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Camera Mezo

  • Camera - Akai
    "Paper autographs of the distant past Signed in memory at the factory Where they pump out time in assembly lines Frozen poses smile from cryptic paper piles Whole lives are spent on further moving away from"
  • Camera - Crosby, Stills & Nash
    "I rode my bike to town today Wobbling down the path I knew the kids would see me I love it when they laugh And I wish I were a camera And I could slice time like a knife Seeing stories in the faces And"
  • Camera - Wilco
    "I need a camera To my eye To my eye, reminding Which lies have I been hiding Which echoes belong I'm counting out The days in Central Park With gravel in my heart With echoes in my palm Phone my family Tell"
  • Camera - Editors
    "Keep close to me now I'll be your guide Once we have black hearts Then love dies Look at us Through the lens of a camera Does it remove All of our pain? If we run They'll look in the back room Where"
  • Camera - Palaxy Tracks
    "Camera, I never wanted you focused on my life Because I've been around You set me free, then come take ahold of me I'm young but I'm going to try to run when I leave So come on and turn back time You"
  • Camera - R.E.M.
    "From the inside room when the front room greeting Becomes your special book, it was simple then When the party lulls, if we fall by the side Will you be remembered? Will she be remembered? Alone in a"
  • Camera Camera - Renaissance
    "Open up your magazine and see what's inside I'm sure that you will find me--this is where I hide Treat me as your fantasy, escape from the day Into my model existance I will take you far away Chorus: Camera"
  • Acha to ten Mezo - PeeRZet
    "Yo Mezo weź się spinaj spokojnie, masz flow jak mes gdy nie jest w formie, ale nie roń łez tak to już jest weź orient, piszesz rymy? Człowieku piszesz komedie jak Molier, i jak zechcesz to będziesz samym"
  • On Camera - Mount Westmore
    "Utwór 'On Camera' z albumu 'Snoop, Cube, 40, $hort' Mount Westmore (premiera 09 grudnia 2022r.)"
  • Oddycham Tobą (feat. Mezo) - Sabina SaGo
    "Ja oddycham tobą cały czas Gdzie jesteś ty, tam jestem ja Nie oszukam uczuć, które mam Tych uczuć odkąd ciebie znam Jesteś dla mnie jak legalny doping Oddychać tobą, czuć zapach twej istoty Niebezpieczny,"
  • Camera Phone - Chamillionaire
    "Camera Phone - Da Muzicianz Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop Chorus Shake somethin for tha camera phone Take a picture for tha camera phone Shake somethin for tha camera phone Take a picture for tha camera"
  • Camera Shy - Spoons
    "These eyes Cold from the winter years Of searching every face These arms Numb from the cold embrace Devoured by something not totally there Youve been CAMERA SHY in my life Youve been somewhere else always CAMERA"
  • Camera Eye - Flotsam And Jetsam
    "You'd better hope your only choice is to die Being watched awfully close by the camera eye The name that you use may not be yours But the time that you serve will be So you pull out a gun without stopping"
  • Camera Shy - School Boy Humor
    "There is no hope for you and me Cause this long drive might be (the last time I take the wheel) You're not sure how you feel. I take the spot light Always gives you stage fright Wish this song would end"
  • Camera One - Josh Jopling Group
    "The sandy haired son of hollywood Lost his faith in all thats good Closed the curtain, unplugged the clock Hung his clothes on the shower rod But he never got undressed And no, he never made a mess Its"
  • Distant Camera - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "The flash of a distant camera Reconnecting thoughts and actions Fragments of our missing dream Pieces from here and there Fall in place along the line Disappearing between you and me Life is changing"
  • Distant Camera - Neil Young
    "The flash of a distant camera reconnecting thoughts and actions, Fragments of our missing dreams, Pieces from here and there fall in place along the line, Disappearing between you and me. Life is changing"
  • Camera Shy - Teen Idols
    "So well composed You seem like absolute perfection Much to perfect for a boy Who is used to big rejection, so I I watch you through a lens Just slightly out of focus You're so flawless in your smile Although"
  • The Camera - IdleMiND
    "Row the boat I rented for the scene Thought we'd have a picnic and you'd scream Your most favourite song, maybe its wrong It doesn't matter because it's all a dream Phone rings twice a day, everytime I"
  • Dream Camera - Joe Ely
    "You snuck your Dream Camera from under your pillow in your bed last night And you waited in your sleep until gravity didn't hold you so tight Then you took out your flash And you cocked the shutter With"

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