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  • Camela - Camela
    "No, no te confundas, no, no soy yo, no, yo sólo pongo mi voz, tan sólo son mensajeros mis labios cuando yo me subo a un escenario a cantar una canción. S, si quieres verlo ven busca dentro de ti, busca"
  • Camel Toe - Bob And Tom
    "Your a beautiful girl And your pants are on so tight That when you stand just right I can see it all When your on the beach And your bikini's soaking wet I see a fuzzy silhouette As i look down below I"
  • Camel Crawl - Scaterd Few
    "Here's a tale that's ancient but true From the "Jewish Social Register" It reads like a feature written days ago About York's new swell young bucks Our hero is a wealthy twenty-something In the most"
  • Camel Crossing - Kirsty MacColl
    "In a dream of a desolate land Finding my feet on the wide white sand alone now Shot down in apathy during the war Never been north of the wise old Thames before Muslims and Christians, lions and tigers, Bombers"
  • Lunar Camel - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Chasing a monsoon over the dune Oh fly me to the moon, get me there soon I don't have to prove I'll last longer than you One hump or two, any handicap will do against you I'll be there soon -- over the"
  • Camel Song - Korn
    "you can see I fly, disguise evil, trapped in every eye you can watch me play taste your juices from me all day you can see I try this all for you you can see I despise all of you you can see I'm trying"
  • Camel tosis - Korn
    "Tre: Yeah.I should have known it from the start what I was in for. Shebreak a tin full, she copied, we exchanged some info. Called heron the tele, conversations were simple, ain't playin' games, mygame,"
  • Kamikaze Camel - Skinniman Dancing
    "Smoking up and getting high hitting that thing like there's no tomorrow why do you think I look like this? Do you think the're something wrong with the crowd that I follow? They keep on saying that I'm"
  • The Camel - Autonomadic
    "She smiles -- across the room She smiles -- her eyes are blue She smiles -- when I walk up She smiles -- she lights one up She smiles, her mouth says hello She smiles, her teeth are yellow She laughs"
  • Camel-Song - Cirkus Miramar
    "here we go again here we go again here we go again here we go again jag har en tavla ver sngen och en kruka p balkongen dr jag samlar p cameler som jag rkat sjlen ur jag har en bild p en madonna som"
  • Ali-Baba's Camel - Bonzo Dog Band
    "You've heard of Ali-Baba Forty thieves had he Out for what we all want Lots of LSD He also had a camel Stole it from a zoo How he loved the camel And the camel loved him too (Oh, how the camel loved Ali-Baba!) Ali-Baba's"
  • Ali-Baba's Camel - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
    "You've heard of Ali-Baba Forty thieves had he Out for what we all want Lots of LSD He also had a camel Stole it from a zoo How he loved the camel And the camel loved him too (Oh, how the camel loved Ali-Baba!) Ali-Baba's"
  • Humphrey The Camel - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
    "Let me tell you bout Humphrey the Camel amblin' across the sands umm All the Nomads givin' him a great big hand He's a big ugly Mammal and he's very very hairy All the Shieks know he's a swinging Dromedary"
  • The Camel Boy - John Williamson
    "They called him Camel Boy But he was a man He walked behind us ...with a billy He tended the campfire ... and he made the tea Drowned in the colours ... we didn't see And the ghost gums stand ... gleaming"
  • Camel toe stomp - Glenn Hughes
    "You work and slave all dayI don't have no say in what you doYou got sunburn on your backAnd I don't care to knowWhat you've been throughSo good for youMake me understandWatchya gonna doWhen they shake"
  • Camel Toe (~Awesome~) - Fanny Pack
    "Mhmm, that's right, uh huh, uh huh (x4) Walking down the street something caught my eye A growing epidemic that really ain't fly This middle aged lady...I gotta be blunt Her spandex biker shorts were"
  • A Christmas Camel - Procol Harum
    "My amazon six-triggered bride Now searching for a place to hide Still sees the truth quite easily But shrouds all else in mystery While madmen in top hats and tails Impale themselves on six-inch nails And"
  • Behind My Camel - The Police
    "------------------------ By Pokolgep Album title: Vedd el ami jar ! Most mas idok -- rossz idok Lesnek orvul rad Nincs remeny ha egyre kersz Hat vedd el ami jar Hidd el azt, ha meghatralsz Semmi nem var"
  • The Camel City - Codeseven
    "Get out of this bed each day I hear things I never thought I'd hear myself say,like "this sure feels nice,I wish it would stay" yeah right I'm in here fallin' around I won't see your face lay you down cause"
  • The Camel Song - Korn
    "You can see I fly Disguised evil attracting everybody You can watch me play Taste your juices from me all day You can see I tried this all for you You can see I dispise all of you You can"

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