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Brutal atack

  • Panik Atack - Yu-Gi-Oh
    "I'm not going to panic Here in the shadows, a phantom of the night Attack without warning, a single strong light I'll brave the darkness and I'll stand right here No matter how you come at me I'll show"
  • Brutal - Luxt
    "You're looking at the devil. A muse to crack your skull. Rage grown past comprehension. Roots far too deep to pull. Whispers enough to level, Any last trace of you. My smile, just an extension, Of the"
  • Brutal - Paris
    "(Paris) Paris is my name, I flows with ease Cash checks, breaks necks and wrecks MC's who ain't down with the sound of the Panther Movement Intense is a serious answer The mic goes into labor you freeze"
  • Brutal - New Order
    "Sometimes I feel That you're a part of me Although it don't seem real It's how I want it to be But if you can't stay then I'll understand You're just sawdust in my empty hand If you can't decide I'll still"
  • brutal - Olivia Rodrigo
    "I am so insecure i think That i’ll die before i drink And i am so caught up in the news Of who likes me And who hates you And i am so tired That i imagine i quick my job start a new life and they’d all"
  • After the atack - Kreator
    "Fire's coming down, hot winds blow the smoke awayLow screams of the survivers the innocent have paidNobody knows what happened, light was all they've seenPeople walk through the destruction of the enemyMolten"
  • Brutal Warning - Exciter
    "A cross is held with rage and fury Silence, betrayal by masters of war Escape the realms of marching rulers Be strong and brave; a time of reason Brutal Warning - Brutal Warning Brutal Warning -"
  • Brutal Awakening - Andreas Johnson
    "As the sun goes up over broken dreams of Eden And she wakes up slowly from the chains that tied her mind She walks down past the bound that said forever down the road back home to the ones she left behind I've"
  • Brutal Warfare - MortiFication
    "Demon forces They must bow Saints of God arise and kill Deprivation Evil bondage Will not claim the church of Christ Brutal warfare Brutal warfare Pain and torment Cast from below Stand strong with God's"
  • Brillantin' Brutal' - Falco
    "We are talking bout inside outside Zeichen der Zeit verschont uns blo Wo wir sind ist vorne, sind wir hinten, dann ist hinten vorne, schonungslos Und was hier jeder wei, dazu ist es immer noch zu hei No"
  • Brutal planet - Gabriel Mann
    "We're Spinning Round On This Ball of HateThere's no Parole, There's no Great EscapeWe're Sentenced Here Until the End of DaysAnd Then My Brother There's a Price to PayWe're Only Human, We Were Born to"
  • Brutal Planet - Alice Cooper
    "We're spinning round on this ball of hate There's no parole, there's no great escape We're sentenced here until the end of days And then my brother there's a price to pay We're only human, we were born"
  • Brutal Revenge - 8 Foot Sativa
    "They've had it coming for so long Not indispensable, not untouchable This world doesn't care who they are, what they are I've had e-fucking-nough They've driven me to this They should have stayed away Now"
  • So brutal - Paul King
    "Switch on, 21st century brethren silverspoon babies what stirs you at all turn me on, oh tv generation I'll be the user for your VDU of course goodbyes are rarely a sweet thing they rarely come easy, they"
  • Brutal Styles - Necro
    "yo check this shit mother f**kers necro shit bitch yo yo yo yo........ brutal style butcher knife verbel dice nice splice your flesh together like tape the weathers great, bloods pouring on your cocksuckin"
  • Brutal Cancroid - Pitchshifter
    "Victim (culture) Targets (counter culture) I've tried, I've failed; can't make your leap of faith It's been all revealed So don't lie to me because I can do it better Don't tell me everything is 'gonna"
  • Brutal Tooth - Consumed
    "If you get the opportunity, you won't take it I don't get it. It might look better on the other side, you won't go there you're not known there. chorus: And now it's falling in on you. If there was anything"
  • Brillantin brutal - Falco
    "We are talking bout inside outsideZeichen der Zeit verschont uns bloWo wir sind ist vorne, sind wir hinten,dann ist hinten vorne, schonungslosUnd was hier jeder wei, dazu ist es immer noch zu heiNo plastic"
  • Beautiful Brutal Thing - Almond Marc
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony Beautiful Brutal Thing Love Is a beautiful brutal thing It sings at night like the wind It stings your heart like a whip It rocks your soul like a ship And love Is a beautiful"
  • Brutal And Effective - Doro Pesch
    "Am I still innocent Where is my self control Every other part of me feels empty This isn't fun this is necessary You're my machine gun Pointed straight at my bed Tearing the sheets apart The love we have's"

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