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Calvin Shock dreams

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Calvin Shock dreams

  • Shock - Neja
    "you're gonna have a shock in your life it's gonna be someone who really loves you the night you'll spread your wings and fly it's gonna be another lonely night you're gonna feel allright until the morning you"
  • Future Shock - Jag Panzer
    "I see and I know there's something awry They see and they know with laser eyes Digital dreams on digital screens creating life as they glow Nightmares forming without a warning, there's no one to"
  • Shock your mama - Debbie Gibson
    "So ya ready to learn? Baby I'm here to teach you Things you've only done in your dreams Boy you have only touched The tip of the iceberg I'll meet you at the other extreme In a different world, I'm a different"
  • Calvin Klein - Hermes
    "Wait for me Wait for me Ząb mnei nakurwia ale robie to tak Wait for me Wait for me Calvin Klein na sobie mordo, czuje swagg Calvin Klein na sobie to czyste szpanerstow jest Calvin Klein na sobie mordo,"
  • Laugh Calvin - Pleymo
    "Laugh Calvin On pntrait dans l'antre, ici, par la porte close Il fallait oser, entre la raie des astres et la comte! Voici l'histoire d'un lieu qui fait tourner les ttes O nos nuits sont, de fait, de formes"
  • Calvin Kline - Tagtraum
    "Ich bin aus meinen Trumen aufgewacht, Nur um zu sehen, da ich geschlafen hab' Ich schreib' die Trume auf ein weies Blatt Papier Und wenn ich mutig bin, schick ich es zu Dir All' die Zeit, die ich mit mir"
  • Shock - Eric Cartman
    "And it seems to me this is going nowhere, baby. Spending all my time just looking for you, lately. It's been a short, sharp, shock! shock! living with you, baby. It's been one hard knock! knock! living"
  • Shock - Fear Factory
    "Welcome to my world Headfirst to the earth With my sights on the goddamned kill switch I've become a fuse Charged with attitude Fixed and dialated by my anger I have become a direct I have become a current I"
  • Shock - The Psychedelic Furs
    "i hear brand new talk everywhere i go they got a new word for what we do when the lights get low and i hear my heart beat black and blue don't call it love it don't keep time for me and you and i don't"
  • Shock - Dogs With Jobs
    "hey found me guilty of a crime that I'll pay for with my death They put me in a death row cell to live out my final breath I swear it's not my fault It was an accident In a few short hours I will get my"
  • Shock - Val Emmich
    "No more secrets here let's make it crystal clear just tell me yes or no that's all I want to know You're supposed to be my friend don't lie to me just turn and walk away I could punch your fucking face you"
  • Shock - Nocturne
    "I have come alone I have opened myself I bear all to you Things seen by no one else I will walk a thousand years By your side But still I'll never know the one You've kept away inside Take me on this"
  • P.S. Shock The World - Less Than Jake
    "It's never been so crystal clear that i've been dying six months a year arguing with strangers about why i'm still here. no on lets me forget questions about my relevance and i'm starting to believe their"
  • Dirty Dreams - Alice Cooper
    "(Alice Cooper/Jim Vallance/Bob Pfeifer) Well, I wake up burnin' in a soaking sweat My pillows are drippin' and the sheets are wet I jump out of bed and I turn on the light This happens to me every night Sometimes"
  • Dirty dreams - Gabriel Mann
    "Well, I Wake Up Burnin' in a Soaking SweatMy Pillows Are Drippin' and the Sheets Are WetI Jump Out of Bed and I Turn On the LightThis Happens to Me Every NightSometimes You Turn Into a Snake With Long"
  • Calvin Klein's The Killers - Amen
    "Attention I was born an amputee inside here Who cant turn and pledge allegiance We just fall in line and we just fall behind We default your Procreation We default your assassination PARALYZED We're PARALIZED We"
  • Ballad Of Calvin Crozier - Seven Nations
    "Good people of this town, you'd do well to gather 'round There is something here to say A good man died here on this day You'd do well to know his name And it's here his gravestone lays He was free and"
  • Olé (ft. Calvin Harris) - John Newman
    "Ole, you won’t tell none of your friends about me You won’t tell them I occupy your dream and your thoughts Look ay what we’ve started I feel so good when I leave your apartment I know, there’s no telling"
  • The Ballad Of Calvin Crozier - Seven Nations
    "The Ballad of Calvin Crozier (Words and music by Kirk McLeod, arranged by Seven Nations) Good people of this town You'd do well to gather around There is something that I must say A good man died"
  • Shock Me - Ace Frehley
    "Your lightnin's all I need My satisfaction grows You make me feel at ease You even make me glow Don't cut the power on me I'm feelin' low, so get me high Shock me, make me feel better Shock me, put on"

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