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Cartoon beatbox Battles

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Cartoon beatbox Battles

  • Beatbox - ZZ Top
    "A nine volt battery from japan It's got the beat A little tape deck in my hand It's so so sweet Keeps me rockin' 'round the clock I don't mind it I got the beatbox, the beatbox, Just a beatin' that box Beatbox,"
  • Beatbox - Sandi Thom
    "For every lovers kiss For every child that laughs And every moment missed For every dream i've cast And every flower that blooms It keeps reminding me That your heart is just a beatbox For the song"
  • Beatbox - Apoptygma Berzerk
    "A metronome beat keeps us insane For every new bar a different color blink Sixteen LEDs flashing, plus one next to Gain You copy and paste yourself into my brain Patterns to be followed, arrangements"
  • Battles - Virus
    "Choices that we make And paths that we choose Define just what we are The battles that we won And the battles we've fought so far These will remember Whether they are memories or scars Cause no matter"
  • Battles - The Spill Canvas
    "Cursed by my imagination Teaming with echoes of situations I do not feel well, pressed beneath this spell. Polishing my social skills With one more drink, and two more pills. I do not feel good, I thought"
  • Battles - Lux Courageous
    "This feeling's strange but we wont pay it any mind I'm not one for going back the way i came They could say "i believe in you so much," And i'd like to believe but its hard to believe what the critics"
  • Cartoon - Skye Sweetnam
    "I'd like to live like I'm in a cartoonI'm chasing you all around the roomI'll beat you, beat your brains outOh thats how I flirtOh its a vicious little gameBut no one gets hurtAnd its aHey, heyLet's keep"
  • Cartoon - Soul Asylum
    "Now everybody's looking after me, if I'm dragging by some coat tail, I can't see it's too dark, but I've got to know what's got the best of me. When the circus that you left goes on parade, and those"
  • Cartoon - Young Dro
    "Ride wit a Chooley Broads wanna do me Get Fresh Louie Ice-berg Goofie Cops wanna 2 me I live like a movie 6's on the dualy Stay blowin fruity Niggas scared of me, my potnas say They beggin for the"
  • Beatbox Rocker - Blady Kris
    "I’m a Beatbox Rocker And you dancing to my beat I’m a Beatbox Rocker And you dancing to my swing I’m a Beatbox Rocker! We’ve got the bit High head there Everybody go watch Hands in the air Yeah, to"
  • Babooshka (Beatbox) - Kate Bush
    "She wanted to test her husband. She knew exactly what to do: A pseudonym to fool him. She couldn't have made a worse move. She sent him scented letters, And he received them with a strange delight. Just"
  • 108 Battles - Kula Shaker
    "There's something on my mind but I don't want to talk about it, I'm saying my goodbyes though we haven't begun to party Oh baby, it's all a catastrophe, Oh lover, it's not how it used to be. I'm just"
  • Cartoon World - U2
    "Mr. Burk is off to work He carries papers in his carrier bag Mr. Postman takes his bag back Those angry dogs, those angry dogs It's a cartoon world It's a cartoon world It's a cartoon world It's a cartoon"
  • Our Battles - Maria Mena
    "Our battles are repetious if not broken poetry and maybe that's the attraction that you're as self-absorbed as me You jumped to the conclusion and landed on my chest Now how am I supposed to make"
  • Cartoon World - Eric Carmen
    "(Eric Carmen/John Wesley Harding) I like the colors I like the way they move They're all so brilliantly realized They just could not be improved I love the way the sex is so overt I love the way the"
  • Cartoon Network - Rover
    "Ten świat przypomina mi Cartoon Network Co różni ludzi Topniejące rysy trosk i liczba miejsc po przecinku gdy płacisz za croissant i sok Dzieli nas kartonowy płot i pies z papieru Kubek z kawą z brystolu,"
  • Cartoon Network - Evanescence
    "I'm Robbie's sister...I guess that's plain to see.When we watch cartoon's cartoon's...I'm happy as can beI think samurai Jack's coolAnd Dexter's laboratoryI miss watching powerpuffI miss watching TVWell,"
  • Cartoon Autopsy - Dog Fashion Disco
    "Born in a cartoon of malicious riddles. Castrated at the thought of moving pictures. Mutating colours in the 3rd dimension. Technicolor and amphetamines in another crime scene. The lord of illustrated"
  • Cartoon Nightmares - Insane Clown Posse
    "That was from 1994... Welcome to Forgotten Freshness Volume 3 Draw something make sure you don't forget your red pen cause we gonna need it when you draw the blood in ps-ps-ps-psychopathic records baby"
  • Cartoon nightmares - ICP
    "That was from 1994...Welcome to forgotten freshness volume 3Draw something make sure you dont forget your red penCause we gonna need it when you draw the blood inPs-ps-ps-psychopathic records baby all"

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