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Busta Rhymes - Twerk It feat. Nicki Minaj

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Busta Rhymes - Twerk It feat. Nicki Minaj

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Busta Rhymes - Twerk It feat. Nicki Minaj
  • Busta Rhymes Twerk It (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    "Big man, when I talk, hear weh yuh fi do? Shut your mouth, listen close, weh we come fi do? Shut it down, lick a shot, blow torch a bun Enough excitement, see them frightened, watch them boys run Come"
  • Obie Trice Oh! Feat Busta Rhymes
    "<(Verse 1 - Obie Trice) Yeah, Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks I came in the game, profane no image I came in the game, with a name I was given from a mayn who ain't give a fuck about his child-ren I proclaim the name though, never in vain no Watch the change grow, a young nigga who didn't gain from fame Copped the Range Ro', now they want my brains on the main road They don't understand what I came for How I came fo', with a million sold Who say you can't grow from mildew and mold Gettin money like Ross Perot I'm often told, a coffin's the routes I go Oh that's the road you on, oh no I'm down for the rifle, tone the fo fo Don't ever try to send a nigga home, no no I know you wanna catch me at Sunoco Show me that your loco put holes in my photo NOPE!, HOPE!, hold toast, no jokes, send slugs through your Polo Just cause our thug roll solo And po' zone grown folk, be a cold negro Be-low, your grieved up people Be-lieve that the boy see no evil (Chorus - Busta Rhymes) OHH! I had you yellin out when I backed a 30/30 Rifle OHH! Too late for niggaz to get religious and start readin they Bible OHH! See you can yell like other niggaz, your pickin a dirty psycho OHH! See you should make peace instead of makin me become a psycho (Verse 2 - Obie Trice) I visualized it, O. Trice at 25 survived it Bright but violent, invite the violence Fist fight a fireman, be a tyrant 'Til these niggaz nights is silent O. Trice from a trife environment He 'Rock's the Mic' no sight of retirin Maybe when the bank accounts light like a fire thin I'm in the position to hire other clients then Meanwhile I'm a virus like Iverson A nigga crossover, Europeans admirin And the soldier's retirin, I ain't buyin Motherfuckers actin like you denyin them Who tryin a nigga, who use buyers I figure your crew tired, my trigger introduces VIOLENCE Loose the sirus, you in hospital, orange juice and vitamins No coke (Chorus) (Verse 3 - Obie Trice) A derelict who inherited hustle My heritage married the street struggle Like a couple of a great unk's ago (yeah) So this blood streams through my nuts Seems like I wasn't in touch When the teacher's ass spoke Nope, naw I was just a preacher in oath Sit on the bleachers and flip coke The only reach you got through my dome Niggaz yaffle so the gat'll be chrome Pull the window raffle, so I scramble with a track and the phones (woo) Fuck a act and a clone, this is actual happening's that's factual back in my home This is rap, but I ain't rappin so you clappin the zone Think we trapped in the act, for the sake of performin (nigga) This is your warnin, run up on the wrong And your tissue is burning a hundred degrees warm (Blaap) O. Treezy's gone, my nigga Buzz bring the track back here for 'em C'mon (Chorus)"
  • Joe Buddens Fire(Feat. Busta Rhymes)
    "Let me just make this statement Loud and clear - Jersey's here Some dude's got problems wit me Over there - I ain't care Some people see me creep They mack all type - that's alright You know I slurp my"
  • Cher Lloyd Grow Up (feat. Busta Rhymes)
    "We ain't ever gonna grow up We just wanna get down Tell the DJ turn it up real loud No we'll never grow up And if we had our way We would do this everyday I got a flow that'll make you drop I got a flow"
  • BTS (방탄소년단) IDOL (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    "you can call me idol or any other something you come up with I don’t care I;m proud of it I;m free no more irony for I was always myself point your fingers I couldn’t care less no matter what your reason"
  • Ciara I'm Out (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    "Ladies, it’s your song So as soon as this come on You should get out on the floor Gon’ and get your sexy on If you know that you better Then the new girl that he on Go ‘head and tell him now “You gon’"
  • August Alsina No Love (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    "August Young Money I swear this is my favorite song I’m serious Red light You know I can't make this thing that official Believe we had a great night but I ain't the type to tell you that I miss your"
  • Nicki Minaj Wanna Minaj
    "(feat. Gucci Mane & Lil' Kim) Oh I Get, Oh Okay Niggas tryna, niggas tryna, tryna be on some slick shit How you gone do a freaky girl song and not include Nicki Minaj I mean come on now you no my fuckin"
  • Funkmaster Flex Freestyle - Busta Rhymes & Rampage
    "(feat. Busta Rhymes and Rampage) Yes y'all, in the parTY I be Busta Rhymes y'all And my nigga Ramp, The Last Boy Scout Showin you what we talkin bout, HAAAH! Feel me out, listen to what I say Listen"
  • Lil Jon Get Low (Remix)Feat Busta Rhymes, Elephant Man, Yi
    "Lyrics "Get Low" Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum Three, six, nine standing"
  • Kat DeLuna Run the Show (feat. Busta Rhymes)
    "Ha haSaka De manGMB, first lady, KatYo dun' knowRed One, let's go Got you half flippin like fireCome with me let me take you higherI'm the object of all your desireAnd your attention is all i requireDon't"
  • Major Lazer Run Up (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj)
  • Jason Derulo x David Guetta Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William)
    "time to say goodbye but don’t leave me alone just stay for the night (I need you I need you tonight) ohh it’s 3 in the morning when you want some you phone me one word in Espanola babe and I come and"
  • David Guetta Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack)
    "Yes I do the cooking Yes I do the cleaning Yes I keep the nana real sweet for your eating Yes you be the (boss) yes I be respecting Whatever that you tell me cause its the game? Best believe that when"
  • Alicia Keys Girl On Fire (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    "She?s just a girl, and she?s on fire Hotter than a fantasy, longer like a highway She?s living in a world, and it?s on fire Feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away Oh, she got both feet"
  • David Guetta Turn Me On (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    "Docta docta, need you back home, baby Docta Docta, where you at? Give me something I need your love I need your love I need your loving You got that kind of medicine that keeps me comin' My body needs"
  • Lil Uzi Vert The Way Life Goes (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    "That’s true That’s right she’s sipping Moet and yes, I swear it gets her water my Louboutin’s new, so my bottoms they is redder no I’m not a rat but I’m all about my cheddar Just talked to your homie,"
  • B.o.B Out Of My Mind (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    "I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm I'm out of my, out of my mind Out of my fucking mind I'm, I'm out of my, out of my mind Out of my, yeah I'm out of my my my mind, out of my mind, mind, mind, mind, mind, mind I'm out"
  • Mavado Give It All To Me (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    "Party till di sun comes up, till the sun goes down Tun up di sound, bad girls all around Oh so round like a English pound Like a dog mi a rome Like a dog to a bone No long talk like no phone Like a Benz"
  • Angie Martinez Gutter 2 The Fancy Ish"(feat. Busta Rhymes
    "ANGIE MARTINEZ Miscellaneous Gutter 2 The Fancy Ish"(feat. Busta Rhymes Busta Rhymes and Angie Mar-ti-nez Sippin on mar-tinis Check it out now, check it out now, c'mon, c'mon Now let's take it from"

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