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Bullet time opal

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Bullet time opal

  • Bullet - The Rasmus
    "I think I should go and leave you alone, yeah Stop this game and hang up the phone And more I should go into the night alone And get inside of the cyclone It's like I wanted to break my bones To get over"
  • Bullet - Rasmus
    "I think I should go and leave you alone, yeah. Stop this game and hang up the phone. And more. I should go into the night alone and get inside of the cyclone. It's like I wanted to break my bones to get"
  • Bullet - Infinite Mass
    "Load up your bullet, shoot me throught the head you ask from where you standing, you must think I'm dead Load up your bullet, shoot me throught the head you ask from where you standing, you must think"
  • Bullet - Beth Orton
    "Something's buzzing round your brain and it won't let go,Could be saying all you need to know,It could control who you are 'til you become a passenger,When all is said and done,Where credits due the blame"
  • Bullet - Mat Kearney
    "Yesterday I was sitting recalling reminiscing Trying to remember whenever there was nobody listening Before the hugging and the kissing, the booing and the hissing All I had was just a vision, all I had"
  • Bullet - Covenant
    "Time is like a bullet from behindI run for cover just like youTime is like a liquid in my handsI swim for dry land just like youTime is like a blanket on my faceI try to be here just like youTime is just"
  • Bullet - Injected
    "you're coming home to an empty space inside of you, there's no other place. you're wondering hard what you're here for, but every night you still walk out that door. you're just a screwed up kid, who"
  • Bullet - Feeder
    "Gone for days Cut the chase Bite the bullet time Ease the pain Give me something new she said Tell me something new instead Fornicate A love to break I know we're all so self obssessed, so materialistic,"
  • Bullet Time - Opał
    "to tylko kolejna planeta od słońca to tylko kolejna zakręcona zwrotka, ej To tylko kolejny rok To tylko kolejna złomka Po ile u ciebie 5? Cena jest dobra Zgasłem, nie ma we mnie ognia znów te hiena –"
  • Act Iv - Opal Vault - Sadness
    "Under the dark clouds of May, a leaf slips over your face, spring of love for tears of sorrow. Red eyes that wait for you for such a long time under the moon light. I know that you'll come, in spite of"
  • An Opal In The Shale - Cry Of The Afflicted
    "Grip my hand, child in the ashes, I'll take you to a safer place Freedom is assured, you will find comfort there In sanctuary you will be secure Rest in the stillness now, the storm casters will pass into"
  • Silver Bullet - Hawthorne Heights
    "Tonight, we fly away so high. Our first full moon sky. I'll breathe you in, I won't let you down, I won't hold your back, I won't make a sound. I know what scares you the most. Being Alone, Or"
  • Bullet 15 - The Explosion
    "throwing rocks at the house next door you better make sure you got bullet proof doors more time to get your closets clean the skeleton police are on the scene before you throw the book at me you'll notice"
  • Bullet-proof - Oxymoron
    "(Another bloodbaths in the spot and draws the daily press...) Tribal war, panic on their faces Guns ring out, bullets leave their traces the crowds in shock, whats happened here a bloodshed caused by a"
  • One Bullet - New Model Army
    "In a ring of men, with money changing hands All the gypsy kings, they were gathered from miles around I was tapped on the shoulder, stripped to the waist But I was quick, quicker than all of them I watched"
  • Silent Bullet - Soilwork
    "Pay no attention For what it's worth 'Cause whatever I say Turns into dirt Here comes the sane Here comes the remains (The remains) Ball and chain Here comes the remains (The remains) Here comes the sane Here"
  • Pleasant Bullet - Poison The Well
    "I've woken up everyday with my eyebrows pointing at my mouth. Making all who care for me go through all my worst times with me. And I give them no choice...all my worst times with me. I need to be unhappy"
  • Bullet proof - Paul Stanley
    "Some people say love comes once in a lifetimeSome people say it's behind every doorI saw your eyes and I knew for the first timeNo more playing my emotionsNo more aiming at my heartYou make me bulletproof,"
  • Opal Mantra - Therapy?
    "We sold our souls to the man Maybe I'm in hell, maybe I'm alone But I can deal with this, at least I feel at home I never really cared about you, I never really got to thinking about you I never really"
  • Bullet Named Christ - Wednesday 13
    "Lost in a familiar place This channel will not change This feeling's all too strange It's like home in many ways Got nothing left inside Onto the darker side Into the darkness we ride On a bullet named"

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