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C-Boll Wonderland

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C-Boll Wonderland

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C-Boll Wonderland
  • Mel C Wonderland
    "B-Side "Wonderland" I can't remember yesterday It isn't fair, there is no other way Still I walk on And I walk on With a blade against my back for me to fall on Time is not a friend to me Dragging weighs"
  • Melanie C Wonderland
    "I can't remember yesterday It isn't fair, there is no other way Still I walk on And I walk on With a blade against my back for me to fall on Time is not a friend to me Dragging weighs me down Pulling"
  • C-BooL Wonderland
    "I wanna feel the same now I wanna feel the same as when you stood next to me stood next to me there was a time I knew how there was a time I knew how sweet your kiss could be your kiss could be I remember"
  • Danzel Wonderland
    "It's been six days, seven hours and fifteen minutes Since I saw your face. Where did we meet, why don't I now, I just can't remember the place ... (x2) I've been running through the streets, I want you"
  • Simply Red Wonderland
    "People, places Pursuing the chases Our moments were chosen Her senses, explosion Take your pulse and read it well She never said you'd only get one chance Pay your debt and bleed as well You're living"
  • 911 Wonderland
    "Wonderland Wey-oh, wey-oh We'll be as one in wonder, wonderland Through my doubts Hold me high Through your strength Tears will dry Break these walls that divide Build a path, be my guide Gotta"
  • Natalia Kills Wonderland
    "I'm not Snow White, but I'm lost inside this forest I'm not Red Riding Hood, but I think the wolves have got me Don't want those stilettos, I'm not, not Cinderella I don't need a knight, so baby, take"
  • XTC Wonderland
    "Can't you see Love and affection When it's put In you direction Wrapped in your mysterious wonderland No fast car Can make you grow up Gentlemen You think you've sewn up Locked in your wonderful wonderland No"
  • Paul Young Wonderland
    "For all your worried weaknesses, all will be revealed For all your troubled sweetnesses, your troubles will be healed Close your eyes, close your eyes Let me rise, let me rise I see you in a dress of blue,"
  • Mel Carter Wonderland
    "I can't remember yesterday It isn't fair There is no other way Still I walk on And I walk on With a blade against my back for me To ----- on CHORUS Time is not a friend of mine Draging waves me down ------"
  • The Cult Wonderland
    "Divine intervention in this decaying world While a hip young dude stood passionately Succumbing to the he-dog sound Of the mystifying beat combo that Breaks down your door Gonna take you high now, take"
  • Sunrise Avenue Wonderland
    "Dream on you boys I know it feels cold around now But we will raise our voices someday Leave the past behind And smile for what is here now We will be as one all the way On the way to wonderland We dont"
  • Kate Ryan Wonderland
    "How did you do it How did you make me fall for you so badly How did it happen How come I just gave my heart to you so gladly You are here in my mind And nothing else than our love really matters When"
  • Tony Carey Wonderland
    "well there's ice out on the highway an hour before the dawn I guess the whole world's sleepin' and the miles just roll along I told myself I'd make it back as soon as I could and I hope you will be waiting"
  • Dexter Freebish Wonderland
    "You sit in a stairwell, there is no sound You feel like a king that has just lost his crown You're not turning heads in a beat up truck You think you'll never win because you've got bad luck Well, it"
  • Demon Wonderland
    "Still they dig for gold Fooled on city streets With no regard for mine We watch the same repeats Repeat the same mistakes And swore we'd get it right next time Riding high in Wonderland Another runner"
  • Magic Affair Wonderland
    "Take me into your heart Take me into your soul Take me into the wonderland Take the rest of me boy Take all that you need Take me to the wonderland Fly away before the time, it's up to you Run"
  • 10CC Wonderland
    "i wanna take a giant step don't know where I'll end up yet the devil or the deep blue sea there's always someone watching over me the power of communication every little word's a big sensation sitting"
  • Malia Wonderland
    "I found her shoes today I picked them up from the ground I tried them on under the setting sun Then walked a few steps in her shoes As rare as a shooting star she is the wonderland And now the shame's"
  • Angelwings Wonderland
    "Red sky signs This hour of endless dreams Come take my hand and stay Stay with me in this world beyond Enter realms of fantasy This is wonderland Empty castles in a foreign land out in the darkness My"

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