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Can't be erased nuty literowe

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Can't be erased nuty literowe

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Can't be erased nuty literowe
  • Chris Brown Erased
    "Verse 1: You don't see me The same no more It's hard To see the light with closing doors Don't treat me like Like I'm invisible Your tone with me It's not the usual We scream, we fight Saying"
  • Grandaddy What Can't Be Erased
    "If you could have seen my face Reflected off A lone dinner plate Trying to erase What can't be erased? If you would have rung my phone I would have said I hate being alone Trying to erase What can't"
  • SS501 Love that can't be erased
    "gasumun no hanaman chan-nunde apugo apaso piwo-netdon sangchoman nae-ge nam-gin chae ichuryo nol ijuryo hae-bwado sarachiji ha-nhun dan hansaram no ran-gol ajunhi wae non morun chok hani mar-hae-bwa wae"
  • Trust Company Erased
    "I feel i'm falling behind The same way again Still tracing the same line But looking for the end I'm fading Gone away I almost feel erased I'm fading Gone away And now i feel erased I'm still alone tonight Somewhere"
  • Nasum Erased
    "To be governed is to be watched over, directed, regulated, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, cencored by men who have neiter the right nor the knowledge nor the virtue Erased from this world! To"
  • Annie Lennox Erased
    "I'm gonna put it all behind me like nothing ever happened between us. Nothing ever took place between you and me Yeah, nothing ever happened. And if you see me walking down the street I won't even recognize"
  • Muse Citizen Erased
    "Break me in, Teach us to cheat And to lie, cover up What shouldn't be shared? All the truth unwinding Scraping away At my mind Please stop asking me to describe him For one moment I wish you'd hold"
  • Paradise Lost Erased
    "I don't owe anything I don't owe anyone Shoot pride for all it's worth I don't belong In a situation now That I could not repair I assert myself to sleep Show others that I've cared How cold is this poor"
  • Sunk Loto Erased
    "Drowning, feels like I'm drowning in the piss of the world Suffocated, we'suffocating in the mess we've made Drowning now!! Fly up so high then you fall Crashing, burning down thoughtlessly & selfishly"
  • Arshenic Erased
    "Erasing all the memories crawling down to the sun... Sky is falling down on our heads We’re drowning in the clouds Trying to let it go Our minds are the prison that holds us down Oh I’m suffocating Oh"
  • Austrian Death Machine You Have Just Been Erased
    "The only way to give you future Is to erase your past I will give you a new name I will give you a brand new life But we must cut all ties To keep you alive You have just been erased You have just been"
  • Born Of Osiris Empires Erased
    "This isn't over yet and we've only just begun to create this I thought I lost it all Not wrapped between the sheets Trust in me, you will see Believe in me and let the others have their way with you"
  • Ablaze My Sorrow Erased / Relived
    "Black shadows creeping down the wall Another life is about to end I can feel the hour creeping closer now Today it's my execution day Without fear in my eyes I walk 30 meters to the chair The thoughts"
  • Oceans Of Sadness Re-Erased
    "Analyse hate As wolves catch the sheep Feasting on others Killing, just to survive... Slumbering lust Forfilled with all blood Mirrors will turn Your image back to yourself Forget this pain Eating our"
  • Muse Citizen Erased
    "Zerstr mich, lehre uns zu schummeln Und zu lgen und uns zu vertuschen Was man nicht verantworten sollte Und die Wahrheit entspannt sich Kratzt sich an meinem Gewissen, Bitte hr auf mich um Erklrung zu"
  • Spineshank (Can't Be) Fixed
    "It goes beneath what I've done It's bigger than the helplessness I felt It comes around without a face And redefines my sub-conscience again I can't be fixed I can't be fixed I can't be fixed 'Cause I"
  • Lodgic I Can't Be......
    "Another perfect person, That I can't measure up to, My condition only worsens, As they say 'I'm better than you,' I can't be perfect, I can't be all you ever need, I'm trying my hardest to be, As perfect"
  • The Ramones I Can't Be
    "I can't be Do what you want with me I can't be Do what you want with me I can't be Do what you want with me I can't be Do what you want with me Now you say you wanna live with me One-two-three, you wanna"
  • Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed
    "For those who don't know me, I can get a bit crazy Have to get my way, 24 hours a day 'Cause I'm hot like that Every guy everywhere just gives me mad attention Like I'm under inspection, I always get the"
  • Marie Serneholt Can't Be Loved
    "I can play the sweet little girl if you want me to Or a just can be the woman of your dreams Just say the word there's nothing that I Wouldn't do for you I can show you things you've never seen What"

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