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Buddz Collie

  • Collie Man - Slightly Stoopid
    "And some man live his life For profits alone That very same man He lives his life all alone And the road to life Yes it goes up and down Doesn't really matter As long as the music goes on Hey mister"
  • Lamsbread Collie - Jacob Miller
    "When I was just a little laddie My daddy bought a chalice for me And the only good thing That I could smoke, yes sir The only good colliebud that I could smoke The lambsbread collie No busher for"
  • Natural collie - Ivete Sangalo
    "Been down in the valleySmoking natural collieGetting inspirationSpreading it through the nationSpreading itCause thats my workYes, Im spreading itCause theres nothing else to doPeople... look around youCant"
  • Collie Herb Man - Katchafire
    "What would you say if a collie man comes for you What would you do if a collie man comes for you yeah I'm gonna run and steppa To this here groove come down to the dance off hall Grooves tight geta grippa Come"
  • My Jamaica Collie - Max Romeo
    "I-man forward all over the world and I-man smoked many different kind of herb of all the herb that I-man taste this is the one herb, that i like the best yes it's my jamaican herb it's my jamaican irie"
  • Come around - Collie Buddz ft. Busta Rhymes
    "Flipmode bitch!!! Yuh see when mi tun on my switch dem caan bloodclaat tun it off!!!! Collie Buddz!!!! Busta Rhymes!!! Remix!!! Every man fi just light dem weed come mek we smoke it on di regular And it"
  • Blind To You - Collie Buddz
    "Wha me say... Fukin Haterz you know I'm blind to you haterz, Cya touch me war instigators, Me say me busy love lately, Ask you how the world ah run so. Said I'm blind to you haterz, Cya touch me room of"
  • Mamacita - Collie Buddz
    "I tek the next shot of tequila The vibes tonight yeah so sweet yah I mon spot this sweet senorita Who a bounce to the bass and the tweeter She look muy bonita (very beautiful) The way she move remind me"
  • S.O.S. - Collie Buddz
    "You know (you know) What me say SOS I hear them shoutin I hear them cryin Because You woke up in a badman place You no safe you could run for days You can't get away I bring relief for sorrow and pain You"
  • Macka Splaff - Steel Pulse
    "Hi I just feel blockup on you Hey bum bu Hey Jah stab Hey size nine Hey grey seed Is like seh grizzly ah folly Him smoke off the collie So, ma it, grizzly Mash It!!! Mister collie, collie collie man Me"
  • Fly Away - Machel Montano
    "(feat. Collie Buddz) Yeah, HD We send dem out like scudz Mr. Machel longside Collie Buddz Di way yuh wine, Di way yuh wine, di way yuh wine wine wine Di way yuh wine, di way yuh wine wine wine Aye! ah"
  • Nur So - Mono & Nikitaman
    "Ich frag mich stndig, ist da drauen noch jemand lebendig, gib mir ein Zeichen und wir starten, Mann, wohin auch immer, ist doch egal, aber das Leben ist kein Wartezimmer. Das ist noch lngst nicht alles,"
  • Wally - Sesame Street
    "Phil Harmonic: (in audience, to uncle) Now, you mustn't snore during the performance, Uncle Donny. Oh! (turns around) Ahem ... Hello, I'm Phil Harmonic, and today, live from the Nestropolitan Opera we"
  • Police In Helicopters - Burning Heads
    "Yes boss, yes boss, yes boss, yes boss... Police in helicopter, a search fi marijuana. Police man in d streets, searching fi collie weed. Soldiers in d field, burnin d collie weed. But if you continue"
  • Word Sound - Lee "Scratch" Perry
    "Word Sounds Power Earthquake lightning thunder brim-stone and fire Takin' over clock tower Word Sound and Power Word Sound and Iwer Word Sound and Power Word Sound and Iwer Tea tar toe Al-al-lo Tea tar"
  • Fisherman - The Congos
    "Row fisherman row keep on rowing your boat lots of hungry belly pickney they a shore, millions of them living in a bumbo hut in a little hole sea-port town three kids on the floor and another one to come"
  • Melancholy Mood - Ziggy Marley
    "a little collie weed to ease I grief too much agony living in the limits of big city a little collie weed to meditate too much insanity in this society melancholy mood I eat for my food melancholy mood rise"
  • Don't let it pass you by - UB40
    "There's no-one coming with that freedom train. There's nowhere you can go where you feel no pain. Take the blinkers off you eye's, The power is in your hand. Stop waiting for your ticket to the promised"
  • Waan the herb - Alborosie
    "(intro) this is michael rose and alborosie woooyy (chorus) waan di herb waan di herb smoke the collie weed waan di herb waan di herb smoke the iscents waan di herb waan di herb smoke the collie weed waan"
  • Strangest Thing - Mr. Easy
    "Oh Yeah What a bagaration Low it Mek me hold a meditation The strangest thing just happened to me Babylon locked me up with just one ounce of collie I'm a musician that's just to hold my meddie Bredrens"

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