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  • Anyone - Weeping Tile
    "I can see it in your eyes You are still following that same line It shouldn't come as a surprise I said my love is kind, but not always that kind And now it's too late to change fate But you can't say"
  • Anyone - Modwheelmood
    "No matter what I'm trying to be No matter what they want from me It could be anyone, to bring yourself to life again No-one Just another cigarette (Just another cigarette) What it takes to stop and I'll"
  • Anyone - Justin Bieber
    "Dance with me under the diamonds See me like breathe on the cold Sleep with me here in the silence Come kiss me silver and gold They say that i would lose but You can’t protect the future So hold on like"
  • Anyone Listening - Pennywise
    "Far below beneath a burning hot sun, our civility's waking up, hate your neighbor cause he's not your kind, fell out of favor, now he's out of luck, get in your car, fuel up and get a job, you got no"
  • Anyone Can - Wedding Present
    "When I set foot on the bus you laughed & said: "that's the end for us!" Oh could a joke ever go more wrong? if only you'd have come along Oh but you must stop calling Jane, she is completely without blame Do"
  • Anyone - Moving Units
    "Somehow we survive, we don't even try, We don't like who we are, but we pretend anyway Because we're human and such, we long for someone to touch A little death to escape, a shallow grave with a face Because"
  • Anyone - Hanah G
    "1. I am Anyone you are not Anyone at all. After what happened, I can't trust you, I'm writing this for my idol, JB, you can probably guess who it is! Ref .: When this day is over I will be in heaven it's"
  • Anyone - Appleton
    "Sometimes they said that I was the crazy one Sometimes they told me that it can't be done Sometimes I feel its time to think things over And you feel what I do There's only so much time Hope it's"
  • Anyone - Eyes Of Fire
    "It's alright now, if you don't need me. It's alright now, that I can't see you. Well it's now alright for me to be a victim of your tragedy. It's not alright for me anymore. But is there anyone there for"
  • Anyone - Sugar
    "If cops and kings were geared with wings They'd never learn to fly They're too concerned with rules that govern no one I don't need blind politics Or nimble flicks Or Lucite telephones that click when"
  • Anyone. Anyone? - Dashboard Confessional
    "I'm not sure of anyone (anyone) But I've got plans I'm not asking for everything But sure I could use a hand Get a little anxious sometimes You'll be gone and I'll be left behind Get a little nervous"
  • Anyone, Anyone - Dashboard Confessional
    "I'm not sure of anyone, anyone. but I've got plans. I'm not asking for everything, but sure, I could use a hand. Get a little anxious sometimes you'll be gone and I'll be left behind get a little nervous"
  • Does Anyone Know - Scorpions
    "(Music: Klaus Meine, Lyrics: Klaus Meine) Is this world out of control Say what is right what is wrong Do I know this world at all I think I do but then I don't I'm confused by what I see I try to understand But"
  • Anyone Of Us - Gareth Gates
    "I've been letting you down, down Girl I know I've been such a fool Giving into temptation I should have played it cool BRIDGE The situation got out of hand I hope you understand CHORUS It can happen"
  • Is anyone home - Gabriel Mann
    "Talking in My Sleep, Next to no OneNever Never, Say Never AgainI Can't Rise and ShineNo I Won't Even TryMy Rainy Windows Are Crying CryingShoulda, Woulda, Coulda BeenLike It Shoulda BeenA Contender Like"
  • Anyone Can Whistle - Stephen Sondheim
    ""Anyone can whistle," that's what they say, "easy." "Anyone can whistle, any old day, easy." It's all so simple. Relax, let go, let fly. So someone tell me, why can't I? I can dance a tango, I can read"
  • Is Anyone Home - Alice Cooper
    "Talking in my sleep, next to no one Never never, say never again I can't rise and shine No I won't even try My rainy windows are crying crying Should've Would've Could've been Like it should've been A"
  • Anyone At All - Carole King
    "Funny how I feel more myself with you Than anybody else that I ever knew I hear it in your voice,see it in your face You've become a memory I can't erase You could have been anyone at all A stranger falling"
  • Don't Tell Anyone - Jonas Brothers
    "I've wrote these lyrics for you All by myself What makes you think I need you Or anybody else When you see me walking Just staring at my feet Cause I'm not all about you I'm already complete I hope this"
  • Better than anyone - Mary Beth Maziarz
    "This trinity, it gets to me Missing you, aching for quiet And it's too late to call to New York You're probably awake, I guess I'm afraid For weeks I've been crying too much Ditched my zoloft, still won't"

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