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Candy Girl '

  • Candy Girl - Frankie Valli
    "I've been a searching all this wide world Finally I found my Candy Girl I found me a girl Candy Girl She sets my heart a whirl Candy Girl with huggin' (huggin') and kissin' (kissin') and lovin' She's"
  • Candy Girl - New Edition
    "My girls like candy, a candy treat She knocks me hot up off me feet She's so fine as can be I know this girl is meant for me Candy Girl You are my world You look so sweet You're a special treat Candy"
  • Candy Girl - Smile Dk
    "I can't dance alone Will you come dance with me? Let's have a party! Do do be do be do be do be do be do be do be do , do be do be do Do be do do be do be do be do be do be do be do be, do do be do be"
  • Candy Girl - Baby Bird
    "Are you the tornado in my sails Are you Jesus without the nails Are you the bury met without the rails Are you Paris without snails Of course you're not But you're all I've got And that's fine & dandy When"
  • Candy Girl - Bobby Valentino
    "Hmm Hmm Dat Girl Right There Lookin Real Tasty Man Whoo Valentino I Like This Candy Apple Bottom With Your Milkshake Waist, Peanut Butter Eyes With Your Cupcake Face, 31 Flavors Aint Got Nothing On"
  • Candy - Mark Morrison
    "Let me check this out... Take this shit out... Candy... So fine... Yeah... babe... It's my favorite kind Would you let me take a bite I can taste it now Let me fill my appetite Don't be stingy girl I"
  • Candy - Astors
    "Gee, whiz Oh, have you seen my girl Gee, whiz She's out of this world She's got lips so sweet Candy red Honey bees flying All around her head Candy Candy Ooh, wee She's got a heart so warm Ooh, wee She's"
  • Candy - Aaron Carter
    "Hey Justin, hey it's Aaron. I can't come out tonight, I'm going to see this girl. No no, her name is Candy. She's real cute. I gotta go- see ya. I know a girl who's tough but sweet She's so fine, she can't"
  • Candy - Iggy Pop
    "It's a rainy afternoon In 1990 The big city...geez, it's been 20 years! Candy, You were so fine Beautiful, beautiful Girl from the north You burned my heart with a flickering torch I had a dream that"
  • Candy - Crystal Kay
    "* Candy wanna be lady lady Candy loves you baby baby Candy wanna be lady lady Canndy wanna be your lady ** Candy is a good girl, right So She can't say "I love U" What do you think about her? *"
  • Candy - Bertine Zetlitz
    "Candy was the kind of girl Who thrived on rollercoasters And would take you home for supper in a flash She'd make you into something - you are not A little better When the one you used to be Would kinda"
  • Candy - Aggro Santos feat. Kimberly Wyatt
    "Ooo Come n getcha some come n getcha some, Candy Ooo ooo Come n getcha some come n getcha some Candy Ooo Come n getcha some come n getcha some, Candy Ooo ooo Come n getcha some come n getcha CANDY Hot"
  • Candy - Kelis
    "(Kelis) I taste just like candy, candy I taste just like candy So dance with me (Foxy) Yo now let me paint y'all a whisper Fox pimp hard, quiet just like a whisper Don't get it mixed up Bad little sista Not"
  • Candy - LL Cool J
    "When you was seventeen and I was nineteen we feel deep in love growing up in Queens we didn't know a thing about love we was innocent sneakin' on the doorstep to hug held you tightly and promised you the"
  • Candy - Immature
    "Chorus Your love's sweeter than candy So keep swingin it my way Thats the only love that I will ever need Look at me, acting like a child I can't keep this smile off my face Its been a while, since I've"
  • Candy - Pack
    "It's my pussy I can do what I want Hm, I'm a big girl now It's my pussy i can do what i want hm, I'm a big girl now -Front, back, side to side Pussy pop, do it right Front, back, side to side Pussy pop,"
  • Candy - Will Smith
    "Excuse me Miss, can we chat for a second I'd ask how you doin', but you fine I reckon Wait, do you have a man, cause I aint' into home-wreckin No?. .Aiight cool just checkin Look, from a hundred yards"
  • Candy - Little Brother
    "(Bun. B) Well we the real Trill, playas postin up in the corner Sippin and blowin on purple, gettin lit like we wanna My persona is O.G., my aura is green and I'm known for comin down on them blaze, sippin"
  • Candy Perfume Girl - Prima Dona
    "Young velvet porcelain boy Devour me when you're with me Blue wish window seas Speak delicious fires I'm your candy perfume girl Your candy perfume girl Moist warm desire Fly to me I'm your candy perfume"
  • Candy parfume girl - Madonna
    "Young velvetporcelain boyDevour me when you're with meBlue wish window seasSpeak delicious firesI'm your candy perfume girlYour candy perfume girlMoist warm desireFly to meI'm your candy perfume girlYour"

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