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Can You Travel in the Dark Alone


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Can You Travel in the Dark Alone

  • All Alone In The Dark - The Monkees
    "I can see you when the moon is shining bright I can feel you when the moon is out of sight Whisper softly, well it sounds so nice All alone in the dark, all alone in the dark I can hear the words you"
  • Travel In Time - Kate Havnevik
    "Strange, how it can be Dark for you is dawn for me Time has intervened Summer wind is autumn breeze Can I meet you in between? Will you be there? Let me hold you silently, Still in the air At the fall"
  • Travel - Thao With The Get Down Stay Down
    "darling did you hate the way i made you travel all pain and scrapes scrapes and safety hazards we only only roll so far and then i rolled you from my zooman cup but i took a million looks how they ate"
  • Travel - Atmosphere
    "(Slug) We travel like the wind across the rotten fruited plain we travel like the blood that surrounds your brain atmosphere has landed demanding that we raise the curve expand the kingdom, all heads of"
  • Travel - From Autumn To Ashes
    "Next time we walk down to the docks while welcoming morning sun Well share rations of bread with Drifters and deceivers Know I only see this hour after evenings of infamy There are thousands of you like"
  • Travel Light - The Do
    "I got something in my head Something sleeping in my head That I dont wanna wake up you see Something in my head And my lazy little body Isnt ready yet to set it free Well its some ind of hibernation Who"
  • Time Travel - The Better World
    "Time Travel (Matt Coban) Afraid of asking where were going Can't hang on to this moment anymore I felt you along the way, couldn't breathe till it was over Now it's all inside my head If I could go back"
  • I Travel Alone - Hildegard Knef
    "I travel alone Sometimes I'm east Sometimes I'm west No chance can ever bind me No remembered love Can ever find me I travel alone Fair though the places And faces I've known When the dream has ended And"
  • Travel time - Starsplash
    "Intro Bass in your face! Take my hand to travel time so we can run away forever there's a chance we cross the line and we can build this thing together and my heart goes out to everyone a light will shine"
  • Alone In The Dark - John Hiatt
    "It's a lonely picture Of an empty glass It's a still life study Of a drunken ass And he howls at the moon Hoping the sun don't come up too fast I'm all alone in the dark now baby I'm all alone in the"
  • Space travel - Bush
    "They're polishing the government resembles a last waltz we are the playthings we are the form since we can rise too long since i've seen you we move like satellites my future lies in spacetravel she's"
  • Travel And Trust - Legends Of Rodeo
    "And it dawned on me to get moving on and on to where I don't know anyone and no one knows me and all of life is a possibility. I swear I tried to the best of my ability I can't put my finger on exactly"
  • Alone In The Dark. - Opera Atomic
    "Eternal suffering. Everlasting oblivion of tears falling into the dust. I want to die. But the three mothers don't grip my hand they want the cycle to be completed. I'm walking through this autumnal mist where"
  • Alone In The Dark - Opera IX
    "Eternal suffering. Everlasting oblivion of tears falling into the dust. I want to die. But the three mothers don't grip my hand they want the cycle to be completed. I'm walking through this autumnal mist where"
  • Alone In The Dark - Brokencyde
    "I've been your friend from the start The one that listens to you I know you don't think I'm there I'm right there walking with you I'm disappear in the darkness, Just waiting for you I can't escape what"
  • Alone in the dark - Norton
    "Wish I had just one more chance To hold you close and say I love you Can't believe that our romance was just beginning Now its through I'm looking for tomorrow To start a newlife on my own And all I see"
  • Dark - Anouk
    "I'm walking in the park And I'm talking to the dark But there ain't nobody listening My heart has turned to stone When I found myself alone Now all I do is whiper to the dark There's only so much you"
  • Dark - Ray Wilson
    "Where were you when I needed you? The fear that I would call out to despite You Lying staring at my feelings across some sacred crowd An endless search for anger This silence is too loud Do I have no strength?"
  • Travel With You - So What
    "I am sitting in my apartment with a pencil in my hand. Try to write a love song, the feelings of a man. Outside a dog is barking, a loud sports car drives past. I see the lights of the city, my heart is"
  • Alone - The Damned
    "lying in a wiped out park with silver screams from the dark theres no direction a steel erection to feel can you swallow the mist from this space suffer with the gun on your face well you can't"

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