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Carly Rae Jepsen 'Call Me Maybe'

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Carly Rae Jepsen 'Call Me Maybe'
  • The Real Thing You To Me Are Everything
    "I would take the stars out of the sky for you Stop the rain from falling if you asked me to. I'd do anything for you your wish is my command I could move a mountain when your hand is in my hand. Words"
  • Kygo Remind Me to Forget (ft. Miguel)
    "it never fades away, it’s staying your kiss like broken glass on my skin and all the greatest loves end in violence it’s tearing up my voice, left in silence baby, it hit so hard, holding on to my chest maybe"
  • Robert M Don't Let Me Down (feat. Ada & D'Madd)
    "I’ve been away just for your touch coz your love is like magic I mean it up I’ve been sip and go I wainting for you cos I am addicted to you like drag and you make me wait for your love I don’t mind baby you"
  • Inna Me Gusta
    "a mi me gusta cuando bailas asi a mi me gusta cuando bailas asi hace tiempo que y aes no lo mismo hace tiempo que todos es distinto hace tiempo que me dejaste de qerer a mi me gusta cuando bailas asi juegas"
  • Zendaya Remember Me
    "1. I wish that we could do it over again Every smile, every tear, every part 'Cause I know that nothing ever will end if it's safe inside our hearts So let's move on but never let go As we take these steps"
  • Pearl Jam Can't Deny Me
    "and now you want me to breath and be so grateful for the air that I need don’t make me painful and in the morning light we’re just the same you and me I am the ghost of officials a propensity to breed the"
  • Janelle Monae Make Me Feel
    "Janelle Monáe wraca w z dwoma teledyskami zwiastującymi jej album: "Dirty Computer". Jeden to "Make Me Feel"."
  • Laura Marano I'm Finally Me
    "Hey hey Uh-huh Hey hey Uh-huh Hey hey Yeah I'm finally me I've never felt this before I'm not afraid anymore Been writing words on a page 'Cause I got so much to say And now I'm taking the stage Woah I'm"
  • John Newman Fire In Me
    "I’m starting with my intuition I’m starting with my strengths I’m getting back my old ambitions and returning again my knuckles are so red and raw from breaking through these walls I’m sick of all the"
  • Kimbra Version of Me
    "next time I’ll be kinder with you there’s just this habit that I have I throw my words around like fire they catch on your good heart and your peace of mind next time I’ll be kinder if I learn to take"
  • Kylie Minogue Stop Me from Falling
    "Somehow we’re always been together but never got together I never felt the pressure till now there’s something in the air I’m here and you just there I can’t pretend that I don’t care one day I might"
  • Foster The People Sit Next to Me
    "and it’s over, it’s over I;m circling these vultures got me praying that it’s longer feeling something rotten last time I saw you said: What’s up? And pushed right through then I tried to catch you bur"
  • Charlie Puth Done For Me (feat. Kehlani)
    "What you thinking? you think that you could be bette off with somebofy new You say you’re leaving Well if you wanna leave there ain’t nobody stopping you I won’t beg for your love won’t say please I won’t"
  • Cheat Codes Put Me Back Together (feat. Kiiara)
    "I never met nobody who sees the stars the way you do nobody that can love me When I’m stumbling around the room you put your hands around my body And you give me that room And I know that you got me When"
  • Duke Dumont, Ebenezer Inhale
    "high of life ow on sleep I’ve been up all week maybe, there could be somebody that saves me I’ve been faded quite lately it’s no fun when you’re alone now I gotta call a taxi my car broke down dead battery I’ve"
  • Twin Shadow Saturdays (feat HAIM)
    "this could be the last time that could be the fault line slipping away this could be your last time care about everything that you say this might be the last ride ever road could fall right under our"
  • Banx & Ranx + Ella Eyre Answerphone (ft. Yxng Bane)
    "I’ve been talking yo tour answerphone something tell me you don’t want to know when I call you, you don’t answer phone you don’t love me, you should let me know yeah! I got a feeling I’m over thinking"
  • Charlie Puth Up all night
    "Tekst piosenki: Well, I get the thrill run down my spine When I see you hitting me up Feelin' so electrified With the heat of a million suns You know just one touch can keep me high And I think I'll never"
  • C-BooL Wonderland
    "I wanna feel the same now I wanna feel the same as when you stood next to me stood next to me there was a time I knew how there was a time I knew how sweet your kiss could be your kiss could be I remember"
  • Years & Years Sanctify
    "When I pray When I When I pray in the night you come to me cause i'm the one who knows you are the one Give me your confession saying lately, life’s been treating you apart now walk through the fire"

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