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By fly

  • Fly by - Blue
    "All dressed up youre good to go Checkin your style from head to toe Hooked up and natural Youre feelin beautiful 9 times out of 10 you know Late night club like a video with the Hot stuff - top stuff"
  • Fly By - Fair Weather Friends
    "I am not able to loose my bonds with atmosphere I fall down from the sky It speeds up the rhythm and drive me insane I fall down from the sky I spin around, wave my hands and I shout I fall down from"
  • Fly By - Ice T
    "Everybody step back from the mic As I set it off All playin' the wall It's time to sweat it off Anybody with staatic oh please try I'll do ya like Godfather 3 And do a fly by Time to rip and hit and strangle I"
  • Fly by - Ice-T
    "Everybody step back from the mic As I set it off All playin' the wall It's time to sweat it off Anybody with staatic oh please try I'll do ya like Godfather 3 And do a fly by Time to rip and hit and strangle"
  • fly fly fly - Adrina Thorpe
    "Adrina Thorpe Elusive fly fly fly I'm in a blue petal sky...roses, daisies spinning inside my mind and I float through the mist, the world below me seems so far behind like I can fly fly fly. nothing"
  • Fly - H-Blockx
    "alienated lying there with myself myself is someone else there's noone handcuffed in the place on that day redo the day or die that's all I think of 'but' for no lies I will deny that I hate myself - that"
  • Fly - Maja Gawłowska
    "I believe in love I believe in Jesus Crazy love by the flies Carmen candy at sunset I believe in heaven I believe in hell too Smile and tears Sunny space I will fly honey I want to fly /2x I believe"
  • Fly - Ellie Goulding
    "In the window Faces staring right past me They're on a date, feeling happy And I go in there and sit with them Make them laugh And be normal For an hour and a half Someone's tired But not mine 'Cause"
  • Fly - John Waite
    "For so long, you've gone on Trying to see an end to it all But I know that your grip, is getting loose And you think, if you leave The pain will go away, but you don't know what you need To get through 'Cuz"
  • Fly - Povertyneck Hillbillies
    "Its been a hard year Since you went away No matter what I did or said I couldn't make you stay But I'm gonna be strong I'm gonna hold on I'm gonna get on with my life Starting tonight, I'm gonna kiss the"
  • Fly - Dante Thomas
    "Set yourself on a movie screen Playin a part and be anything Know what I mean? It's all about right It's all about wrong About you and me and how to get long You've got to wake up Work hard and take a"
  • :Fly - The Michael Gungor Band
    "Words and music by Michael Gungor Full of doubt Trying to work it out Could you lay it down For no It's good to think But it's good to drink From this living stream So why Why don't you fly Free your"
  • Fly - David Banner
    "I know somebody fly who wants to come by and take off all her clothes and freak me for free.And I know somebody fly who loves to come by take off all her clothes and freak me for free.I know the truth"
  • Fly - Alabama 3
    "Fly with me Come on, fly with me Fly with me You'll never come down This is your captain speaking Cigarette burns on the sofa, whiskey on my new linoleum floor You wonder why on Wednesday's I'm so wasted,"
  • Fly - Nightwish
    "Were walking in the airWere floating in the moonlit skyThe people far below are sleeping as we flyWere holding very tightIm riding in the midnight blueIm finding I can fly so high above with youFar across"
  • Fly - Sanctus Real
    "When last place is where I've been It's hard to find the strength to start again Sometimes it seems like I can never win I'm held back by the weight of the crowd Can't move to find my way out You give"
  • Fly - Breed 77
    "I know, the clocks are running slow and we'll get there in the end Still flows, the rivers running low, you're the needle stuck in my vein I know, there's gonna come a time when you're gonna turn round"
  • Fly - Nick Drake
    "Please give me a second grace Please give me a second face I've fallen far down The first time around Now I just sit on the ground in your way Now if it's time to recompense for what's done Come, come"
  • Fly - Steve Winwood
    "On a brave new morning smiling at the sky Every shadow of the past whispers goodbye There is hope if you can see I give it all to you, you give it all to me Every winter has the sun within its heart And"
  • Fly - Adrian Belew
    "I know I should feel welcome here Way up in the atmosphere But I am afraid And if I land on earth again I?ll be happy just to cut my face While I shave Now the sky is floating by But I am not a cloud And"

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