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Carlos usage of mi amor

  • Carlos Dominguez - Tish Hinojosa
    "Carlos Dominguez, an unhappy man Always running away What are you searching for Carlos Dominguez? Why do you cry every day? I'm searching for something That I cannot find I look for a way I might find"
  • Carlos - Rodney Carrington
    "I gotta tell you this too,you know,I'm a short fucker,you know,like I said,I gotta,I work purely off personality.I aint got a problem with it.If I was tall I'd probably be stupid,I'm just guessing,I don't"
  • Carlos - Pete Yorn
    "(Don't Let It Go To Your Head) Into the roomKeep it burning throughHear what they said?Dont talk about thisIf you know how to sing it alone.Carlos works in a place that no one has goneIts howlin out tonightAnd"
  • Mi Amor - Fredrik Kempe
    "Watching the sun going down tonight Noone but you and I Trying so hard to forget the truth It's time to say goodbye I don't know how baby I don't know when I only know that I will see you again Mi amor"
  • Mi amor - Whigfield
    "Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Darling I need you tonight, 'Cos the moon is so bright And I think of"
  • Mi Amor - Angie Martinez Feat. Jay Z
    "How you say 'My love' in Spanish? (Mi amor, how you say 'My love' in thug) Can I hit it raw? In the backseat of my jeep or maybe on the floor (Easy papi) Na mami, teach me more (Tr'teme, especial means"
  • Mi Amor - Angie Martinez
    "*chorus * How you say "my love" in spanish? (Mi amor) (How you say "my love" in thug?) Can I hit it raw? In the backseat of my jeep, or maybe on the floor (Easy papi) Nah mami, teach me more (Tr'teme especial"
  • The Usage Of Fuck - Monty Python
    "Perhaps one of the most interesting words in the English language today is the word fuck. Out of all of the English words that begin with the letter "F", fuck is the only word that is referred to as the"
  • Carlos Rossi - E-40
    "(B-Legit) What's up fool, I got like 3 buck on the Rossi Let's go get perved (E-40) You don't wanna get perved, nigga You don't wanna fuck wit this Rossi shit (...) Man, don't forget the ice man (E-40) Oh,"
  • Monday Mi Amor - Soluna
    "On Monday morning I feel blue And, boy, it's all because of you On Tuesday heartache is my friend I feel like we have reached the end On Wednesday I pick up the phone I'm tired of being all alone We've"
  • Manana (Mi Amor) - Georg Baker Selection
    "When the silent shadows gonna fall When the evening-breeze is gonna call We'll sit by the table to eat our daily bread. This day was a hard day my friend The whole day I was working on the land While the"
  • Amor - Los Amigos Invisibles
    "What is love? It's in the blood, it's just a way of life What is love? It's everything, it's something you can't hide What is love? Is it the way you look into my eyes? What is love? The things you do"
  • Ruby And Carlos - James McMurtry
    "Ruby said you're gettin' us in a world of hurt And down below the Mason Dumb Ass line the food gets worse I can't go back to TennesseeThat NASCAR country's not for me Go on if you think you must Carlos"
  • Antonio Carlos Jobim - Heatmiser
    "why are you here? couldn't you tell him? were you afraid he'd hear? you should have been thankful to be alone you took off your shoes said anything further would be bad news 'cos you'd already started"
  • Carlos, Man Of Love - Rodney Carrington
    "(Speaking) Good evening. Your dream is here, for I am Carlos. You think I'm sexy, and your right. Come a little closer, I won't bite. I see the love that's in your eyes. Between my legs, you'll find a"
  • Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu - Michael Jackson
    "(spanish version of "i just can't stop loving you") Como la brisa Tu voz me acaricia Y pregunto por ti Cuando amanece Tu amor aparece Y me hace feliz Me conoces bien Y sabes tambien Que nadie te querra Como"
  • Wreck Of The Carlos Rey - Los Lobos
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) Fifty traveling to work the fields Toil the factories and sweat the steel Set out to sail from Santa Rosalie I left you a note tacked to a tree Adios querida I'll return"
  • Mi Amor"(feat. Jay-Z - Angie Martinez
    "ANGIE MARTINEZ Miscellaneous Mi Amor"(feat. Jay-Z How you say my love in spanish? (Mi amor) (How you say my love in thug) Can I hit it raw? In the backseat of my jeep, or maybe on the floor (Easy"
  • El Amor De Mi Tierra - Carlos Vives
    "Para adorarte con esa locura que solo tiene el amor de mi tierra (bis) voy a regalarte en un beso la luna voy a acariciarte bajo en frio de la sierra (bis) Y te dare una noche versos y luceros como es"
  • Mi Amor - Kenza Farah
    "Je suis triste et si seul loin de toi Ta prsence me manque tant J'ai besoin de tes bras autour de moi Et de ton regard si profond Loin de toi j'ai le mal de vivre Et je ne suis plus la mme J'ai besoin"

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