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Candle i the sky

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Candle i the sky

  • Candle - The White Tie Affair
    "I took a ride on a February morning, Just getting over it and dealing with the mourning, I started thinking out loud: I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired, My baby's flying off the edge of the"
  • Candle - Sonic Youth
    "I see a dog star divin' at his magic, snatchin' Keeps me up awake go crystal cracking I can't wait I can't stay, a candle Gotta change my mind before it burns out I'm the Cocker on the rock Wind is whipping"
  • Candle - VAST
    "Just take this candle its the one you gave to me it has enough light, just enough to torture me just take this candle its the one you gave to me i left you crying at the altar of your mind before you"
  • Candle - Guy Sebastian
    "I’m like ten thousand miles from you And there’s like ten thousand girls in view Let’s tryna save them with me Get that drink on for free Tryna get me to my hotel room Back it up /3x I ain’t tryna do nothing Back"
  • Candle - Tarkio
    "A candle for you a strong wind to guide you from the harbour so take it with you to leave late either one will tell you which you never hope to find you and leave low but, I know it will raise a wall between"
  • Candle - Harem Scarem
    "Walked in your garden of Eden Fell in the hole of your sentiments Trying to find the ground too soon You came like the swarming of killer bees Stung in the eyes now I'll never see If you're the moon disguised"
  • Candle - All Together Separate
    "There's a candle burning in a room There are shadows dancing on the walls In the dim light everything is gray But the flame it keeps the night away There's a cold wind blowing through the room And a darkness"
  • Candle - Peter Hammill
    "Look at the candle, as its life is bought, as the wick just rolls over and dies; look at the wax-drops as they cease from their goal and the game they were playing loses its joy and the youth which they"
  • Candle - Lunik
    "the night was long the candle's out and now you wrap yourself around me and tell me I'm the one for you it's been a long time we're standing strong such a long time we're going on we can beat everything"
  • Another Candle - Heir Apparant
    "I've seen through times of mystery And dreamed of truth in history I can't imagine why we'd let our lives be stole away- For Armageddon To be their pawns And fear their Gods With no free will - NO! Another"
  • Roman Candle - Half Japanese
    "Roman candles light up the midnight sky. I hear the bells of St. Matthew's ringing. A mariachi band goes walking by, And in the black night, the birds are singing They sing a song of sweetness, they sing"
  • The Candle - King Diamond
    ""7 Years Have Gone, It Can No Longer Be Left Undone The Candle Must Be Burn Again, And Pain Must Follow the Unholy Flame So Burn...Burn...Burn And Free the Spirit From Its Chain" Here I AM Blinded Again"
  • The Candle - Smog
    "I was on her body He was on her mind I progressed her He possessed her I was there every day He was there one day And then went away Well, I'm gathering these splinters to make a raft someday She gives"
  • My Candle Burns - Marc Almond
    "Poor Mr Sad He's flown away In search of his heaven now Heaven knows why And Mr Sad Left me a note to say If he finds his heaven now He won't have time to cry So I'm gonna fly, fly, fly away On my wings"
  • Candle For The Dark - Chicago
    "Chicago Stone Of Sisyphus Candle For The Dark We rode the train, From paris to the cold atlantic shore. The winter rain Kept us in each others arms until the dawn, Do you remember? Faster than the sun, Flying"
  • Candle 99 - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "And all of these chains; a sweet caress And all of my weight was tenderness Every time we had it put to bed Oh, the tables are turning 'round and I'm in it again Now it's the ending of our second chance And"
  • Candle Song - Onelinedrawing
    "I'm happy as the candle on my table that lights my words deserving atleast half the credit for giving me the chance to edit trickled out, articulate my thoughts and i am thankful for the light a little"
  • Candle Song - Ugly Kid Joe
    "Pray by the candle and I hope to see light Wait for the moment but it's never right So now I'm sailing on the oceans so wide, I'm all alone, me and my day dreams and I Pray by the candle and I hope to"
  • Frozen Candle - Edguy
    "Crying on the pyre, feelin' all so strange When you took my mind to deteriorate, told Me that you like me, atrocious and deterrent Lies, you showed me how it is to suffer hate Celebrate my funeral,"
  • One Candle - J. Ralph & Sia
    "Two hands, split Two hands, humans Humans making humans Mountains, maybe we can move them Come now, together we can do this Together we can Take my hand Take my hand (I want to save Orangutans) Together"

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