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But i van only

  • Van Gogh - Ras Kass
    "Ah, celebrate Hahaha, yeah, ah Vita Brevis, Ars Longa Life is short, art is long It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you But Priority Records be fucking up, nephew Extraterrestrial poet, my pen"
  • Zittly van zittles - Adam Sandler
    "Well, I had myself a girlfrield For almost two whole years We had no secrets We had no fears There was nothing we wouldn't do When we were in the sack She'd even pop the zit on my back But one night I"
  • Van Nuys - Sixx:A.M.
    "I don't want to die out here in the valley Waiting for my luck to change And I just want my dad to know That I finally made it... Everybody gets high Everybody gets low Everybody gets bruised Everybody"
  • Van Occupanther - Midlake
    "I must be careful now in my steps Years of calculations and the stress My science is waiting, nearly complete One glass will last for nearly a week Let me not get down from walking with no-one and if"
  • Panel Van - Clouds
    "I don't need to look in the rear vision mirror, I don't care where we're going, Just as long as you're here with me Strapped inside this capsule, Rocking like some Panel van from hell I'm fanging with"
  • Van Halen - Nerf Herder
    "I bought Van Halen 1. It was the best damn record I ever owned. TG&Y, 1978. Two hand tapping guitar technique, really got me off, eruption yah. Ain't talkin' bout' love. I'm on fire. Tomorrow may come, Tomorrow"
  • Get In The Van - Frenzal Rhomb
    "I don't think I like it But I'm hanging around I'm itching to go And it brings me down Going to a shit-town I've gotta say The only good thing Is driving away Always gotta find to the Place we've gotta"
  • But Only In Name - Neil Diamond
    "Silly boy, to think that she loves you You're a toy, just part of the game You think she needs you But she misleads you Yes, she's your girl, but only in name Tenderly, she'll call you her only love Can't"
  • Only A Dream - Van Morrison
    "(Van Morrison) Only a dream That I had in the night Only a dream But It felt so right We were standing in the moonlight I was holding you tight But it was only a dream Only a dream And that knocked"
  • But Only On My Dreams - Marty Robbins
    "I have held you in my arms I have known your sweetest charms Two hearts in love at least that's how it seems but only in my dreams Though my days are often blue nights are always spent with you There I"
  • Go Van Gogh - David Gray
    "please visit my website for more lyrics: www.getbrighteyes.net GO van GOGH! The highs and lows of manic depression moments of brilliance coupled with the inability to tie one's own shoes without"
  • The Gray Van - Hot Like (A) Robot
    "Well you're right, but you can't Be right all the time Place yourself in my shoes Make me think that I took Something from you So tell me your point we don't even speak anymore Say it out loud don't"
  • Van Diemen's Land - U2
    "Hold me now, oh hold me now 'til this hour has gone around And I'm gone on the rising tide For to face Van Diemen's land It's a bitter pill I swallow here To be rent from one so dear We fought for justice"
  • Stolen Van Gogh - Bronze Nazareth
    "(Intro: Bronze Nazareth) Yo, it's Nazareth, baby Yeah, you know what it is Now do it, nigga, get it Let's smoke a heart... yeah.. yo.. (Bronze Nazareth) Smoking a bold bogey, hoping the rose hold me down So"
  • Susan Van Heusen - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "Little Susan Van Heusen was present When her father decided to play Cat and mouse round the house with that peasant Girl of a B good and maybe I will stay For a while if you smile but remember When my"
  • Van Diemen's Land - Christy Moore
    "Me and three more went out one night into Squire Noble's park We were hoping we might catch some game the night been proven dark It being out sad misfortune they captured us with speed And brought us down"
  • Tapping the van - Brandtson
    "I was you standing all alone across the crowded room.I didn't think that I would see you soon and you, you don't move.You wear your whole life there in circles underneath your eyes.All I need to know is"
  • Jeroen Van Aken - Gregor Samsa
    "It finally did its time. One million keystrokes have gone by and I've never saved another's life. Why didn't I choose the other way? I'm damned if I go, damned if I stay. It seems the devil's got a grip"
  • Van Story Hills - Rookie Of The Year
    "You mean so much to me girl. But the time is gone. Where are you. Where did you go. What did I do. And all I want to be is like the movies. A perfect Hollywood dream. You and me together forever."
  • Only - Welbilt
    "I've got a problem But nobody knows when I get in over my head I look for the answers, reach out my hand But I end up asking stupid questions instead Chorus I only to get high To complicate my life I"

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