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Can i wait forever to see you again sahara

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Can i wait forever to see you again sahara

  • Sahara - Cutting Crew
    "Eede/Boorer Don't let love let you down It's been fine up to now Sahara, I just walked into your world Sahara, don't walk out on me now Don't let time tie you down It's been fine up to now Sahara, there"
  • Wait Forever - Gary Valenciano
    "Standing on the great divide Feel the sudden need to fly Underneath the open sky And the river down below I could keep on running down I could keep on cheating death and yet somehow It all ends up the"
  • I Can Wait Forever - Simple Plan
    "You look so beautiful today When you're sitting there It's hard for me to look away So I try to find the words that I could say I know distance doesn't matter But you feel so far away And I can't lie But"
  • I Can Wait Forever - Air Supply
    "When you say I miss the things you do, I just wanna get back close again to you. But for now your voice is near enough. How I miss you, and I miss you love. And though all the days that pass me by"
  • Wait Forever - Tyketto
    "By Tyketto (Music For Nations, 1994) B-side of the "The End Of The Summer Days" single Written by Danny Vaughn, Michael Clayton, Brooke St.James and Martin Briley Transcribed by Frantic Freddy; What I"
  • See You Again - I Am I
    "They say never in a thousand years Do we shed the tears Do we know the price of war Forever and a single day Will it end this way I never ask you for more Didn’t have the words to say Like a child at"
  • Sahara - Alabina
    "Sahara Truth is in your eyes Embrace the emptiness in me Am i thirsty for your company Beyond the desert with sahara Risk is my life When my car breaks down Lost in the dume A hundred miles from town The"
  • Heaven Can Wait - Iron Maiden
    "(Harris) Can't understand what is happening to me This isn't real this is only a dream But I never have felt, no I never have felt this way before I'm looking down on my body below I lie asleep in the"
  • Wait And See - Sacred Tuesday
    "To find another time alone by myself I'll slowly walk to road to wrap myself right when i fall again by myself I'll step up to walk in the rain I'll stand up just to be knocked down you'll pick me up and"
  • Wait And See - The Byrds
    "Watch out what you say my way I'm gonna get that girl Wait and see I saw her today She came by my way I'm gonna win her love Just for me And together we'll go walking In the evening still"
  • SEE YOU AGAIN - Tyler, The Creator
    "You live in my dream state relocate my fantasy I stay in reality you live in my dream state anytime I count sheep that’s the only time we eyelids, my eyelids now I don’t wanna wake up you exist behind"
  • Wait - Guy Sebastian
    "Girl, before you turn and walk away Leave me standing here Just know I'll always love you I never wanna make the same mistakes That I made.. I only have myself to blame Girl, I'm sorry.. CHORUS Baby,"
  • Wait - Death Cab For Cutie
    "Every town has a diner Where I'll meet you and your friends too Things are just a bit nicer over some coffee You can tell me all about your day I don't know much about you Not that I want to Not that"
  • Wait - Seven Mary Three
    "I imagine long walks down the road Things begin to bloom and the sky explodes The damage is undone, and then I know, This has got to be a dream Machines and luxuries don't last I took my sleep for granted"
  • Wait - Nonpoint
    "Just staring off into space again What am i looking for Maybe a cigarette might Calm me down or keep me warm Maybe a drink might be able To tell me that i might be able To do this alone They're probably"
  • Heaven Can Wait - Eric Carmen
    "(Eric Carmen) I was livin' for tomorrow Hangin' on from day to day Tired of chasin' a dream That so constantly seemed To just slip away Oh, now that I've found a love that's forever Heaven can wait till"
  • Heaven can wait - Paul Young
    "What did I see in you Have changed my mind Those first impressions saying love is blind Why find a reason when this Feeling goes on and on in everyone Swept into the tide Heaven can wait forever Now till"
  • Til I See You Again - Nikki Leonti
    "I don't want to let you go I don't want to say goodbye But the road has led us here to this divide Nothing I can say or do Can make it any other way But the promise of forever knows no time or space"
  • I Can Wait - Babel Fish
    "My name shined so bright Reflecting in my lights Someone put a sign up On this rainy night Naturally I stopped All three doors were locked When right out of nowhere Came this creepy man With gun in hand He"
  • Forever - Resource
    "Something in your eyes Now it's talking to me I can see the pain And the doubt of do it wrong again The faults are not definitive You understand You're in fight again Between your heart and your head Only"

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