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  • Dr - Diam's
    "Oui j'bosse, j'roule ma bosse pour bien remplir ma caisse Un jour nourir des gosses, ceci n'est pas une farce C'est vrai que je me lve pas tt 6h du mat Mais j'ai des comptes rendre, du temps prendre"
  • Dr - Lynda Lemay
    "T'as du plomb dans la tte Les soirs o tu m'la fais Quand j'veux pas qu'tu t'arrtes Tu me boudes et te tais Quand je suis bout d'nerfs Tu te roules sur la table Jusqu' tomber par terre Et rester intouvable Et"
  • Dr - Orkiestra Na Zdrowie
    "Siła złego, więc przy wspólnym siądźmy stole, nim spłacimy czasy nasze, zastawione gdzieś w lombardzie w środku zimy. Nasza droga przenikliwie wytyczana, coraz bardziej; na niej fiolet się układa... ...trzeba"
  • Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagon
    "(Kool Keith) Live, November 6, 1996 at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA Dr. Octagonecologyst and Chewbacca Uncircumcised perform with with Kurt Cobain and Roger from Zapp (Sir Menelik) The plane"
  • Calling Dr. Love - Dr. Sin
    "You need my love baby, oh so badYou're not the only one I've ever hadAnd if I say I wanna set you freeDon't you know you'll be in miseryThey call me (Dr. Love)They call me Dr. Love (calling Dr. Love)I've"
  • Dr Boom Bombay - Bombay Dr
    "This is the comedy of Dr. Bombay You're not feeling very good? You've got to see the doctor today Many many people in my family tree Almost everybody looks exactly like me 42 Cousins, I will never be"
  • Dr. Robert - Beatles
    "Ring my friend I said you'd call Dr. Robert, Day or night he'll be there anytime at all Dr. Robert. Dr. Robert, your a new and better man, He helps you to understand, He does everything he can, Dr. Robert. If"
  • Dr Love - E-Rotic
    "She is so fine Shes all mine Shes the best I ever had And Im glad Yeah Im glad When I get her into bed One, two, three and four and five Hey hey shes fighting for her life Six, seven I can do it all"
  • Dr. Thodt - Wumpscut
    "He loves me on the operating table A filthy mask filtering No reflection there In those sunken diamonds eyes Reaching out from the cold Dr. Thodt (4x) His smile stretches for a mile Across his"
  • Dr. Doolittle - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Dr. Doolittle I had a cold He came to me, and he made some tea, oooh My heart was sold To a man in white, he is mr. Right Cause when I look into his eyes It's clear to me, and I realize Oh"
  • Dr. Bieber - Justin Bieber
    "Justin: Cure the Bieber fever Dr. Bieber Dr. Bieber Doc Doc Doc Dr. Bieber (Bieber fever is spreading across the country..) Dr. Bieber (wait world no universe..) Dr. Bieber ( Bieber fever is spreading"
  • Dr. Paxeco - Raul Seixas
    "L vai nosso herói Dr. Paxeco Com sua careca inconfundvel A gravata e o paletó Misturando-se s pessoas da vida L vai Dr. Paxeco O herói dos dias teis Misturando-se s pessoas que o fizeram Formado, reformado,"
  • Dr. Horror - Running Wild
    "War, termination's roar Terminations roar on the battlefield Soldier's trapped without a shield Mordant air, carry death Poisoning, choking breath Massdestructive strategy An evil plan of first degree How"
  • Dr. Love - Tina Charles
    "Dr. Love Calling, calling Dr. Love Calling , calling Dr.Love Well mama shouldnt called you to come an treat me good Cause the reason for my fever, she never understood But Ive always had a weakness for"
  • Dr Psiquiatra - Gloria Trevi
    "Creo que ya es tiempo de ir con el psiquiatra, Lo dijeron en mi casa y me trajeron casi arrastras, Pues cuando llego de noche, Y me quieren hacer un reproche, No oigo nada, no oigo nada y corro a la ventana, Pero"
  • Dr. Mabuse - Blue System
    "Its alright, its ok, its an odyssee Dr. Mabuse, Dr. Mabuse Its a shame hell return, in a shade of grey Dr. Mabuse, Dr. Mabuse Every night, every day on the run Hes the man who has stolen the sun Oh he"
  • Dr. Ice - Angel
    "GAMBLING: Is in his nature and his soul, To leave you broken is his goal. WINNING: Is all that enters in his mind, He's cold as ice as you will find. LOSING: Is what he'll teach you when you play, For"
  • Dr. Yang - Ben Folds Five
    "Uh-Oh!Hey Dr. YinChain Smoking Chinese centenarianDeck my back with PinsConnect the Wires that Plug me inUh-Oh!Hey love Master ZSexy Online Pyschic OverseasWhen My Bank Card ClearsTell Me things I want"
  • Dr. X - Racer X
    "Beyond the pale, beneath the moonHe crawls the walls for youWith teeth like nails that sink to boneHard to swallow easy to chewCold synthetic human fleshEats the mind and leaves the restOn the night just"
  • Dr. Jack - Rivers Bob
    "Dr. Jack Was a quack Named Kevorkian. And he worked In a shack Up in Michegan. If you're sick Dr. Jack Doesn't make you healthy. If you're practically Dead, he could End it with glee. The cops couldn't"

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