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Calvin richardson

  • Laugh Calvin - Pleymo
    "Laugh Calvin On pntrait dans l'antre, ici, par la porte close Il fallait oser, entre la raie des astres et la comte! Voici l'histoire d'un lieu qui fait tourner les ttes O nos nuits sont, de fait, de formes"
  • Calvin Kline - Tagtraum
    "Ich bin aus meinen Trumen aufgewacht, Nur um zu sehen, da ich geschlafen hab' Ich schreib' die Trume auf ein weies Blatt Papier Und wenn ich mutig bin, schick ich es zu Dir All' die Zeit, die ich mit mir"
  • Body Hammer (Colin Richardson Mix) - Fear Factory
    "I clench my teeth and realize My world is so near its demise A dying sun in a poisonous sky Stinging my eyes Burning with contempt and conflict As of now I am a tool Of severe impact I clench my fist"
  • Zero Signal (Colin Richardson Mix) - Fear Factory
    "So withdrawn and feeling numb Watching life come all undone Growing fear, a human grace A drowning mind in a dark Embrace My life A disarray And I Fade away I am down on my knees Praying beyond belief The"
  • Hundred Miles (ft. Gabriela Richardson) - Yall
    "Come here and visit my world Come here and visit my world Is this three shining stars Our love is the only way Don't get lost cause I'm waiting Summer feelings are waiting, Boy - you and me is more than"
  • Calvin Klein's The Killers - Amen
    "Attention I was born an amputee inside here Who cant turn and pledge allegiance We just fall in line and we just fall behind We default your Procreation We default your assassination PARALYZED We're PARALIZED We"
  • Ballad Of Calvin Crozier - Seven Nations
    "Good people of this town, you'd do well to gather 'round There is something here to say A good man died here on this day You'd do well to know his name And it's here his gravestone lays He was free and"
  • Olé (ft. Calvin Harris) - John Newman
    "Ole, you won’t tell none of your friends about me You won’t tell them I occupy your dream and your thoughts Look ay what we’ve started I feel so good when I leave your apartment I know, there’s no telling"
  • The Ballad Of Calvin Crozier - Seven Nations
    "The Ballad of Calvin Crozier (Words and music by Kirk McLeod, arranged by Seven Nations) Good people of this town You'd do well to gather around There is something that I must say A good man died"
  • DEAL WITH IT. | CALVIN KLEIN - Justin Bieber, Maluma, Lil Nas X, Kendall Jenner, Sza and more
    "You, know you love me I do what i want I'd rather be dreaming DEAL WITH IT DEAL WITH IT! DEAL WITH IT DEAL WITH IT It's Maluma, baby DEAL WITH IT! (...) I am , who i am i like, what i like I love, who"
  • More Than A Woman"(feat. Calvin - Angie Stone
    "ANGIE STONE Miscellaneous More Than A Woman"(feat. Calvin Cal, yo baby I believe it's your time, ha Uh huh, with Angie Cuz I believe in you Listen Lookin' back, reminiscing on Caught up really doing"
  • We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) - Rihanna
    "It's like you're screaming, and no one can hear You almost feel ashamed That someone could be that important That without them, you feel like nothing No one will ever understand how much it hurts You feel"
  • I Need Your Love (ft. Calvin Harris) - Ellie Goulding
    "i need your love i need your time when everything’s wrong you make it right i feel so high i come alive i need to be free with you tonight i need your love i need your love i take a deep breath everytime"
  • I Will Never Let You Down (feat. Calvin Harris) - Rita Ora
    "Tell me baby what we're gonna do I?ll make it easy, got a lot to do Watch the sun alight, coming true Open the window, let it shine on you Cause I?ve been sick and working all week And I?ve been doing"
  • She got the love - Calvin Richardson
    "She's got the love... (oh yeah)Chorus:She's got the love that a brotha needsHers is so unexplainable to a certain degreeBut its for meAh, for me She's got the love that a brotha needsHers is so unexplainable"
  • Under the blue sky - Calvin Richardson
    "So lovely the blue sky looks and so lovely the things around.See love glittered my eyes and happiness surrounds.It seems in a moment everything has changed like a lovely world I found.Whispering in my"
  • Keep On Pushin' - Calvin Richardson
    "Girl I've lied, but please for give me It's been a few months since I did it, I don't want to go on reliving this, put this in the past I want to make this love last Listen don't keep on pushing me If"
  • Cross My Heart - Calvin Richardson
    "There's one thing I'm sure about I can't live without your love Believe you me, I've tried to before But only ended up coming back to your door Wanting more of your gentleness The way you take good care"
  • Falling Out - Calvin Richardson
    "SPOKEN: Everything changes You know Even the seasons If things are going wrong We need to sit down and talk Cause if we don't face this soon SUNG: (Chorus) See the sun is going down (you're gonna live"
  • I Wansumo - Calvin Richardson
    "Listen, as I look into the galaxy Can't help but wonder what this means to me Gazing at Venus and Mars Jupiter and the stars A new horizon slowly I've seen shallow waters Made some sons and daughters Had"

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