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Candlelight Red - She's Got The Look

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Candlelight Red - She's Got The Look

  • She's Got That Oklahoma Look - Moe Bandy
    "I was following the rodeos in Texas And being chased by fathers of my ex's I was a looking for romance but it happened just like that When I saw her it melted the brim of my hat She's got that Oklahoma"
  • She's Got The Look - Guttermouth
    "she likes to read i like tv she's checking out my good friend steve (er) she likes a beer i like a shot her parents think i'm selling pot she likes the boys in the band she rollerblades down the strand when"
  • She's Got - Part Six
    "It's gotta be I got her in sight It's gotta be good It's gotta be clearly undestood She's got that look She's got that special touch, Now i don't know that much, But i make her mine mine mine She's gotta"
  • Red Got Riplets - Murphy Lee
    "(Verse 1: Nelly) Uh, uh, uh, uh I'm automatical, infatical, radical even I wanna clearr all the misconceptions and shit ya believe in I'm leavin' nothin' to the imagination I won't stop on my Emanicipation"
  • She's Got The Time - Newton Faulkner
    "Looking at a grey sky, Blue sky's coming, So I don't mind I'm gonna look in her eye, And say hey hi how's it going, Hows she gonna take it God knows. She's got the time but she don't wanna give it to"
  • She's Got It Bad - Simply Red
    "I get off my things, I lay down in the sidelanes I don't feel that I hide, just permanently ride And I'm waiting for your gentle reign Something that'll help me learn But one look at her and you know That"
  • Candlelight - Toni Braxton
    "Lonely in bed At night And it never feels right I toss and turn Each night Till the morning light But just the thought of you Sends chills up and down my spine Just knowing you'll be here real soon Makes"
  • Candlelight - Imogen Heap
    "I am alone, surrounded by The colour blue Inside a poem, the only Words I ever knew Washing my hands, of the Many years untold For now I am banned, my Future is to unfold Would you take my Candlelight Would"
  • Candlelight - Babyface
    "Written by gaylor d, john barnes (1993) Performed by toni braxton Lonely in bed At night And it never feels right I toss and turn Each night 'til the morning light But just the thought of you Sends chills"
  • Candlelight - Ken Hensley
    "By the sun and candlelight Wandered through a misty night In a dream not long ago I saw her In a dream not long ago I walked all around the town Thinking she might be around In a dream not long ago I saw"
  • Candlelight - Janis Ian
    "don't let the sun go down on me I do not want to be alone tonight We'll be right, you'll see Night is a shadow on the soul and if you want to set me wholly free stay by me tonight I've been afraid of"
  • She's Got that Look in Her Eyes - Alabama
    "She's still got those pretty eyes like she did in school The first time that she looked at me, my heart went ka-boom Today I saw that look again on sale in summer square She looked so good in what she"
  • She's Got The Lot - Slade
  • RED - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Redman) I said y'all niggaz can't come in here tonight P,P,P Get out of here I'm the bouncer here tonight Your boys are out numbered so plan tomorrow While I do the wild thing like I'm Sam"
  • U got the look - Gary Numan
    "You walked in I woke up I've never seen a pretty girl look so tough baby You got that look Color you peach and black Color me taken aback Crucial I think I wantcha You've got the look You've got the hook"
  • U Got The Look - Prince
    "Here we are folks The dream we all dream off Boy versus girl in the World Series of love Tell me, have U got the look? U walked in, I woke up I never seen a pretty girl Look so tough, baby U got that look Color"
  • She's Got My Number - Semisonic
    "She's got my number she always did She can always see where my secret's hid Everything about me is hers to tell She's got my number she always will She's got my number I must confess One look in her eyes"
  • She's Got A Motorcycle - Frankie Cocozza
    "Look at those mirrored eyes, I want them. How your legs like to shine, I can see them. Your smile floods the street, like a wild child. I hear your heart as it beats, to your own style. You've been locked"
  • She's Got Her Daddy's Money - Alan Jackson
    "Let's begin with the day I met her How fast this good old boys world got better The sky got bluer, the grass got greener Just the first few seconds after I first seen her Like my favorite song on a new"
  • Dark Visions by Candlelight - Amortis
    "The Shade of an whispering Spirit Came crying to my Bed Its cold dead Lips have cursed me And brought me endless Pain My Flesh is getting colder Years passed in just one Night Restlessly I'm wandering"

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