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  • Milk chocolate - The Servant
    "Beneath the flyover I was on my knees The light was unusual for february I saw the concrete rising over me Milk chocolate pumping through my heart Beneath the flyover I lit a fire All my possessions tied"
  • Chocolate - Soul Control
    "Uh Everybody in the world like chocolate Mmmh we love it oh it makes so happy yeah get so sexy Un dos un dos tres Mama she said rolly rolly , papa he said holly molly everybody want a chocolate all the"
  • Chocolate - James Blunt
    "I was with this girl In my bedroom She was eating such wild chocolate Didn't leave me much shared room Its name I couldn't see But she gave it to me I lost my head I started singing Only the crumbliest"
  • Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk - Rufus Wainwright
    "cigarettes and chocolate milk these are just a couple of my cravings everything it seems i like's a little bit stronger a little bit thicker a little bit harmful for me if i should buy jellybeans have"
  • Milk - Jeffries Fan Club
    "Chocolate chip cookie in my hand Some of you don't understand I'm dreaming of white silk Bought me a cow now I want milk I walk down the street to Billy Bob's Pub and Par Billy says now son I need to know"
  • Milk - Foo Fighters
    "if I share powdered milk with you I glue a picture to the chair spit and butter from the plate that broke a week ago Gather Round' Gather Round' Gather Round' a father scolds his little boy for trading"
  • Milk - Fifty Nutz
    "That bitter taste he felt carefully hide behind a mask A tear once shed, no longer last People grin, so many bad things there saying There is no compassion in their eyes The god they're preaching for won't"
  • Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk (Reprise) - Rufus Wainwright
    "Cigarettes and chocolate milk These are just a couple of my cravings Everything it seems I like's a little bit stronger A little bit thicker, a little bit harmful for me If I should buy jellybeans Have"
  • Chocolate - the Getaway People
    "Like a bittersweet pill, the kind that gives you a thrill And then it lets you down, keeps you hanging on She's playing with my mind, there ain't nothing left to find 'Cause my judgment and my senses have"
  • Chocolate Factory - R. Kelly
    "Baby, it's nobody like you you're a good friend, you know you been there for me from the beginning This is why I love you I mean I place no one above you, you know what I'm saying, anything you want you"
  • Sexual Chocolate - Cee-Lo Green
    "(Cee-Lo) Huh, yeah.. hah hahhh ahh, oohh ahh Get it, freak it down, oohh - ho yeah! Ehhhh eh-ahhhhhhhh, hey nowwww Hey now what it is party people Shuga Baby got a brand new dance It's just a little excuse"
  • Chocolate factory - R.Kelly
    "When I discovered you I discovered a piece within, joy like no other, your myclosest friend, if you could be a number you will be a perfect 10right out of the skys you were heaven sent.the way we make"
  • Chocolate Factory  - R. Kelly
    "When I discovered you I discovered a piece within, joy like no other, your my closest friend, if you could be a number you will be a perfect 10 right out of the skies you were heaven sent. the way we"
  • Broccoli & chocolate - Olsen Twins
    "One day I was shopping in my local grocery storeI grabbed a big bar of chocolateAs I was heading for the doorI tossed the chocolate in my cartBeside a stalk of broccoliThey started talking. Talking? Yes!At"
  • Chocolate City - Big Daddy Kane
    "Mister cee : I be the cruddy one that they call the dj mister cee, With the whole wolf pack in the place to be. Better known as the chocolate city. So scoob lover, huh, are ya with me...? {scoob lover:} Yo,"
  • Milk & Trash - Antje Duvekot
    "Well it's 3 a.m, I'm driving in my car Under neon signs I can't see the stars Out in nowhere land where everything looks the same Fenced in dumps and fire lanes It's another in depth report on the President's"
  • Spilt Milk - Paris
    "Yeah...still ridin'...we still ridin'...P-Dog Nigga we without flaws you comin' without balls Still down for the cause...P-Dog...now who really raw?...Bitch Boom Boom in the night - so now we fight Caps"
  • Milk 'Em - Ghostface Killah
    "(featuring Myone & Trife Da God) Yo, with this game come alotta hate, but there's alotta snakes Niggaz see the size of my dish, and wanna pick a plate Thinkin' I'ma fold under pressure, y'all wanna"
  • Verbal milk - X-Clan
    "Yeuch! Brother J says yeuuch! Hmmhmmhmmhmm.. Ahhhh! Straight from the temple of everlasting ME! P.X.O., and the X-Clan (aww yeah) Chillin, cleaning the pinkie Hey Brother J, time for a ride Put"
  • Mothers Milk - Swans
    "When they crucify your body On the white wall above your bed The words your body bleeds down Will describe my happiness The joy l'm feeling now As the universe withdraws Is equal to the pain My mother"

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