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  • BTS (방탄소년단) 00:00 (Zero O’Clock)
    "Utwór "00:00 (Zero O’Clock)" pochodzi z albumu "Map of the Soul : 7" gwiazd k-pop BTS."
  • Earthtone9 2:00:00
    "two minutes give in to me two minutes it's all i need it's not much to ask, to ask for there is, nothing left give all the chance ? i think, you do the same and i gonna take that no way ??? i cannot understand"
  • Marques Houston 12:00
    "Its ya boi M.H. [1st verse: Joe Budden] Ok I got my madden name in check, outfit check. No need to iron, might need to iron. Put these jewels on, its likely they'll be ion. Ask mami dancin beside me if"
  • North Side Kings Revelation 00
    "AGONIZED!!! The truth has gone astray. The future's looking dimmer everyday. Casualties of greed... FEW ARE LEFT TO FEED. Nothing left for you to but pray. Last chance for redemption. Faith is slowly turning"
  • Teoman Saat 03:00
    "Saat 03:00 olmu,resimler burumu, Karlar erirken salarmda. Sen hep gzelsin, Benimse itiim her bir damla yaralarma vurmu. Koma yorulduysan,anaforda boulduysan Sen de korkuyorsan yalnzlktan Bilme istemiyorsan,bir"
  • Soda Stereo Ecos 5:00
    "Cerati Oh oh oh Ecos (ecos, ecos) los mismos instantes Ecos (ecos, ecos) cubriendo mi soledad Estoy mordiendome, con mis propios latidos Llanando vacios (vacios) Todo es tan igual Tan predecible Tan frio"
  • Shindig 8-13-00
    "it's plain to see there's something wrong and now you're getting nowhere fast. what's that you say? after everything, now you don't owe me anything? when you see just where you stand as you stand alone, you"
  • Trust Misre (3:00)
    "(B. Bonvoisin / N. Krief / M. Chemlek) J'ai rod pas mal de jours dans ta cour Tu m'as sduit, je voulais te faire l'amour Ceux qui vivaient dans tes envies rock and roll Sont devenus des bouches qui s'affolent Les"
  • Burns Out Bright 5:00 Burden
    "Waiting, I guess I'll have to take my time. this wall is all I know. Hoping someone will come and open up the doors, and I'll load in. What I want to know is why this happens every time. What I want to"
  • Luna Sea 4:00 Am
    "Mazariaeba ii tsumetaku atatakaku uta yo anata ni todoke Kirameku keshiki wo hiroi atsumeteku sora wa BLUE ni kawaru Suketeyukeba ii toketeshimaitai hayaku kokoro ni furete Ima wa (left in my heart) yoru"
  • Otsochodzi / Rosalie. Nagrania (00:37)
    "Nowy TEF Znowu wpadam w furię, oh Czasem mam wrażenie jakby oni wciąż czekali Tylko na to aż się wkurwię, oh Jestem chłopcem który ma tysiące twarzy i dziesiątki flow To tak ogólnie, oh Kiedy to piszę"
  • Rasmentalism Budzik na 13:00
    "Wiem ze chciałaś żeby cię tu wmiatał sampel Bo kochasz to co wcześniej słyszałem Ale to dopiero druga płyta skarbie Wiec te patenty jeszcze nie dla nas Płyty radia, festiwale tantiemy Czasem dzieje się"
  • Counting Crows Live Forever 6/'00
    "(Original by Oasis) Sung as an intro to A Long December Maybe I don't really want to know how your garden grows 'cause I just want to fly Lately did you ever feel the pain in the morning rain as it"
  • Yes Fortune Seller (5:00)
    "Fortune seller finder seeker giver taker wisdom keeper Fortune sailing finder seeker giver taker wisdom maker Take hold of the answer Give life to the dreams You were Foretold Looking into the future Trace The"
  • Ace Troubleshooter 2:00 Your Time
    "It's two o'clock your time, midnight mine and i could die to have you here. Call you up, I'm fat away. Wake you up, but it's okay. You don't mind. I'm not scared to say it now, It's not fair and yet somehow,"
  • Against All Authority 12:00 A.M.
    "It's midnight and she's standing on the corner Her time is money and that's fucking up the order That's right, she's crossing all the borders Standing in the shadows, there's nothing else for her She doesn't"
  • Queensryche 6:00 P.M.
    "Our friend Nikki, charged with several counts of murder involving members of this city's political and religious leaders, has been committed to State Hospital under heavy security. London-born nurse, Debbie,"
  • 10 Years 11-00 AM (Daydreamer)
    "I can't seem to change you or open up your eye's So go on and sing your sad, sad song. I don't even blame you the routine is nice. Nine to five and a suit and tie. Fear of failure a comfort zone is killed. Braise"
  • Counting Crows My Love - 5/31/'00
    "My love lives out at the end of the road takes what you give her and goes Says things that everyone knows She's only willing to kiss me again Lights me on fire sprays me with water and she lights"
  • Counting Crows Atlantic City - 5/31/'00
    "(Original by Bruce Springsteen) Well they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night now they blew up his house too Down on the boardwalk they're gettin' ready for a fight gonna see what them racket"

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