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Car rap

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Car rap

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Car rap
  • Scarface No Tears (Office Space Car Rap)
    "Now the funeral is over, And all the tears are dried up, Niggas hangin deep on the cut gettin fired up, Lookin for the nigga who pulled a pistol on my homie, An eye for an eye so now your life is what"
  • Claude Nougaro Rap Idyllique
    "Elle se promne dans la villeIl la suit car elle est belleElle dans la foule se faufileIl la poursuit de plus belleElle alors s'arrte pileIl lve les yeux au cielElle et il, il et elleElle lui dit : "C'est"
  • Passi Rap bizness
    "Le but la rime du mois et le rap du mois Un style qui te scie, mon rap moi, Ma conscience et mes mots siamois Technique de bonhomme au role-pa a nique a sonne et c'est le mme combat C'est mon nouveau,"
  • Andre Nickatina Rap Gods
    "im still standin.. this for the rap gods.. (andre) i tried to earn wings but, i think i grew horns and maybe thats why mc's rock me like porn flowin like the water in the mississippi river i suppose"
  • Solomon Childs Rap Star
    "(Intro: Solomon Childs *singing a capella*) If I could (yeah), I'd like to be (huh), a great big rap star (yeah) B Q B N F D R (yeah) Hear my music bumpin' in your car (aight, that shit would be proper) Mad"
  • Fat Joe Murder rap
    "Uh-oh, uh-oh.. Let's get it over with. Yo sound boy turn the levels up Let's get it over with, UH! Terror Squad up in this motherfucker Where my real niggaz at? My Bronx niggaz, my (?) niggaz I see you"
  • Saosin Rap party
    "Where's my dick at?My snare, my snare, my dick?My snare, where's my snare at?Word.All ya'll niggas try to play meBut all ya'lls bitches wanna have my babies (Daddy)Ain't none of ya'll that can try to hate"
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber The Rap
    "Rockies: Lead to the left and box to the right The Rockies in the house were here tonight R.O.C.K.I.E.S. Put your hands together, you know we're the best! Motivatin' (acceleratin'!) Devastatin' (galvinatin'!) Boys: Diesel,"
  • Common Car Horn
    "(feat. Mark the 45 King) I'm the C-O to the double M O to the N You heard, motherfucker? Well boy I hit ya again Official bald nigga from the City of Winds Stay doing it, doing it, I am doing it What"
  • Aesop Rock Getaway Car
    "breeze brewin a yo I send this to all of my corporate corpses tryna abort the thoughts of coming out wildn, dumbin out time to off the office, i was surely sorta twisted, worked at a TV studio, an"
  • Sin Bandera Serenata Rap
    "OK Listos muchachos, OK Si te encuentro en la calle No me atrevo ni hablarte Se bloquean mis palabras no me atrevo a mirarte a los ojos y aunque suene imposible si pudiera amplificar el latir del"
  • Andre Nickatina The Rap Gods
    "im still standin.. this for the rap gods.. (andre) i tried to earn wings but, i think i grew horns and maybe thats why mc's rock me like porn flowin like the water in the mississippi river i suppose it"
  • Christina Aguilera F/ Redman Dirrty (Rap Version)
    "Christina Aguilera F/ Redman Miscellaneous Dirrty (Rap Version) Wanna get ROWDY Gonna get a lil' UNRULEY Get it fired up in a HURRY Wanna get DIRRTY It's about time that I came to start the PARTY Sweat"
  • Chamillionaire Rap City Freestyles
    "I neva take a high atis Debate it The kid the greatest My album anticipated I made it Now haters hate it Problems I can create it My pistol is nickel plated All of my friends can get a F U friendship is"
  • Punchline Punchline Christmas Rap
    "Yo man we gonna do this? Yeah, it's Christmas, why not? Let's give it one shot, Christmas 2K6, P Line! (Chris Rapfabulous) My name is Chris Fafalios, I hope you have a great Christmas, I hope the it is"
  • Christina Aguilera Dirrty (Rap Version)
    "UH, dirrty, filthy, nasty Christina you nasty (Yeah) Too dirty to clean my act up If you ain't dirty, you ain't here to party Whoo Ladies move, gentleman move Somebody ring the alarm, a fire on the roof Ring"
  • Mr. Walker And The Pimps Mrs. Taylor Rap
    "My name is Mrs. Taylor, I have gout I'm really fat, so check me out. My rumpus is huge, and not too tiny My voice is quiet, but not my hiney I'm the man with the masta' ham Watches are the hands that strangle"
  • Thumb Consumer's Rap-Sody
    "when was the last time you made your own decision, free from whatever distracts you from your vision, free from the pressure of society's rule book, free from how you act, free from how you look. now really"
  • Cidinho & Doca Rap das armas
    "Parapapapapapapapapa Paparapaparapapara clack bum Parapapapapapapapapa Morro do Dend ruim de invadir Nois, com os Alemo, vamo se diverti Porque no Dend eu vo dizer como que Aqui no tem mole nem pra"
  • Missy Elliott Lets Talk About Rap
    "From London bridge,to Brooklyn town when smoke gets in your eyes you orta leave it alone a while, if you want to stay alive chorus: oohhhh letssss lets talk about rap baby lets talk about slim shady lets"

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