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Butterfly Fly Project feat');

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Butterfly Fly Project feat');

  • Hello (feat. Fly Project) - Mandinga
    "No ,no, no, no Don’t ever let me go No ,no, no, no Don’t let me all alone I miss you so I got to say Hello! Hello, Hello , Hello!"
  • Butterfly (feat. Andra) - Fly Project
    "I'm, I'm gonna find you Hold on, hold on I need another reason To come back home I'm hiding when I cry Lonely butterfly Bye bye lullaby I'm crying, I'm dying Hiding when I cry Lonely butterfly Bye bye"
  • Butterfly - Dj Layla feat Alissa
    "Fly, fly x3 Fly, fly butterfly Your love is fire Fly, fly butterfly And take me higher Fly, fly butterfly Your love is fie x2 I wanna be a butterfly I wanna fly with you tonight With you I wanna touch"
  • Butterfly - CAN
    "Fiction garden as you're burning, Sudden motion. Reastoring kind electric, Falling under cloudy sky, Running past the way, Dying butterfly, dying butterfly, Dying butterfly, dying butterfly, Dying butterfly. Can"
  • Butterfly - Lisa Loeb
    "Butterfly, close your eyes, butterfly Fold your wings Dream sweet dreams, butterfly. When you feel the sun warm on your face again You will fly Spread your wings Butterfly. Butterfly, close your eyes,"
  • Fly High Butterfly - Exilia
    "Hello colours Hello bright wings You need to cover, maybe You are fragile and the wind is cold here The wind is cold here That's why we feel lonely, we feel lonely Don't look down Don't look down Everything's"
  • Butterfly fly away - Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus
    "You tuck me in, Turn out the light kept me safe and sound at night little girls depend on things like that Brush my teeth and comp my hair had to drive me everywhere you were always there when I looked"
  • Butterfly - Shareefa
    "It replays in my mind, so many times When I try to move on, it just rewinds I'm scarred for life, a casualty of love Captivated me, like a prisoner What was I thinkin of, I gotta free my mind Now its my"
  • Butterfly - Katie Melua
    "I won't hurt you I'll protect you I won't let the rain fall down I'll always be around And baby I will understand If sometimes You just want To spread your wings and fly And let your colours shine And"
  • Butterfly - Perry Como
    "Oh it's a sin to catch a butterfly, So I won't ever try to keep you in a jar! I'll just let you flip and flow and round, I'll never tie you down cause that's the way you are! Butterfly, I'll set you free, But"
  • Butterfly - Andy Williams
    "You tell me you love me, you say you'll be true Then you fly around with somebody new But I'm crazy about you, you butterfly You treat me mean, you're makin' me cry I've made up my mind to tell you goodbye But"
  • Butterfly - Take That
    "For once in my life I couldn't deny I thought that I'd found my everything, A lover a friend, the hours we would spend just doing nothing at all, Yeah, but your need to leave is yours alone, break free"
  • Butterfly - Delta Goodrem
    "i won't hurt you i'll protect you i won't let the rain fall down i'll always be around and baby i will understand if sometimes you just want to spread your wings and fly and let your colours shine"
  • Butterfly - Mariah Carey
    "When you love someone so deeply They become your life Its easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside Blindly I imaginde I couldKeep you under glass Now I understand to hold you I must open my hands And"
  • Butterfly - Candlebox
    "ll I know I see it, what for? All I know you see it, what for? Lies to, love to, feel it all What I've dropped to, and I Never see what I want Never see what I need Know it's for To die for, to die for, To"
  • Butterfly - Lenny Kravitz
    "You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen You shine just like sunlight rays On a winter snow I just had to tell you so Your eyes sparkle as the stars Like the moon they glow Your smile could light"
  • Butterfly - Lloyd Cole
    "you were an innocent child before i laid my hands on you and all that pain that you held inside was just waiting to bloom in a darkened room and you just flew right into the light and came alive my little"
  • Butterfly - Cole Lloyd
    "you were an innocent child before i laid my hands on you and all that pain that you held inside was just waiting to bloom in a darkened room and you just flew right into the light and came alive my little"
  • Butterfly - Corinne Bailey Rae
    "In my mother's house there's a photograph, of a day gone past, always makes me laugh. There's a little girl, wary of the world. She's got much to learn, get her fingers burned. An affinity between you"
  • Butterfly - Tweenies
    "A butterfly was flying by a garden in July He landed on a cabbage leaf and heard a mournful sigh A big fat hairy caterpillar nibbling on a leaf Said if I could fly like you that would be a relief But look"

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