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Busdriver Imaginary Places

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Busdriver Imaginary Places

  • Imaginary Places - Busdriver
    "I'm just here to hold your hand when you die and to show you around Imaginary Places Putting many lumps on my bloody stump Edible habits so I bit the perfect circle Die in your sleep with the sky at your"
  • Busdriver - Church
    "Busdriver, busdriver you have taken me too farAnd I feel that I've been lostAnd I don't know where we areBusdriver, busdriver I never saw your eyesWhen we left the sun was upNow, moons are in the skyI"
  • Imaginary Friend - Yellow Second
    "reflecting in quiet places where you haunt the unsuspecting you're almost everything i want you to be perfection undiluted found but as for me i can't get my head around you at all i'm troubled i'll wonder"
  • Imaginary Friends - The Lightning Seeds
    "He's moving into an Art Deco pad To swell the ranks of the clinically sad Shaking off the past with a change of address But keeps his telephone number and hopes for the best. He makes a list of all his"
  • My Imaginary Friend - Reel Big Fish
    "I couldn't do it So I asked for a helping hand To get me through it But I guess it wasn't in your plan Or maybe you were Just too busy to make time for me I always put you first Expecting me to figure"
  • Imaginary - Pacifier / Shihad
    "You're the light in the soul, a lifeline through it all. You connect me when I'm gone, out on my own, I'm never alone, when i'm out of control. Cause you will always remind me that, that all of this is"
  • Imaginary - Evanescence
    "i linger in the doorway of alarm clock screaming monsters calling my name let me stay where the wind will whisper to me where the raindrops as they're falling tell a story in my field of paper flowers and"
  • Places - Ours
    "Past love died, as she cried, I saw beauty Girls wished for boys and scared them away As I saw beauty Alright, alright My feet keep on taking me back, back, back to those places Alright, alright My knees"
  • Places - 702
    "VERSE 1 You're the type that I dream about In my fantasy (i swear) Ain't no reason that we ain't together Far as I can see No disrespect to who you came here with But this ain't where I wanna be So tell"
  • Places - Fed-X
    ""Look around you, you see two cops, uhhhh" "Couple of off-duty cops and a judge," "Now I wouldn't have a second's hesitation about blowin' off your head right here right now in front of 'em" "Now that's"
  • Places - Falling Up
    "Playing my heart so many times There's always a weak hand holding mine Saying the way that I have said "This is the way" Every scene is still the same Just with a different faceless name Falling and breaking,"
  • Places - Reason To Believe
    "Wish you could read my mind Wish I could do the same Wish you would give me a sign Where I can place this blame Where am I gonna place this blame You can blame it all on me There's a place for everything"
  • Imaginary Playmates - Angela Winbush
    "Imaginary playmates Imaginary playmates Imaginary playmates Imaginary playmates Are extensions of your mind All you'll ever need or thought you want In your dreams you'll find, mmm...mmm...ho... Imaginary"
  • Imaginary Lover - Atlanta Rhythm Section
    "Imaginary lovers Never turn you down When all the others turn you away They're around It's my private pleasure Midnight fantasy Someone to share my Wildest dreams with me Imaginary lover You're mine anytime Imaginary"
  • Imaginary Superstar - Skye Sweetnam
    "Imaginary superstar... When I'm alone And in my room And there's nothing else to do I turn on my stereo I listen to the radio It gets me in a better mood Changes my whole attitude I turn it up real"
  • Imaginary Friends - Zeromancer
    "You feel it can stay this way And you still feel it all got lost that day But you gave it away now you can't touch it You gave it away now you can't have it Your imaginary friends appear To make you"
  • Imaginary Friend - Mono Puff
    "The beauty of A felt-tip pen The comfort found In imaginary friends I've been all around this crummy world And no one will defend The comfort found In imaginary friends I booked my trip On a time machine Going"
  • Imaginary Girl - Hunters & Collectors
    "From a distant horizon she wanders my way With so much to give and so little to say She's a creature of silence, she's my imaginary girl. Well she spoke with her eyes they were filled with despair Generations"
  • Imaginary Diva - Westlife
    "Late last night I had a dream And it was then I seen her She didn't need no diamond rings Fancy cars, Versace things to please her She's my perfect girl And I call her my imaginary diva Every girl"
  • Imaginary Friends - Ron Sexsmith
    "Imaginary friends They will always let you down And when all the good times end You won't be seeing them around For they run where the action is And they'll cross you off their list Do you comprehend"

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