Past debit is will to test it Beat down, won't regret it Only when I can, I can accept it And I speak for the one's who've been"
  • The Price You Pay - The Twins
    "A word's enough to end A Year's communication A life surrenders to a single situation. For what it's worth I'll always wish The sound had never passed my lips With your finger to my face We could"
  • Price To Pay - Simon Townshend
    "Baby there's a price to pay a price to pay for love When your words mean too much to the one that you touch And when there's more to your sorrow than your joy And at the times when love's sharpened knife Cuts"
  • Price I Pay To Stay - Ed Bruce
    "There was a time I really thought it did some good To get down on my knees to you and I would But baby now that's all changed today's a brand new day You ain't worth the price I had to stay Just because"
  • Price I Pay - Jane's Addiction
    "I always do the wrong thinking, but for very good reason always do it wrong, but it feels right so forgive me now and forgive me later I'll pay you back I always do the wrong thing, but I got a good reason I"
  • Price To Pay - Staind
    "Failed to see, How destructive we can be. Taking without giving back, 'Til the damage can be seen, Can you see? Can you see? The more you take, The more you blame, But everything still feels the same. The"

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