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But never liep you say no no

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But never liep you say no no

  • No...Say No - N2U
    "Look, I need to talk to you to tell you what I'm bout to do. And I need your help to stop me 'cause I gotta girl at home that loves me. Boy, I got myself in a tight situation, bout 5'5" long hair"
  • Say No - Teenage Fanclub
    "Say no I know you're gonna stay With more than one way To say no Don't go I know you're here today You never knew the way To say no I know I never got it wrong With only this song To say no You know The"
  • Never Say No - Steve Miller Band
    "(Gary Mallaber, John Massaro, and Kenny Lee Lewis) Out working on the virgin ground Waitin' for the time I could head to town All those pretty girls, I'll be looking for the pearl That could bring me"
  • But No More - Zebra
    "The time is now or never The crashing is coming near The delphi is on the corner And he whispers in your ear It used to be men could be solemn even while laughing And laughter could be heard shore to"
  • No Secrets - No Secrets
    "Secrets (secrets) are no fun Secrets (secrets) hurt someone Let me tell you how it all began A little secret got out of hand I ran into him just by chance At this party we were talking then we started"
  • Say No More! - Clay Walker
    "You tell me we gotta talk, that you can't go on holdin it inside, no it isn't anybodys fault, I shouldn't blame myself, you know I tried, you thought it threw how you aganized, though it took sometime,"
  • Don't Say No - Tom Tom Club
    "** tentative transcription : can you help to complete it? ** I was walking down the street When I saw a pretty boy He was checking the beat on his radio toy ****i've got the urge*** ****i've got to let"
  • Don't Say No - Billy Burnette
    "Written by billy burnette. Here we are baby just you and me Holdin' each other tight as can be If I ask the question and you don't Answer me Well say not tonight and then I'll leave Well say maybe later"
  • Don't Say No - Anna Voigt
    "I don't know what to give you, I don't know what to give you I don't know what to offer, but I know that you're the one. I don't know what I'm feeling, I don't know what I'm feeling I don't know what I'm"
  • Say no more - Clay Walker
    "You're telling me We gotta talk That you can't go on Holdin' it inside No it isn't Anybody's fault I shouldn't blame myself You know i tried You thought it through How you agonized Though it took some"
  • Just Say No - Blue System
    "What goes on ? Oh baby, tell me when the sun goes down Eleven candles telling maybe you'll leave this town Tell me are you really ended Tell me like a friend I'll help you just the way I'm helping to"
  • Don't Say No - Robbie Williams
    "Written by Robbie Williams and Stephen Duffy When we were only 17 And thrown into society That was the end of you and me From what we could have been And if we didn't keep in touch I guess we didn't"
  • Say No More - Ray Charles
    "Say no more I think you'll never understand I have refused the same demand All my life ! Say no more In my book there can be no blame When you pretend I have no shame You're half right ! All along You"
  • Say No More - Charles Ray
    "(Ronnie Bird / Pierre Papadiamadis) Say no more I think you'll never understand I have refused the same demand All my life ! Say no more In my book there can be no blame When you pretend I have no shame You're"
  • Say No Go - De La Soul
    "POS: Now let's get right on down to the skit A baby is brought into a world of pits And if it could've talked that soon In the delivery room It would've asked the nurse for a hit The reason for this?"
  • Couldn't Say No - Mario
    "(Talking) Damn All i could do All i could say is that i'm sorry Listen I know I really messed up this time Just hear me out (Verse 1) Ooh,you should've showed me a little more love (But still there"
  • No, No, No - Kiss
    "Yeah, I'm down and out, but don't count me out Listen here babe, gonna show you what it's all about It's time for love, and you're welcome to it It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it So here I am,"
  • No no no - Destiny's Child
    "Boy I know you want me I can see it in your eyes But you keep on frontin' Won't you say what's on your mind Cause each and every time you need me You give me signs But when I ask you what's the deal You"
  • No No No - Paolo Nutini
    "Oh you know where you are heading But you're lost along the way And the strangers that you see are getting stranger everyday And the blood continues flowing But the brain, the brain slowly drifts away You"
  • No No No - Ghostface Killah
    "We-we-we sound and tell the people About the musical disc coming your way! (Buck-bu-bu-buck! Brrr-bu-bu-buck! Ghostface Killah!) I'd love to make you happy, buy an island off Miami Feed your mother"

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