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By The Tree Consume Me

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By The Tree Consume Me

  • Consume Me - By The Tree
    "mere words, in my heart be amazed to speak of you, my contingency upon your name my frailties to disobey the things i've heard and seen by grace through faith i know that you will reedeem (bridge) to"
  • Consume - Sick Of It All
    "No use ignoring me, I represent the darkest thing you feel. No use avoiding me, I'm woven in the fabric of your being. Don't back away from me, I feed on apprehension and fear. Don't back away from"
  • Consume - Verse
    "I wish I could erase it all The history The memories Every downfall Now is the time to draw that line Fuck the cutthroat man Fuck the corporate media And fuck anyone who tries to warp our minds Fiction"
  • Consume Me - Parachute Band - Parachute Band
    "Lord, Lord Let Your Kingdom Come Lord, Lord Let Your Will Be Done In Me, Lord In Me Let the power of Your Holy Ghost, Be Manifest In Me, As You Guide Me Living Out Your Perfect Will Chorus: So Consume"
  • Consume Gap - Twilightning
    "Take a trip with me To where machines go crazy And tell me what you see Sheer malfunction maybe? The need for a new toy is like a devil's decoy Cannot cure the cancer that's bound to embrace the caprice Never"
  • Consume The Destroyer - Year of Desolation
    "Caught in two worlds I keep chasing this dream. Am I awake or am I asleep? It's hard to decipher. So many choices: irrelevance. You have to stand for what you believe. Am I alive am I half dead? Constant"
  • I Consume You - Rediscover
    "I am in- Side your head Now I'm inside your mouth I will use you I am in- Side your head You try to get me out But I consume you Have a drink It will help If it's too loud to think I know you"
  • Consume Your Vengence - Suicide Commando
    "Consume your vengeance Killing entertainment Watching television We watch all die It's your craving Pleasing your addiction Welcome to the slaughter Come watch them cry Consume your vengeance Feeding"
  • Programmed To Consume - Abysmal Dawn
    "Lies are fed through structures quelling our mistrust Ignorance is fodder for machines of want Followers saturate the earth Automate consumption and remove our minor worth What are we a collection"
  • Consume And Consume - Cheap Sex
    "murder violence death and rape every day, there's no escape there's no hope or so it seems when i put the news on the tv screen it's 2003 and we haven't learned seems hate and greed makes this world turn so"
  • The Tree - Raein
    "Tree, Tree placed by the sea An oniric vision you gave to me Are you real or just a dream? You jide the clouds of my destiny My little sister is carving her name in your bark Stepped by the rain Her first"
  • Tree - The Incredible String Band
    "I had a tree in the dream hills where my childhood lay and I'd go there in the wide long days and my tree would listen to all that I'd say and the sun was shinging brightly and the sky was smiling then"
  • Tree - Blind Zero
    "It's too late to say good-bye Now I'm drowning in your eyes I'm drowning Back to you I know the way these things begin See how flesh presses the skin I'm bursting Without you Love you like in poetry This"
  • Tree - Sebadoh
    "See how we've taken all this sweet time to decide Watered that tree, watched it grow another 50 feet high Together, shared and strong Step right in Forever is not that long Let's begin Feel this connection"
  • Willow Tree - The Waifs
    "Under the willow tree, that's where I wait for you to come back to me, but you're so far away. I just sit by here in the morning sun, and I wait under the willow tree. It was a bitter seed that you left"
  • Cypress Tree - The Black Crowes
    "Written by: R. Robinson & C. Robinson So you found yourself a killer The one with blue eyes I guess the bloodstains on the blanket don't lie Well I guess I saw it comin' Like a boy I just kept runnin' But"
  • Family Tree - TV On The Radio
    "Under my love Wake up to your window The day calls in billows It's echoing moonlight onto the blue nightmare of your heart In cosy red rainbow It's shaking off halos And the memory of our sacred so"
  • Willow Tree - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "Let me be your weeping willow tree Surround you with my long limbs My dear, Let me grow in the shade In the sands by the bank of your river Let I drink from your streams The cool breeze fill my leaves We"
  • Giving Tree - Bobby Bare
    "(Y'all settle down! Everybody be quiet because daddy's gonna sing a quiet song called the Giving Tree) Once there was a giving tree who loved a little boy And every day the boy would come to play Swinging"
  • Hanging Tree - Green River
    "I come running to the shelter of the hangin' tree Down by where the creek runs dry How many boys have hung above me Leaving how many girls alone to cry Alone, alone, alone to cry This cruel wind brings"

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