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  • Corona - Alice Nine
    "taenai arasoi no naka inochi wa ima maku wo ake ai wa hito wo tsunagi ten wa hito wo aisazuni sekai wa sawagashikute peesu wo midasarete ita uchuu wa fukai aosade kokyuu wo boku ni ataenai itsuka kimi"
  • Corona - UVERworld
    "Rokujuuchou no boku wo ninau subete no shikakuteki saibou wo Moyashite hoshii nda Hai ni naru hodo yakitsukushite kure yo boku ni hisomu KORONA Michizure sagashi space walk Muchuu ni nareta gangu sokomade"
  • Corona - Miuosh
    "Nie sięgałem korony, bo nie miałem jej mieć, Nie chciałem jej chcieć, nie miałem jej Krzyczą, że jestem skończony, lecę w dół, idę wstecz, A ja zaczynam chcieć schować głowę w niej /2x Nie wiem ile lat"
  • The rythm - Everlast
    "The rythm is both the songs manicle and it's demonic charge charge The rhythm(20x) I'm Everlast born to be a caucassion but it makes no difference what persuasion you are As long as you know how to get"
  • This Rythm - Kaskade
    "I know this rhythm runs my soul Builds me up and moves me through the night I hope to never meet the dawn Not assuming without, I know that you?ll be so Always seems like every day I use more than"
  • Corona Con Lima - Gary P. Nunn
    "Chorus: ''Corona con lima'' Corona with lime ''Todo el tiempo'' All of the time ''Con mucho gusto'' I'm havin' such a good time ''Corona con lima'' Corona with lime (repeat Chorus) ''Regarda una chica"
  • Crashing At Corona - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "Wind sure kicked up in the last hour or so Just as re-entry was close we came tumbling down Like a falling star over New Mexico They snowed the crashing at Corona Threatened the Teletype photographed"
  • Corona And Lime - Shwayze
    "Baby will you be my corona and lime. And I will be your main squeeze. And if your brother don't like my style. We could take it to the street. We could take it to the street. Yo. Lil girls in the city."
  • Rings From Corona - Poison The Well
    "With everything I've dragged in venomous beings and all It's nice to think that everything falls into place but it doesn't so guilty so weak so lost without you now I know so guilty so weak stop calling"
  • Rythm Of Life - Rappers Against Racism
    "Yeah, Ladies and Gentelmen, its Trooper Don talkin to you And you know what its about, all them parties I dont know what their names it MPD, DVU, FAP, No matter how they cll themselves They spraid hatred,"
  • Rythm Is Love - Keziah Jones
    "Rythm is love Heaven is just another word For this feeling call musical Color is lust Because all the sexual things we do In my mind you make them all colourful Id like to put you in such romance Take"
  • Rythm of love - Kylie Minogue
    "With the rhythm in our lovin' There ain't nothing I can do When I feel the beat of love Go on and on and on with you I don't have to worry There ain't nothing you won't do To give your love to me And I"
  • Heart Of The Corona - Garden Of Shadows
    "Echoes of the future have filtered through time. There will be no light... Ablaze within the divine spectrum. Remnants of an enchanted past have fallen. The swollen tides of conviction engender desolation."
  • Rythm Of The Night - 911
    "When it feels like the world is on your shoulders and all the madness has got you going crazy , it's time to get out step out into the street where all of the action is right there at your feet well I"
  • Rythm of the night - Valeria Rossi
    "I believe you were expecting meand it's called the moulin rougeoh, lets danceGonna be to the rythem of the nighthear the rythemforget about the worries on your mindon your mindgonna be to the rythm of"
  • Ride on the rythm - Marc Anthony
    "I wanna ride on the rhythm and groove to that nasty funky beat and when it pumps I go crazy I'm gonna make you get on up and move your feet 'Cause when the rhythm's right it'll make you move all night"
  • Rythm of the night - Moulin Rouge
    "(dance all night, dance all night, dance all night, dance all night, dance all night) and it's called the moulin rouge feel the beat of the rhythm of the night (feel the rhythm) forget about the worries"
  • Rythm of the Night - BWO
    "You've been watching the party monsters You've been watching the way they gleam Where their faces turn every body burns You're the object of their regime They've benn cruising the darkest alleys They've"
  • The rythm of my heart - No Angels
    "I never knew It could be like this Im surprised to see how it turned out When youre life Takes a different turn And every little thing is rearranged The rythm of my heart you came along and changed it This"
  • Fucking In Rythm And Sorrow - Sugarcubes
    "Bjrk A divorced lady arrives home from a bar, Guess guess what she see, see there ?, There is a naked person in my flat, He's got a weird expression on hid face, Oh my God and Jesus as well, What are you"

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