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Bruce Springstin The River

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Bruce Springstin The River

  • Bruce - Rubicon
    "Some kids, some kids they just ain't cute with a name like Bruce, Why don't kids have the right to choose their own name? This shit is just not fair, Who would call a kid Bruce anyway? The poor kid would"
  • Bruce - Rick Springfield
    "Doctor, doctor you gotta help me yeah You gotta make it right for me It seems this other man's name has been following me around And it just won't let me be You see I got this name and he's got this name"
  • The Bruce - Grave Digger
    "He came in the dark night Few men at his side Black Douglas' arm for the Bruce They could not loose Stab Red Conym down He won't wear a crown Fight and kill we will Win the Battle of Louden Hill The heart"
  • Lenny Bruce - Bob Dylan
    "Lenny Bruce is dead but his ghost lived on and on Never did get any Golden Globe award, never made it to Synanon He was an outlaw, that's for sure More of an outlaw than you ever were Lenny Bruce is gone"
  • Bruce Lee - Underworld
    "( bullet got the wrong bloke ) Life kid suck Drink from the box The juice kicks up Life give suck the box drink Yeah Life kid drink from the box The juice kicks up Life kids sucker Box drink Yeah Bruce"
  • Bruce Wayne - Forget Cassettes
    "Age looks good on you It paints your face fey (?) As your eyes are the trophies They serve as proof That the years have been gracious Only at night as when we meet Just to flag, covered by a mystery (?) Tell"
  • Slaughter Of Bruce - Gits
    "I was working in a shithole one day some fool came up to me and said "you'd make a star with that band," I said, "it's not why we're doing this, why can't you f**king get it?" 'Cause all I've got to do"
  • Bruce Wayne Campbell Interviewed On The Roof Of The Chelsea Hotel, 1979 - Okkervil River
    "Pull down the shades, lets kill the morning Lets kill the morning, let it die Well, your eyes flash out a warning But they'll be another morning after afternoon and tonight Fuck long hours sick with singing Sick"
  • The River - Bruce Springsteen
    "I come from down in the valley where mister when you're young They bring you up to do like your daddy done Me and Mary we met in high school when she was just seventeen We'd ride out of that valley down"
  • Cut Em' Loose Bruce - Happy Mondays
    "I'll tell you the story of cut em' loose Bruce He was the man who set the outlaws loose Prosecution say this boys misbehaven He shoot for fun Do pussy, dance and rave Home Im comin home Home im comin home"
  • U (feat. Bo Bruce) - Gareth Emery
    "Walking down the highway traffics coming my way all I see are flashing lights People wearing blue suits wanna know the real truth how many did I have tonight? Looking at the wreckage anyone would guess"
  • Eulogy To Lenny Bruce - Nico
    "I've lost a friend And I don't know why But never again Will we get together to die. And why after every last shot Was there always another? Why after all you hadn't got Did you leave your life to your"
  • Moody River - Frank Sinatra
    "(G.D. Bruce) (Moody river, moody river) Moody river, more deadly than the vainest knife Moody river, your muddy water took my baby's life Last Saturday evenin' came to the old oak tree It stands"
  • Trouble River - Bruce Springsteen
    "There's a river runs through this valley Cold and deep and black Comin' like a tombstone shadow across my back CHORUS Trouble river, six foot high and risin Trouble river, I can't keep from cryin' I"
  • River Church - Warcloud
    "Surgeons remove the bullet from your head and bandage the wound The ocean crashes in, you died in next afternoon A tunnel stretches seventeen miles, the thickest cave Long bus of agents and scientists"
  • Across The River - Bruce Hornsby
    "Well, she moved back around here Thirty-five weeks ago today Oh, down the lane Well, at night she walks on the banks And remembers how she dreamed of rowing away And how she left one day She left with"
  • River - Year Of The Rabbit
    "You said you could take this. You said it wouldn't get ugly again. You know, you can't meditate this. You wish it never began. I want to be sober. I want to be like a river. Just let my life flow through"
  • Bruce Lee Vs. The KISS Army - Guttermouth
    "so, you think you're kung fu's pretty good, eh? i want to fight your brother him, against me let's kung fu!! the smoke is clearing you can see peter and paul stanley kareem and bruce they've made a truce while"
  • River - Roy Orbison
    "Roly-oly on now, river Roly-oly on your way Roly-oly on now river Wash my cares away River so wide and so deep Wake the sandman from his sleep River remind him He has a promise to keep Roll on,"
  • River - Sense Field
    "one day the queen and I went walking down by the river too she would show me everything that night by the river too... (in the river) my heart (in the river) in your hands (in the river) I've known"

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