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Carve Our names

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Carve Our names

  • Carve - Slipknot
    "Someone else's telepathy Collapsed enemy Always dealing with that and this I released then I believe 64 elimination We'll make you understand, How feel, Fascination, I need a gun, I need a gun to kill, Your"
  • True Names - Vader
    "["We are gods 'cause only we can create the ideas and systems in our holy brains."] Katode Ray Messiah arising from the screen Saviour of Digital Ones worshipping holy zero Cybergod hidden in the grid Encryptor"
  • Holy Names - Pretty Girls Make Graves
    "Nighttime's our security The stars watch us like guardian angels Skeletons of lives to come Just frames to fill with living and dying Signatures in permanent We write our names like claiming a part in"
  • 1000 Names - Motorhead
    "Walking forever is a long long time, Destiny is just the same old line, The war has come and we have let it come, The war for the blood of the chosen one. All you see is illusion, And all you feel is mute"
  • Family Names - Catherine MacLellan
    "Walking amongst those graves I stumbled upon yours Your brother being laid to rest just next door All those family names and all those people who I bear resemblance to. At the edge of that field there's"
  • Call The Names - Heather Dale
    "Call the names of the foemen who've fallen Let them be carried like seeds on the wind Call the names of the kinsmen who've followed Let them be jewels in the crown of our King Gather the sheaves of harvest-time"
  • Under Cover Names - Peter Hammill
    "No thanks for the memory, no thanks at all, no way we can wipe the slate or contrive escape from the names we're called. No thanks for the memory, here it comes again, this life running on the spot, though"
  • Just Names Remain - Pain Confessor
    "Years of prolonged bitterness Have worn me down I saw this day coming I've never felt this sick in my life Growing mad with suspicion Deep down inside it's certain I dread the days to come This game will"
  • Names - Decapitated
    "To stars and suns we carry To superhumans names in stone Into the depths of seas of grand desires To the thought pure, into nothingness Limitless solitude without numbers and names Where names a curse"
  • Names - Cat Power
    "His name was Perry He had a learning difficulty His father was a very mean man His father burned his skin His father send him to his death He was ten years old He was ten years old He was ten years old"
  • No Name Above The Names - Zyklon
    "Planets beyond numbers; worlds concealed by faith Our thoughts will turn the sublunary worldview straight Order in chaos from an indefinite system One step mistaken and the great scale is broken Ever"
  • Join All The Glorious Names - Hymns
    "Join all the glorious namesOf wisdom, love, and pow'r,That mortals ever knew,That angels ever bore;All are too mean to speak His worth,Too mean to set my Savior forth. Great Prophet of my God,My tongue"
  • Carve (Never Released) - Slipknot
    "Someone else's telepathy Collapsed enemy Always dealing with that and this I released then I believe 64 elimination We'll make you understand, How feel, Fascination, I need a gun, I need a gun to kill, Your"
  • Carve You In Marble - Tim Finn
    "When you asked me how does it feel To be loved by someone like you I could only answer with this song Many colours fill the canvas Will I ever catch your drift girl Make a shape and give the feeling form I"
  • Carve Away The Stone - Rush
    "You can roll that stone To the top of the hill Drag your ball and chain behind you You can carry that weight With an iron will Or let the pain remain behind you Chip away the stone (Sisyphus) Chip away"
  • Carve Me In Sand - Enchantment
    "Such are lovers more than grace can seem The pictures of the immaculate Even their heaven bows to this earth The fairest, beautiful and withered Not even nature's own shapes can imagine Shameless and splendid"
  • Carve Your Heart Out Yourself - Dashboard Confessional
    "Carve your heart out yourself Hopelessness is your cell Since you've drawn out these lines Are you protected from trying times? Man it takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has Lord it takes"
  • Indian Names - Barcelona
    "it's raining outside haven't seen it rain so much i can't ride my bike wish the sun would shine a while my skateboard won't roll through the ice its raining outside lets play for a while can i play your"
  • Unspoken Names - Atrocity
    "I see the horror day by day Only the sight shudders me World fail me, confuse me In there any explanation ? I shall not find One name or kind What's behind Forbidden thoughts Keep me silent Opress me Every"
  • Faces & names - John Cale
    "Faces and names, I wish they were the sameFaces and names only cause trouble for meFaces and namesIf we all looked the same and we all had the same nameI wouldn't be jealous of you or you jealous of meFaces"

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