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Burak club coin up

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Burak club coin up

  • Coin Return - AF1
    "AF1 Miscellaneous Coin Return i have slipped and i have fallen so far down i can't get out. overwhelmed by my doubt. things i said i'd never do i've done. those i said i'd never be i've become. i have"
  • Silver Coin - Angus & Julia Stone
    "Heard the rattle from the train Sounds of a hundred people, Maybe more Cut through the ropes before you came I had a dream that you were gone. I'm in the days of throwing rocks When I saw your picture"
  • Coin Return - AFI
    "I have slipped and I have fallen, so far down I can't get out. Overwhelmed by my doubt. Things I said i'd never do i've done. Those I said i'd never be i've become. I have broken - i'm still breaking"
  • Coin Return - A.F.I.
    "I have slipped and I have fallen so far down I can't get out. Overwhelmed by my doubt. Things I said I'd never do I've done. Those I said I'd never be I've become. I have broken - I'm still breaking -"
  • Club - Trina
    "(Mannie Fresh) Ladies and gentlemen! I was 18, and she was 25 And I was kinda fast for my age It was the, first time, drinkin cheap wine And then she took her place on the stage The club, went, crazy (girl"
  • Club - Tank
    "No Limit black sheep, played the back seat for months Stayed away from the Tanqueray, bitches and blunts Still Mac nigga, ain't nothin changed Got the rings and the gold chains Now bitches wanna know"
  • Flip a coin - Hangnail
    "Government fuckers-taking our moneyMilking us dry-it's not very funnyRape the people-lie to their facesWe take their shit and we pay their taxesWhere is the guidance-where are the answersI don't believe"
  • Boy With A Coin - Iron And Wine
    "A boy with a coin he found in the weeds With bullets and pages of trade magazines Close to a car that flipped on the turn When God left the ground to circle the world A girl with a bird she found in the"
  • Coin - BuriMyu
    "Byakuya: asai nemuri ka awai yume wo mireba hitosuji no namida made uso ni naru muishiki to iu tejou kakerarete odorasareteru dake aza warau tenshi tachi omae wa nani wo shiru no ka hikari no mukou de"
  • Coin - Bonnie Pink
    "Kare to deatta hi kara Itsumo kurushikute Kami ga ataeta shiawase no bunryou ni wa Kagiri ga aru mitai Tsurai koto mo zenbu Gyutto nigirishimeta Taeteru dake no tsumori wa nai wa Datte koin wa itsumo uragaeru You"
  • Two Sides Of The Coin - Kiss
    "I've met some ladies and then some girls But they don't tell you, they just want a whirl It's kind of funny, a little sad 'Cause they're not happy, they're just kind of glad To be with me for just a night And"
  • Wish Coin (Go It Alone) - Beck
    "Now I'm comin' over, see me down at the station By the lane with my hands in my pocket Jinglin' a wish coin that I stole from a fountain That was drownin' all the cares in the world though When I gettin"
  • Tear Da' Club Up - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Chorus:)x7 Tear da club up, nigga, tear da club up (Verse 1) (??) This for all you playa haters who be talkin it The three six show no love, put some hurt on a trick I'm bustin through the crowd, wild,"
  • Tear da club up - LeToya
    "Intro:(jazze)ladies and gentlemen!(bun b)t to the o to the y to the aJ to the a-z-z ezay(jazze)woooooooo wee!(bun b)bun b.....let's goAnd we be clubbing all night, oh!(jazze)whoa whoaaaaaaaa!1st verse:I"
  • Up In The Club - Califa Thugs
    "Mr. Sancho) When I walked in all eyes on me can't help it cause the light's shining off me cause I'm blinging in the lounge and VIP all the women in the house want LPG we doing some damage in the cabbage"
  • Shoot the club up - Krayzie Bone
    "(x2) Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck . . . So if these muthafuckas wanna see your nuts, show your nuts. Let the slugs bust. Shoot the club up! These niggas scandalous . Good thing we packin' . Tonight,"
  • Shoot Up Da Club - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Juicy J) Nigga North North niggaz ain't barrin' that shit Nigga South Memphis niggaz ain't barrin that shit Nigga West Memphis niggaz ain't barrin that shit Nigga East Memphis niggaz ain't barrin that"
  • Club Banger - Petey Pablo
    "Dizzy, whoo We need a club banger (aha), we need a club banger (fa sho) We need a club banger, ok yo, yo I want a club banger (aha), I want a club banger (fa sho) I want a club banger, ok yo, yo We need"
  • Fiend club - Misfits
    "We won't pretend that this is the end We're not losers all of the time We march and we fall We're one and for all It's just evil all of the time... All the time... We are the fiend club We are the fiend"
  • Club Jumpin - Chenelle
    "There's another great one! Livin' a life of a crazy superstar Chillin' out lookin' fresh at the bar Partyin' all night drinkin' all night Chuun Chuun! Hey eh! groovy groovy yes yes we movin' and the"

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